24 weeks to IMMT

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please! For those that may not know, I have officially registered for IRONMAN Mont Tremblant 2020 and we are 24 weeks out from race day. SO much has changed in the past year, but one thing remains the same…I have a passion for swim/bike/run and a fire in my belly for IRONMAN distance racing. I am SUPER excited to be pushing myself in new ways as I prepare for IRONMAN Mont Tremblant! I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds and what IRONMAN Mont Tremblant race day brings me!

I’ve decided to return to my weekly recaps as a way to document my progress, while hopefully inspiring someone else to dream big and chase those dreams with their whole heart! Here is what went down during week 25:


  • 40 minute treadmill run that at times pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone! I ran at 6.0 mph (10:00/mile pace) for the majority of the run, but every 5 minutes I had a 1 minute at 8.8 mph (6:49/ mile pace). YIKES! To keep this more realistic to outdoor running, I had the incline on the treadmill set to 1%. Those 1 minute intervals were SUPER CHALLENGING for me, but this is where growth happens!
  • 54 minute Zwift ride with 6x(30 seconds Z5/1 minute Z3)…I did this immediately after that treadmill run. Needless to say, my legs weren’t impressed with me during these intervals, but they performed and held strong!
  • 30 minutes of yoga at home…Yoga Download for Triathletes: Post-Training Practice is perfect to get a good stretch in after some tough sessions.


  • 2400 yard swim…this was mostly recovery, which was exactly what the body was craving after yesterday’s more challenging workouts.
  • 40 minute run home from work with 5 x 0.25 mile hill repeats. Running strong and hard up the hill and jogging easy back down. I haven’t done hill repeats since June of 2017. I’ve missed them and will be incorporating them into my training plan more frequently. The goal was to be strong and consistent, but I think I needed a bit of a longer warm up before doing the hill repeats. Instead of consistency, I progressively got faster with each repeat. I guess it leaves me with goals for next time! 😉

    The underlined splits were my hill repeat paces.


  • 42 minute ride Zwift ride with 5x(1 minute Z4/1 minute Z2) followed by 10 solid minutes in Z3. This was a “head down and do work” kind of ride.

    Grateful to sweat it out next to my fave as we both put in the work on this #workforitwednesday!
  • 30 minute strength session using the SBT Extreme suspension trainer. I incorporated a lot of good variety in my session working all muscle groups.


  • 3000 yard swim with 3×300 at race pace. It took me a bit longer to get to race pace than planned today, but I finally got there by my final 300.
  • 12 mile run home from work. It was SUPER FREAKING WINDY! There were a couple of times during this run that I was blown to a complete stop while running into a 31 mph sustained headwind (with gusts up to 56 mph). When I was blown to a complete stop, I just laughed out loud!


  • 90 minute active recovery ride on Zwift…this felt really good to spin easy.
  • 3600 yard swim with 3x(12×25 FAST with 20 seconds rest between). Between each set, I did 300 yards of a specific drill to guide my technique for the next set. I was pretty consistent in swimming these 25s at around 1:20/100 yard pace.

    Friday Happy Hour swims are my fave!


  • 3 hour endurance ride on Zwift maintaining 155 watts for the duration of the ride. This is a great way to practice what race day power should feel like.
  • 30 minutes of yoga at home…Yoga Download for Triathletes: Post-Training Practice You don’t have to go to a yoga studio or do 60-90 minutes of yoga at a time. This simple 30 minutes compliments whatever workout you’ve already done for the day by stretching out all areas of the body.

    Spending some time with my mat post endurance ride.


  • 3 hour endurance ride with sprints on Zwift. This was OH. SO. CHALLENGING! After a 15 minute warm-up (which started at 150 watts), I had 10 intervals of 15 minutes at 155 watts + 8 seconds at 600+ watts (all out sprint) before the 15 minute cool down. I’ve tried to do this ride in the past, but the farthest I’ve gotten is through 7 of those 10 intervals. Today I successfully completed all 10 intervals and I’m super pleased with myself. It wasn’t easy, but this is where growth happens!
    Those 8 second sprints were no joke!

    After multiple attempts, this was the first time ever that I successfully completed this workout!
  • 40 minute run off the bike at an easy pace with my friend Robin. SO grateful for her friendship, support, hugs, and all the girl talk.

    So grateful for all of the strong AF, badass women in my life. The ones who lift each other up, support each other in life and sport, encourage each other to live their best life, inspire each other to dream big, and stand beside you through it all! I’m so grateful I got to share some miles with one of those strong AF, badass women today!

In addition, I completed 15 minutes of core strength and 5 minutes of meditation every day.

Swim totals: 9000 yards (5.11 miles)
Bike totals: 148 miles
Run totals: 24.8 miles
Weekly total: 18 hours & 59 minutes

Other weekly highlights:

Walking the dogs in the warmth and sunshine!
Packing for Coeur Camp! So excited to spend my birthday weekend swimming/biking/running with all the ladies in Cali!
Celebrating my birthday a bit early with one of my favorite food groups…sushi!
Kicking the feet up and recovering in my Normatec Recovery boots!

What were the highlights of your week?

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