2022 week 1: brakes

2022 came in with the brakes pressed firmly against the floorboards. While it didn’t start out like I had planned, it started the way the Universe had planned. Last week I spent the week in isolation as I tested positive for Covid on Monday. I’m so grateful for the vaccine flexing its superpowers making my symptoms nearly non-existent. If Covid wasn’t a thing, I would have suspected I had laryngitis and wouldn’t have even gone to the doctor. Thank you science!

*Note: I am monitoring my resting heart rate to help me determine when to step it back up with my training.

*Also note: Tim tested negative for Covid and has zero symptoms.

Quote of the week:

“I survived Covid-19.”


Swim: 0 yards

Isolation meant no swimming last week.

Bike: 17.4 miles

I felt pretty normal most of the week, so I decided to give a super easy ride a try to see how my body responded both during and following exercise. All went well and I’ll be easing back into some structure this week.

Getting to test my body a bit.

Run: 0 miles

While I didn’t test the running last week, I did go for a couple of long walks with Tim and the girls in the woods. It was so great to get out in fresh, cold air and move! Sadly we haven’t had enough snow to snowshoe in, but the girls had a lot of fun anyway! Jersey brought us a deer leg she found. 🤣

Sooo proud of her find!

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 5 hours & 42 minutes
2×30 minutes of full body strength training

Attitude of Gratitude:

Lots of snuggles this week!
Even Basil snuggled with me this week. It has been a long time since she last snuggled with me.

What were your highlights from week 1 of 2022?!

4 thoughts on “2022 week 1: brakes

  1. Oh no-I’m so sorry that you caught covid, but am glad you had mild symptoms. I’ll be able to breathe a bit easier once my little guys get their second dose later this month. I had hoped our province would move to online school, but they had to go back yesterday. I hope you continue to have a good recovery!

    1. Thanks Amy Lynn! Recovery is going well and I’m glad to be returning to “normal” and getting back to workouts. Hopefully you all will remain healthy and Covid-free!

  2. Kecia, I went for several walks in (probably) those same woods when I had COVID. It was a nice way to get out of the house and get some
    fresh air. Glad you’re on the mend, take care!

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