Commitment or Motivation

2020 has slowed me way down and forced me to step back, look at where I’m currently at, and think about where I really want to go in the future. As things started to shut down earlier in the year, I was able to maintain my motivation for a few months, but as more and more races were cancelled, more and more of our privileges were removed, and more and more of the world fell apart, my motivation fell off a steep cliff. Thankfully I have created habits over the years that have allowed me to commit to living a healthy lifestyle where exercise is at the front and center even when motivation is lacking.

With all of the uncertainty in 2020, I have been thinking a lot lately about motivation vs. commitment. I view motivation as an emotion or feeling which ebbs and flows as my mood or thoughts change. Motivation is that internal fire; it keeps things fun and enjoyable. In comparison, I view commitment as the actions or behaviors that are done on a daily basis to help me accomplish a goal or set myself up to achieve success. Commitment is the internal drive and dedication to not settle for the current status quo; it is the investments (thanks to Gwen Jorgensen for reframing “sacrifices” into investments” for me) we make to stay focused on the task at hand despite the many distractions that pop up. I find I often rely more on commitment than motivation to get out the door, but when I’m in the moment, the motivation kicks in…hello fun factor!

I enjoy feeling a sense of mastery, feeling a sense of accomplishment, and feeling a sense of purpose. These are all connected to my sense of commitment. I am always working to do better and be better than yesterday. This year, I have been following Chris Nikic and his journey to the Ironman Florida finish line. Chris is the first person with Down Syndrome to cross the Ironman finish line.

He is breaking down barriers and showing the world that anything IS possible. His mantra: Get 1% better than yesterday. That takes a whole lot of commitment with a little bit of motivation sprinkled in. Chris has set a 1% better challenge for each of us:

  1. YOU get 1% better everyday for 30 days
  2. Help someone else do the same

Let’s all take on the challenge Chris has given us! Be committed to yourself. Show up for yourself. Be committed to getting 1% better than you were yesterday. You are worth it!

3 thoughts on “Commitment or Motivation

  1. This echos my thoughts on 2020 so much Also been following Chris and vowed to be 1% better
    I started off week in first lockdown taking on virtual events then my mojo sank like the titanic
    Starting to build up again with a view of a half marathon in February that’s been postponed twice so far

    1. I think it’s natural that all of our mojo “sank like the titanic” as humans were not designed for this kind of isolation. I’m glad you are starting to build up again. 🤞🏻your half marathon happens in February!

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