2022 week 15: build it

How are we less than 8 weeks out from IMDSM?! Considering it was snowing here on Easter Sunday, this just doesn’t seem possible. Last week I put in some solid training as I continue to build to race day in less than 8 weeks. Did I mention IMDSM is less than 8 weeks away?! 😜 I guess the saying is true…time flies when you’re having fun!

Quote of the week:

“Dream it. Believe it. Build it.”


Swim highlights: 9350 yards

Thursday’s swim was a nice long build with a 300 best effort at the end. My goal was a sub 5 minute 300, which I just missed as I finished in 5:00.2. And ya know what?! I still view this as a win! I stayed curious throughout, focused on my effort, and had my own back no matter what the results were. I may not be there YET, but I will be there soon!

  • Warm up:
    • 500 easy to warm up
  • Main Set:
    • Increase the effort as the distances get longer.
    • 5×100 (10 sec rest)
    • 4×150 (15 sec rest)
    • 3×200 (20 sec rest)
    • 2×250 (25 sec rest)
    • 300 BEST EFFORT
  • Cool Down:
    • 100 easy
Stay curious! Stay connected! Don’t miss it! Lay this brick! How’s my effort?!

Bike highlights: 201 miles

Over the weekend, I did a 4 hour ride + 40 minute run off the bike on both Saturday and Sunday. Sadly my bike rides were on the trainer in the basement as the weather was not at all conducive for a long ride outside either day (ummm…did I mention we got snow on Easter Sunday?!). I know these sessions will make me that much stronger on race day…physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I am here for it! All of it! The fun, the joy, the discomfort, the challenges, the exhaustion, the learning, the growing…all of it! #LFG ⚡️

Run highlights: 27.5 miles

Thursday afternoon I did a one hour bike workout with intervals and followed it up with an 11 mile run outside. There was sunshine, but the temps were chilly and the winds were 35 mph sustained with gusts at 50+ mph. Thankfully Jersey went with me. At one point, we were blown to a complete stop and Jersey looked at me like, “Mama, what just happened?!” It made our 11 mile run the perfect combination of challenging + fun!

I am here for it! ⚡️
I am here for all of the discomfort. I am here for the burning in my legs. I am here for the pounding heart. I am here for the heavy breathing. I am here for the sweat in my eyes. I am here for the exhaustion. I am here for the emotional discomfort. I am here to learn and grow. I am here for the challenge.
Because all of this leads to being S O D A M N P R O U D of who I am, what I’ve already accomplished, and what I will accomplish in the future! #LFG

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 20 hours & 57 minutes
3×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

We got to go cheer on our nieces at their first 7th grade track meet. So fun!
We got to go cheer on our nieces at their first 7th grade track meet. So fun!
There was a hot air balloon that soared over us at the track meet. Look at that bluebird sky!
Soaking up all the sleep!
Any day I get to 🏊🏻‍♀️ 🚴 🏃🏻‍♀️ in the same day is a GREAT day!
Getting my squeeze on with my Normatec Recovery boots to help me recover from the last workout and prep for the next one to come!
Time flies when you’re having fun! And last weekend was full of lots of 🏊🏻‍♀️ 🚴 🏃🏻‍♀️ fun!
All the snuggles! 🐶🥰

What were your highlights from week 15 of 2022?!

2 thoughts on “2022 week 15: build it

  1. Well done for getting those rides completed on the trainer! We are having a big snow storm as I’m typing this, so you’re in good company. I was hoping to get my bikes outside this week, but I think I’ll have to wait. Shovelling will be my cardio and strength today 😉

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