22 weeks to IMMT

I think we can all agree that last week was a HOT MESS! With all of the upheaval, uncertainty, change, anxiety, and unease, I still managed to have a pretty solid week. Yes, I am still training as if all of my big races will happen. Yes, races are getting postponed and canceled, but for me, this is a lifestyle. I don’t simply train for race day. I train for the lifestyle, the sanity it provides, the challenges it presents, and the joy it brings. It is my passion. Yes, having a race on the calendar provides me with a map for my training, but it isn’t a necessity. Currently most of my big races are still on as scheduled, although that may definitely change in the coming weeks and I am prepared mentally for it. So with that, here is a look at what last week looked like for me. Spoiler alert…a major highlight was the new addition to our family.


  • 30 minutes of full body strength training before work
  • 1 hour easy ride with a 20 minute run off the bike


  • 3000 yard swim…I was the only one in the pool and the very last one in the pool before it was shut down by our governor. I was so grateful to have a solid swim as my send off to swimming until who knows when.              


  • Today marks the day I was instructed we would be working from home until who knows when. I am incredibly grateful to have a job and bring home a paycheck during these uncertain times.
  • I had a split long run day…7.5 miles pushing the pace a bit in the am and 7.5 miles easy in the pm.


  • 1 easy hour on the bike
  • 30 minutes of strength (with a little help from Basil and Jersey)
  • 30 minutes of yoga


  • 1:30 brick…1 hour bike with a 30 minute progressive run off the bike.  


  • I had every intention of riding with my Coeur team on Zwift, but I didn’t know how to connect with them on my end, so I decided to cut my ride really short (only 15 minutes in) and go run. I took Basil for the first 10 miles and then Jersey joined me for a 1.25 mile cool down.
    10 miles with Basil

    1.25 recovery miles with Jersey
  • 30 minutes of yoga


  • 3 hour endurance ride. Grateful to have my fave by my side for just over an hour of this ride.

Swim totals: 3000 yards (1.7 miles)
Bike totals: 104 miles
Run totals: 32.1 miles
Weekly total: 15 hours & 52 minutes

Other weekly highlights:

After work Tuesday, we adopted our new baby girl…meet Jersey! She is 1 year old and holds keys to all of our hearts.
It warms my heart to watch the dogs play ball!
Sitting in my Normatec Recovery boots while watching the girls.

What were the highlights of your week last week?

2 thoughts on “22 weeks to IMMT

  1. Congratulations on the new addition to the family-she’s gorgeous!! How lucky that you got that last swim in-all the gyms/rec centres closed down here last Monday. I know how much I used to love my gym time when the kids were little, so I feel bad for those who depend on gym babysitting to get a bit of “me time”. I’m just happy that my boys are home for the rest of the school year. We’re all pretty introverted anyway-so doing fine at home 🙂 I hope you and your extended family all are feeling well too–take care!

    1. Thank you Amy! She’s so sweet! Yes, it’s sad the gyms are closed, but if we can flatten this curve and return to normal soon, it’s for the best. I’m glad you’re all healthy! Take care!

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