2022 week 12: try something new

Last week I stirred the pot and tried a few new things. This keeps things fun, interesting, exciting, and challenging. It allows me to live in my core values (GROWTH and COURAGE) and it lets the scientist side of me experiment a little.

Quote of the week:

“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.”


Swim highlights: 9100 yards

I tried a new (to me) swim workout Tuesday morning (thank you Jess Smith) that challenged me in new and exciting ways. Just because it was challenging doesn’t mean I didn’t learn some things in the process.


  1. I faded in my second set…I have work to do for next time
  2. Intentional thinking works…which I’ve known for a while now
  3. Trying something new may fuel some doubts and stir up some negative thoughts, but moving through those thoughts + feelings gets me closer to achieving my big, bold, next level goal ⚡️ #LFG
What are you doing today to elevate your tomorrow? ⚡️

I decided ahead of time to plant my feet firmly on the ground when my alarm went off and start my day by aligning my actions with my core values…GROWTH and COURAGE. I am in the process of creating my next level and to do so, I must show up as the best version of myself, give my best effort physically + mentally + emotionally, and stay present + focused in this moment.
  • Warm up:
    • 300 swim (20 sec rest)
    • 2×150 PB (20 sec rest)
    • 2×50 kick with fins (30 sec rest)
  • Main Set:
    • 2 rounds: (1 swim, 1 pull…oops I did them both as swim 🤪)
      • 200 swim moderate (20 sec rest)
      • 2×100 fast on (10 sec rest)
      • 200 mod on (20 sec rest)
      • 2×100 fast on (10 sec rest)
      • 100 EZ on (20 sec rest)
      • 400 BEST EFFORT
      • 100 EZ

Bike highlights: 124 miles & 10,581 feet of elevation gain (30,837 feet of elevation gain so far in March)

While Mother Nature gave us a tease with nice spring weather on Monday, that didn’t last. By Wednesday, we were back to winter temps + snow flurries, which means I was back in the courage cave doing the work. Speaking of trying something new, I decided to try a new brick workout last week and yikes was it a doozy!


  • 90 minute bike: Stair Stepper #1
    • 20 min warmup – building from 50% to 75% of FTP (or building to about 70% PE)
    • 3 min easy 40% FTP (<50% PE)
    • 3 rounds:
      • 20 seconds 120% FTP (>95% PE)
      • 40 seconds easy 40% FTP (<50% PE)
    • 3 min easy 40% FTP (<50% PE)
    • 4 rounds:
      • 2 min strong (105% FTP or 85% PE)
      • 1 min easy easy (40% FTP or <50% PE)
      • 2 min stronger (110% FTP or 90% PE)
      • 1min easy easy (40% FTP or <50% PE)
      • 2min even stronger (115% FTP or 95% PE)
      • 1min easy easy (40% FTP or <50% PE)
      • 2min best effort (120% FTP or 95+% PE)
      • 1min easy easy (40% FTP or <50% PE)
      • 3min recovery (40% FTP or <50% PE)
      • *Last round does not have the 3 minute recovery
    • 4min full recovery (40% FTP or <50% PE)
  • 25 minute EZ run
  • 90 minute bike: Stair Stepper #2 (repeat above bike workout)
  • 45 minute run in Z2/3
Have you ever looked at your workout for the day which was something you’ve never done before and immediately thought “WTF?! Who does my coach think I am?! This is SO FAR out of my league! There’s no way I’m going to be able to do this!” (Only to remember that you are self coached. 🤪)

I went in to this unconventional, crazy, challenging, scary workout with an open mind, Incorporated intentional thoughts, put forth my best effort, and didn’t let my doubt be a problem. Did I execute the workout perfectly and as planned?! HELL NO! But I definitely surpassed my expectations and surprised the shit out of myself! ⚡️

Some might think I “failed” because I didn’t execute the workout perfectly and as planned, BUT from my vantage point, I definitely didn’t fail because I learned some things!

1. Doubt is only a problem if you make it a problem
2. Don’t count yourself out before you even try…you may just surprise yourself, so be open and willing to do so
3. Intentional thoughts work…which I’ve known for a while
4. The belief my coach has in me is 💯 which means the belief I have in myself is 💯 And. That. Is. EVERYTHING! #sodamnproud #LFG⚡️

Run highlights: 32.3 miles

I had a long run (16 miles) on the schedule for the weekend and I decided to try something different by doing a short bike ride with intervals before it to fatigue the legs a bit. In the past I have just set out on my long run, but I want to train my legs to run long fatigued (as they will be after a 2.4 mile swim + 112 mile bike on race day), so they are stronger on race day. As a result, I am training my legs differently this go round by doing a shorter bike workout with intervals before my long runs. This was the first of what will likely be many.


  1. My legs were warmed up from the ride, so I didn’t have to ease into the run as much as I do when running “cold” and I was able to settle into a comfortable pace right away
  2. Lay this brick…focusing on the present moment and the mile I was in prevented me from getting overwhelmed and swallowed up by the negative thoughts that can run through my head when I spend too much energy focusing on the big picture
  3. Doubt is not a problem (are you sensing a theme yet)…I was doubting how my legs would hold up after putting out some solid Z5 intervals on the bike, but since my last 8 miles were on average 17 seconds per mile faster than my first 8 miles there was clearly no reason for doubt to be a problem (and it wasn’t)
Laying one brick at a time by staying present and focused in the mile I’m in. ⚡️

Grateful for:
-miles with my girls 🐶
-sunshine ☀️
-fresh air
-16+ miles on two feet (after a swim + bike) 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻🏃🏻‍♀️
-so much joy 💛

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 20 hours & 8 minutes
3×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

What can you do in this moment?

Climbing out of the darkness and into the light one step at a time by staying focused and present in this moment. 💙💛
Thank you, Nick with Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy and active!
So grateful to GET the opportunity to swim, bike, and run in the same day!
Session priming is where it’s at! When you take the time to mentally prepare for the work to come, anything is possible!
And with that, I’ve made to the top of Mt. Everest!

My goal was to climb to the top of Mt. Everest (29,029 feet of elevation) during the month of March on the bike. Saturday I surpassed that elevation goal and it isn’t even the end of the month yet.

30,450 feet and I’m still climbing! #LFG ⚡️
Grateful we get to spend time with these two + get them new running shoes for track…Isabella didn’t want her picture taken.🤪
Jersey got to go to the running shoe store and snuggle with her people in the sun. 🥰
Putting in the work and enjoying the process.
Getting my Normatec Recovery squeeze on!
After running, we snuggle! 🥰

What were your highlights from week 12 of 2022?! Do you stick with conventional training methods or do you try new things and experiment to see what works for you?!

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