2022 week 16: speed bump during race week

Last week was race week! Sadly I hit a massive speed bump in the road early in the week that derailed me for the majority of last week. Mentally I was in a funk, but thankfully race day was a turning point for me.

Quote of the week:

“When life’s road has pot holes and speed bumps…it makes you a better driver.”


Swim highlights: 0 yards

I hit a mental road block last week with the swim. I am so disgusted with our pool situation that I just couldn’t force myself to go swim.

Bike highlights: 0 miles

I had big bike plans for the week, but my body and mind had other ideas.

Run highlights: 14.1 miles

I got to race for the first time in 2022. I will have a full race report soon, but for now, just know it was a tough day, which I am SO grateful for!

Sunday was my first race of 2022. The Drake 1/2 Marathon had loads of discomfort, burning in my legs, a pounding heart, heavy breathing, salty sweat in my eyes, exhaustion, emotional discomfort, challenges, learning, and growing, AND you know what?! I’m S O D A M N P R O U D of experiencing all of it because all of this helps me create the best version of myself! I am here for it! #LFG ⚡️

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
30 minutes of yoga

Weekly Totals: 4 hours & 26 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

Thank you, Nick with Vitality Massage for getting me race ready!
So much love! 🐶🥰
Walking with my sister’s dog and trying to get them more acclimated to each other (Jersey is afraid of Jasmine).
Hanging out where it is safe during a storm with rotations overhead.
Recovery at its finest thanks to my Normatec Recovery boots.

What were your highlights from week 16 of 2022?!

4 thoughts on “2022 week 16: speed bump during race week

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you had a rough week and that whatever is going on with your pool gets figured out! Hopefully things are going better this week and that there are no tornado threats. We get the odd formation during hail storms in the summer and it’s NOT fun.

    I was in a bad funk before our little weekend getaway, but getting out of my routine and having some fun really helped my head. It looks like our snow has finally stopped (there’s still some on the ground from out last storm!) so I’m hoping to get my bikes out this week *fingers crossed*. Have a great week Kecia!

    1. Thanks Amy Lynn! We just have to get through 4.5 more weeks and then we will be swimming in the 50 m outdoor pool and I CAN’T WAIT!!

      We get tornado threats a lot (as we live in tornado alley), but it seems we’ve been getting them at very unpredictable times of the year lately.

      I’m glad you were able to get away and have some fun! Yay for no more snow! Have fun riding outside! We had light flurries here yesterday, so I’m not entirely sure that we are in the clear yet.

      Have a wonderful week Amy Lynn! 🥰

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