variety is the spice of life

Two weeks ago we got to return to swimming after a 10-week hiatus. I knew that I missed the water, but I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until I was back in it. The calm, quiet, meditative state that the water provides is exactly what this Pisces craves on a regular basis! It is my playground + yoga mat all in one place and I have REALLY missed it! I did not do any dry land training and was pleasantly surprised at how much swim fitness I still had after being a fish out of water for 10 weeks.

The water is my happy place!

I have also recently started back to work on campus for a few days here and there. This has been an adjustment. I am SO grateful to be returning to campus full time next week as I have truly missed it, but it has also evoked some anxiety as I am stepping out of what has become my normal for the last 10 weeks (working from home) and am stepping into a new normal. It is not the same as it was before the pandemic…shocker I know. I have to be conscious of keeping my distance from others. I have to wear a mask when I’m around others. I have to eat lunch separated from my co-workers. All of these things may not seem like much, but they are all new and add a bit of stress. Stress is stress. It doesn’t matter if it is training stress, life stress, work stress, lack of sleep, improper nutrition…whatever it is, my body views it all simply as stress.

I am incredibly grateful that I have been healthy + able to bike, run, do yoga, and move on a regular basis while the pool was closed. I am grateful that my body allowed me to do a bike streak, which helped me get SO much stronger! But as they say, “variety is the spice of life.” So after completing day 65 of my bike streak, I intentionally broke my streak. It is time to create more balance in my training and focus on the joy of training again. It feels SO AMAZING to feel like a triathlete again…even if we have no idea when triathlon racing will actually happen again and what it will look like for many of us.

Loving life on 2 wheels with my fave!

9 thoughts on “variety is the spice of life

  1. I’m so glad that going back to the pool was a positive experience! I love the pool pictures you post. Yes, the “new normal” is going to be a tough adjustment for everyone. I expect I’ll hear in the next few weeks what school is going to look like for the boys in the fall-I’m hoping for shorter days until there is a vaccine.

    1. Thanks girl! I wish our outdoor pool was going to open this year, but sadly it isn’t. I’m just grateful to be back in the water! I hope you all are well and heathy! 💛

  2. I’ve been so jealous of all the pool photos people have been posting! We’re not close to our pools being open in Seattle yet 😦 But I totally agree that I’m grateful to have had the running, biking, yoga and at home strength! Oh and open water swimming so I guess I wasn’t totally SOL haha.

    1. I hope things change so you can get back to the pool, but having an OWS option is a great alternative! Our beaches just opened, so we are excited for our first OWS on Friday morning. Cheers girl! 💛

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