20 weeks to #IMMT2020

Last week I finally felt the life stressors ease back a bit…that doesn’t mean the stress is gone, but more that I’ve begun to adapt to it. Here is what last week’s training looked like:


  • I took a complete rest day (after I completed my 15 minutes of core strength and meditation). My body was craving rest, so I listened and gave it what it wanted.


  • 1 hour bike ride with 4x (4 minutes in zone 3 immediately followed by 3 minutes in zone 4 immediately followed by 2 minutes in zone 5 and then 3 easy minutes in zone 1)…this was a tough workout, but I really loved the challenge!
  • 30 minutes of full body strength and MFR (myofascial release)
  • 1 hour run…I took Basil for the first 45 minutes and Jersey for the last 15 minutes. Jersey is learning our commands and becoming a better runner everyday!
    45 minutes with Basil

    15 minutes with Jersey


  • 14 mile run with Basil…yes, she ran the whole 14 miles with me! #basillovesrunning
  • 1 hour easy ride to spin out the legs


  • 1 hour ride with 8×4 minutes at Ironman effort…another tough ride, but grateful for the challenge!
  • 30 minutes of SBT strength training
  • 30 minutes of yoga


  • 1 hour easy ride with some of my amazing Coeur family!

    All the highlighted green peeps are my Coeur fam 🙂


  • 3 hour ride with some 2×20 minutes at FTP and 30 minutes at tempo…this was SUPER tough, but I did my best. I wasn’t able to successfully complete the second 20 minutes at FTP, but I nailed all of the other targets on this ride. The best part was getting to ride beside my fave for a part of my ride.

    3 hour ride with my fave!
  • 5 mile run off the bike…keeping it at about 80% max heart rate effort from last week’s runs.


  • 3 hour endurance run…so grateful that after 6 weeks, this ride is FINALLY starting to feel easier.
  • 30 easy minute run with Jersey…she is becoming a really good runner!

I also did 15 minutes of core strength + 5 minutes of meditation everyday last week.

Swim totals: Sadly none
Bike totals: 181 miles
Run totals: 28.5 miles
Weekly total: 18 hours & 12 minutes

Other weekly highlights:

Dog walks are the best!
Play time! That slobber says it all…PURE JOY!!
New collar and leash day for Jersey!
Time to break out new running shoes! I love new shoe day!
Enjoying sunshine, fresh air, and family time!
Playing games to surpass the time.

What were the highlights of your week last week?

6 thoughts on “20 weeks to #IMMT2020

  1. It’s so nice to see some green grass and running shorts in your pictures! Along with the pups, of course. We still have lots of cold temps, snow, and ice. Winter doesn’t seem to want to let us go. Last week was a rough one for us trying to figure out online school using our outdated devices-I think we might have it figured out though 🙂 Have a great week!

    1. It is so nice to have snippets of spring. I hope Old Man Winter leaves you alone soon! It’s time for him to go to the Southern Hemisphere. Glad you have the online schooling figured out and hoping this coming week is easier for you all, Amy!

    1. Miles are a great highlight! I’m definitely looking forward to getting outside on two wheels this afternoon! I’m glad the lay-off has had its benefits for you! Stay healthy!

  2. hi I’m behind! you are crushing it! Seriously. Reading the description of those bike rides I knowwwww I would crumble 5 minutes into a 20 minute FTP interval! Maybe not even 5 minutes. hahhaa.

    1. Thanks girl!! You’re stronger than you think!! I bet you’d get a LOT farther than you think you would!! You should try it and see. 😉

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