my 2022 year in review via photos


Our snowshoes were calling our names, so we HAD to go play! The girls were happy to oblige, even if the 12 inches of snow was a bit deep to plow through at times. ❄️💙 #snowdogs #snowshoeadventures #snowtherapy
Every few years I get my haircut so I can donate it to Wigs For Kids. 🥰 It is time to donate!
“We’ve trained our humans to give us what we want. Today we told them we wanted to go play in the white stuff and they listened! We are so lucky to have humans that love doing what we do! Thanks mom and dad for taking us on epic adventures so we can play!” 💙 -Basil and Jersey #snowdogs #snowshoe #snowshoeadventures
Excited to be an SBR ambassador again in 2022. If you are looking for great products to remove the chlorine, get your wetsuit on/off easier, reduce/avoid chafing, or keep the goggles from fogging over (even the ski goggles), SBR has something for you! Use KECIAPLACEFENCL at checkout for 20% off!
Getting to play in the snow with our niece and the girls!
Getting my Normatec squeeze on while helping with homework and snuggling.
Supporting our niece at her swim meet!
So grateful to be representing Coeur Sports again in 2022! If you see any of us, know that we are there to help you, hug you, give high fives, encourage you, and support you! 🥰


Ames Triathlon directors meeting + recovery in my Normatec boots = multitasking at its best!
We finally completed our 2000 piece puzzle!
These two peas in a pod have my heart!
Mental health is SO important! You must take care of yourself first so you can be at your best for those you love. Do more of what lights a fire within you to keep your batteries at max capacity! 💙💛 #selfcare
What are you doing today to elevate you tomorrow?!
I am so grateful for the blue skies, sunshine, fresh air, warm ish winter temps, a strong body, a powerful mind, and all the joy during my long run Saturday. 💙💛


It definitely felt like spring in #iowa Wednesday! 💛 So grateful for family, miles, sunshine, warm temps, fresh air, and lots of joy! 💙 Oh, and don’t worry…if you have some jealousy because of our weather it changed and returned to “normal” Thursday. 🤪
Happy 3rd birthday baby girl!
Things feel heavy right now and many are hurting (dehumanizing trans laws, the invasion of Ukraine, mental illness, cancer, etc.), but we still need to take time to celebrate those moments that bring us joy and connection in ourselves and to others. The world needs more joy, so let’s spread more joy. 💛 • Today I had a 6 watt increase in my FTP (with help from my Breakthru @coeursports kit), I got to play in the water with my fav, and I got to snuggle with my baby girl. I’m choosing to celebrate all of these things because they bring me joy (even if I have to work harder now on the bike 🤪). • What are you celebrating today?! What brought you joy today?! 💛
Strong, brave, intelligent, determined, confident, kind, gritty, up lifting, resilient, empowering, bold, audacious, relentless…just a few words to describe the women in my life. #happyinternationalwomensday 💙💛
Courage and growth • Courage to venture out in adverse conditions ( 🥶 + 💨) = growth as I challenge what once were limits and elevate myself to my next level. ⚡️
45 comin’ in 🔥 with a bullseye! #LFG
Ummm…sushi FTW!!
First outdoor ride of 2022!!
Laying one brick at a time by staying present and focused in the mile I’m in. ⚡️ • Grateful for: -miles with my girls 🐶 -sunshine ☀️ -fresh air -16+ miles on two feet (after a swim + bike) 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻🏃🏻‍♀️ -so much joy 💛
Grateful we get to spend time with these two + get them new running shoes for track…Isabella didn’t want her picture taken.🤪


“Past results do not equal future possibility.” ~Dede Greisbauer
Looooong ladder with increasing effort • When you focus your thoughts intentionally, those increasing efforts = faster pacing (even with more fatigue due to more yardage) ⚡️ #LFG
“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.” ~unknown • Wednesday I tried something new! 1 hour endurance run outside + 80 minute ride with intervals + 1 hour treadmill run with 4×1 mile progressive repeats • The goals: 1. To push myself and find where my limits currently are 2. To train the legs to run strong while fatigued 3. To mix things up by doing some unconventional training • Learnings: 1. Doing something new and different is uncertain, but so exciting 2. Session priming is where it’s at! Decide ahead of time how you want the workout to go, how you want to feel, and what thoughts you’ll have to align with those feelings 3. Pack LOTS of clothing options to run outside because spring in Iowa is 😩 4. Being curious about what you can do and how far you can go is EVERYTHING! #LFG ⚡️
100s to failure this morning was a HUGE success! Not only did I swim at paces that have never been on my radar until recently, but I also had my own back when I hit “failure” because failing is finding my current limit, not my forever limit! #LFG ⚡️
Our 2000 piece puzzle is complete! 🥰
Cousins! 🥰
Family! 🥰
35 mph sustained winds with gusts at 50+ mph made our 11 mile run the perfect combination of challenging + fun Thursday afternoon! • I am here for it! ⚡️ • I am here for all of the discomfort. I am here for the burning in my legs. I am here for the pounding heart. I am here for the heavy breathing. I am here for the sweat in my eyes. I am here for the exhaustion. I am here for the emotional discomfort. I am here to learn and grow. I am here for the challenge. • Because all of this leads to being S O D A M N P R O U D of who I am, what I’ve already accomplished, and what I will accomplish in the future! #LFG ⚡️
We got to go cheer on our nieces at their first 7th grade track meet. So fun!
There was a hot air balloon that soared over us at the track meet. Look at that bluebird sky!
Hanging out where it is safe during a storm with rotations overhead.
Sunday was my first race of 2022. The Drake 1/2 Marathon had loads of discomfort, burning in my legs, a pounding heart, heavy breathing, salty sweat in my eyes, exhaustion, emotional discomfort, challenges, learning, and growing, AND you know what?! I’m S O D A M N P R O U D of experiencing all of it because all of this helps me create the best version of myself! I am here for it! #LFG ⚡️


Even the wind couldn’t wipe this smile off my face for 105 miles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’ll never take riding outdoors for granted. 🥰 • With 5 weeks to IMDSM I’m SO grateful to be healthy, able, and fit enough to be able to make some big deposits in the bank! And I’m even more grateful to finally get outside on two wheels with blue skies, sunshine, warmer temps, and the freedom of the open roads. Oh…and the wind was an added bonus…both a bit challenging and loads of fun!!⚡️
Getting to cheer Laylah on during the last track meet on Monday, which was cancelled right after this event due to cold, rainy weather.
Jersey wants to help Laylah with her homework, but finds this particular assignment boring. 🤣😜
This is a privilege! ⚡️🔥
Double rainbow (look closely…the top one is faint) 🥰
Grateful for beautiful weather on a long run day!
Open water swim season is here!! 🐶🥰
Any day on two wheels and the open roads is a great day! Today I had the privilege of previewing a large portion of the #IMDSM bike course with Michelle Maria ⚡️ • 3 weeks ‘til IMDSM! #LFG ⚡️
And that’s a wrap on the big training. Now to taper…even though it doesn’t feel like it yet.
Getting to meet up with some Coeur Sports sisters, race, and test the fitness for IMDSM was SO MUCH FUN!
I GOT to play Saturday at Tri Clear Lake and do a little speed work in the midst of IRONMAN training. I’m SO DAMN PROUD of my effort, my execution, and my mental endurance. • 2 weeks to IMDSM #LFG ⚡️


Last long swim before #IMDSM is in the bank! It is SO awesome to be back swimming in the outdoor 50m pool! • I am R E A D Y to toe the start line of IM #9 and test my physical, mental, and emotional fitness + endurance! • 10 days until #IMDSM race day! #LFG ⚡️
Sooo grateful to get to spend the morning cheering on our niece, Isabella, in her first swim meet in a 50m pool!
Getting to meet up with my Coeur Sports teammates on Saturday before the race was exactly what I needed to help calm the anxiety!
The universe is reminding me to be PRESENT. Don’t waste energy wishing for a different past or worrying about the future. Stay focused and PRESENT in THIS moment as you lay THIS brick! ⚡️ • 4 days until #IMDSM #LFG ⚡️
All checked in and ready to race! #LFG ⚡️
The dogs love to play in the water, so we started teaching them to jump off the dock this week!
So grateful for meeting Mike Reilly at IMDSM athlete check in and that he is supporting the Ames Triathlon. If you haven’t registered for it yet, get on it TODAY!
As I ran down the red carpet in my first ever daylight finish with the cheers of family, friends, and random strangers surrounding me, I was full of emotions. I was SO drained, but also SO F’ING PROUD! I executed a solid race that allowed me to cross the finish line of Ironman #9 on an incredibly tough day! Icing on the cake…knowing I had given my best on this day while creating an 11th place age group finish (my highest AG finish placement yet in an Ironman race)! 13:53:58⚡️
YAY for play time with Tim and our friend Courtney! 🥰
We love the water! 🥰
YAY for water walking, vitamin D, fresh air, and amazing company!
Sometimes all you need is: ⚡️ the freedom of the open roads ⚡️ two wheels ⚡️ sunshine ⚡️ fresh air ⚡️ blue skies ⚡️ a bit of a challenge ⚡️ time with your own thoughts 😜 and a little smell of country animals
We got transition set on Saturday night and were ready for Sunday morning!
We are SO proud of our friend who completed her FIRST EVER triathlon at the Ames Triathlon on Sunday. She did this 10 years post paralysis. ⚡️🔥
Being on the water is so peaceful. It was a great way to decompress from an amazing and successful weekend for the 3rd annual Ames Triathlon race!
All clear for another year! Breast cancer screening complete!
All the snuggles! 🐶🥰


My heart is so full! Thank you Courtney and Jess for smiles, miles, laughter, all the mulberries (see the last pic), girl time, conversation, fuel, and an all around AMAZING day! 🚴🏻‍♀️💙
3 pm miles with my niece
“When you’re doing what you love to do, you don’t get exhausted. You get exhausted from trying to fulfill everyone else’s ideas and ideals about who you should be. When you do that, you’re not being true to yourself.” ~Oprah • Things I love: 💙 spending time on two wheels 💛 magnificent sunrises 💙 the open roads 💛 friends 💙 girl talk 💛 beautiful weather 💙 bluebird skies 💛 challenges that create growth 💙 days like today
“Today I got to cheer dad on at his first ever duathlon. I cheered so hard I have slept the whole rest of the day. I really wanted to be with him as he covered every mile, but the race director wouldn’t let me, so I had to stay with mom and cheer. Dad said he knew exactly where we were since he could hear me even when he couldn’t see me.” ~Jersey
I 💙 that I get to run with my niece! I 💛 that it was a beautiful day! I 💙 the endorphins from running! I 💛 challenging myself and growing in the process! There is so much to 💙💛!
“I know you are on a Zoom call Mama, but I NEED attention right now!” ~Jersey 🐶🥰
I’m SO grateful for the freedom of the open roads, challenge of rolling terrain, and joy that cycling gives me! 💙💛
The water is my happy place and getting to spend it with this crew filled my 💙!
“You can’t take a withdrawal if you haven’t made a deposit.” ~Reese Witherspoon • Sometimes the deposits are large, while other times they are small, but they all add up so that I can make a big withdrawal in the future! ⚡️
Grateful for the time we got to spend with Tim’s family.
My cup runneth over! I am beyond proud of our niece for running her first road race at a local 5K and taking 1st place in her age group today, but most importantly giving her absolute best and not backing down when it got uncomfortable. ⚡️
My happy place! 💙💛
“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.” ~Winston Churchill • How do you view success and failure? Success and failure are not endpoints, but rather they are middle points of a much larger journey…the journey of becoming all that you can be and your absolute best self! Keep rolling on that journey and doing what you love because getting the most and best from yourself is worth E V E R Y T H I N G !! ⚡️


Not every workout is fantabulous; Wednesday’s was 💩tastic. Despite the 💩, there are still things to be grateful for: 💙 running by the lake at home home 💛 cooler temps and a wonderful breeze 💙 blue skies and sunshine 💛 fresh air 💙 a mini vaca 💛 it wasn’t race day 💙 I persevered even when it was uncomfortable…iykyk 😜
How can you be in two places at once? Ride down the state line! • Thursday I got the privilege of riding in both Iowa and Minnesota! What a glorious day on two wheels! 💙💛
Golf cart rides to get Snow Cones
Do you let the numbers dictate who you think you should be, how you think you’re supposed to feel, or whether you have achieved success or failed? • Numbers and data only tell a very small piece of the story. You can be proud of yourself without even looking at the data. Don’t let the numbers and data dictate if you’re proud, disappointed, elated, sad, etc. Instead, tie those emotions to your effort, your execution, your ability to endure in training and racing, and your enjoyment for doing what truly lights you up! • Friday I rode the exact same route I rode Thursday. It was MUCH more windy Friday than Thursday, with headwinds for most of the last half of my ride and my legs were carrying more fatigue today. I am S O D A M N P R O U D of my effort, execution, mental endurance, and enjoyment Friday! The icing on the cake is looking at the data AFTER finishing the ride and seeing how focusing on effort, execution, endurance, and enjoyment Friday produced numbers to also be proud of. • “I didn’t look at the data in training and racing, because I didn’t want the numbers to dictate how I thought I was supposed to feel.” ~ME during my interview with @vanessafayefoerster for episode 50 of the Train Your Mind podcast
The house of mirrors is always a hoot!
A gorgeous night at Arnolds Park Amusement Park
Success = doing hill repeats in Platteville, WI before the funeral.
As you have bigger goals, you have to be willing to expand on your belief to reach your next level and the future version of you. Be clear about who you are, what you want to be, who the future you is. How does that future person act, think, feel?! PRACTICE that over and over and over! Don’t wait to become that person. BE that person RIGHT NOW!! ⚡️
Thank you to whomever invented the bicycle. Life is better on two wheels and the open roads. 💙💛
A little massage + a little cupping to keep me on track. Thanks Nick with Vitality Massage!
Great minds think alike! Twining with Isabella in our blue Coeur Sports tanks. So grateful for the miles I get to share with her! 💙💛
Sunday we celebrated Margie’s 82nd trip around the sun! We are so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing woman in our lives! 🥰
Sushi FTW! Definitely a great way to recover post hellacious ride Saturday.


We got to see the new pool and facility we will be swimming in starting this next week! Not only is it a brand new facility and pool, but it is also a brand new masters swimming program! #LFG
We celebrated Basil’s 10th birthday. How is our baby girl already 10?!
Saturday morning I set out to swim the furthest I have ever swam before…6 km (3.7 miles). Some may say, “Why?! You don’t NEED to swim that far” and they would be correct…I don’t NEED to swim that far, but I WANTED to go for it! I wanted to challenge myself in a new way. Saturday morning was the last opportunity to swim long course in the 50 m outdoor pool for the season and I WANTED to soak it all in, so I did just that! #LFG ⚡️
So grateful to cheer on this girl in her first xc race! She did AWESOME! ⚡️
Wednesday we got the privilege of swimming in a brand new pool and with a brand new masters group and it was AH-FREAKING-MAZING! Cheers to many more awesome starts to the day just like this one! #LFG ⚡️
I am S O D A M N P R O U D of my commitment to staying curious and leaving it all out there during my 1/2 marathon today. • ⚡️ How’s my effort? High ⚡️ Just how deep can I dig? Deep ⚡️ How long can I hold on? Just one more mile ⚡️ How bad do I want it? Bad ⚡️ What am I willing to feel? Everything • 📸 @timfencl
Cheering this one on in her vb games is a joy. Watching her get better and better at her overhand serving has been fun to see.


Cheering this one on at her XC meet and smashing her previous PR was SO much fun!
So grateful for help changing our flat tire on race morning before the race even started!
4th place podium 📸 Tim Fencl
Thank you science! Covid bivalent boosted!
So much fun to watch this one make huge strides this year in XC!
Sunday long run family style with all the hills was a great start to the day…even if it was a bit brisk. 💙
Love these two…even if they aren’t super cooperative at picture time. 😜
I have the BEST support crew around! Thank you for coming to pick up all the layers so I didn’t have to carry them on the bike with me.
This is a happy group of masters swimmers!
Thank you science! Vaxxed for the flu!
So much fun to watch this one make huge strides (see what I did there 😜) this year in XC! She has become a stronger, more confident, and faster runner. Her season PR is 14:45 for 2 miles, which is nearly 3 minutes faster than her PR last year. So proud of her for also receiving the “dedication award” from her XC coaches for showing up to every practice, being coachable, and supporting her teammates. #proudaunt
It has been fun to watch this one go from serving underhand to consistently serving overhand throughout the season. She has also stepped up her game this season by being more aggressive as she goes after the ball. Way to end the season with a W Laylah! #proudaunt
So incredibly grateful to be part of the Coeur Sports family for year 9!
I got to play and the weather was a 10! ⚡️
Sunday was a great day at the races! SO proud of this one for running her own race, setting a PR at the 5K distance, and getting 3rd place in her age group! ⚡️ • I took 1st place in my age group in both the 5K and 10K races with a few bonus miles to get 14 solid miles in Sunday morning. ⚡️
Jersey loves massage day…she gets the snuggles and keeps me relaxed so that Nick can really work out the kinks!
How it started…
How it ended… I’m the luckiest person to have such an amazingly supportive spouse! Thanks Tim Fencl for meeting me to pick up all the layers as the temps climbed during my last big training day before #IMAZ in 3 weeks! 💙💛


So proud of Isabella for giving her best on a day where she wasn’t feeling the best.
Thanks to Kyle for giving Mojo his blessing for a solid race day at IMAZ!
So proud of this one for being aggressive and going after the ball in her first BB game of her 8th grade year!
Riding with the Coeur Velo girls has been such a fun + challenging way to wake up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings!
Decide ahead of time that it wont be so bad and it will all be fine! • Rain, wind, 27F windchill, and another finish line at the Hillbilly Hike 1/2 marathon. There weren’t enough layers (even though I was wearing all the thermal gear…4 layers on top) in those last 5 miles, but it was fine! It was all fine! • 2 weeks to #IMAZ and I hope that finish line looks MUCH different! SO MUCH mental endurance added to the bank Saturday!
So grateful for our safety as we drove over the Vail Pass.
Running at 5000+ feet in Arches National Park on Monday
Tim’s first visit to the Grand Canyon was a success!
Running at 7000 feet in Flagstaff…7F means all bundled up!
Swimming at dusk on Wednesday in Tempe at ASU Rec Services
So grateful that we got to spend time with our friends that moved down here after retiring.
Tomorrow I have the privilege of toeing the start line at IRONMAN Arizona. This will be IRONMAN #10. I am so grateful for a strong and healthy body + mind. I am R E A D Y to challenge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am R E A D Y to put it all together. I am R E A D Y to create a race performance I have never experienced before. I am R E A D Y to take risks. I am R E A D Y to put together my grittiest + gutsiest performance yet! #LFG ⚡️
Shake out ride with my Coeur Sports teammate Cindy
It was great to FINALLY meet some of my Coeur Sports teammates at the swim practice IRL.
Who’s ready to jump into 60F water?! We are!
I’m grateful for the privilege to race, for the privilege of a healthy body and mind, for the privilege to push my boundaries, for the privilege to run down another red carpet, and for the privilege to cross the finish line at IRONMAN #10! ⚡️ • 📸 Finisher Pix
Things I’m celebrating: ⚡️not letting the cold water temperatures be a problem ⚡️swimming on the buoys ⚡️not letting the high winds be a problem ⚡️being confident in my flat changing skills (they were needed between miles 25 and 30) ⚡️not letting witnessing of a major crash in the first 18 miles of the bike put me in a negative headspace ⚡️staying connected to the pedals ⚡️my grit, resilience, and perseverance were on point ⚡️smiling all day long ⚡️giving my absolute best on the day ⚡️crossing the finish line of IRONMAN #10 and got to hear Mike Reilly call me an IRONMAN one last time • Thanks @ironmanvoice for all the memories! Wishing you the best in your retirement! 🥰
Thanksgiving day hike in Denver, CO with family.
I REALLY missed the snuggles while away from our girls. So grateful that we are back to snuggle time!
The lighting of the Christmas tree on Campus is always a beautiful sight!
Keeping me calm during my massage. 🐶🥰


Boom!! So proud of this one!! She helped her team get the W!!
Holiday fun run on campus with this crew!!
Tuba Christmas
Dry needling did the trick! Thanks Dr. Feil for getting me back on track!
Let’s play! 🐶🥰
A day of puzzling…finished up #1 😍
With the impending storm, Tuesday was the last time we saw the sun before we started to get more daylight, so we had to get out in the fresh air + sunshine. The -4F windchills were balmy compared to what was ahead for the remainder of the week. 💙🥶
After a few days of this, the -1F windchill felt amazing!
Family! 🥰
Celebrating Tonja’s 50th birthday! Love you T! 🥰
Seeing the colors in the sky is such a great way to start the day!

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