First race of 2018 is in the books!

Drake Relays Packet Pick Up!
Race gear is acquired!

Sunday I did my first race of 2018. My only goal for the Drake 1/2 Marathon was to have FUN! I have been struggling with motivation lately…I think the prolonged winter weather has finally gotten to me. Thankfully spring FINALLY showed up and just in time for race day!!

Flat Kecia is ready to go have some FUN! Super excited to rock my new Coeur Sports 2018 team kit!!

I lined up behind the 2 hour pacer. I wanted to focus on FUN, not try to stay in front of the pacer. After the National Anthem, we were off to the races. With all the people, we started off pretty easy. I was running next to a man that had an Ironman tattoo on his calf, so I asked him which races he’s done. What started off as a simple question, took off onto a 10 mile conversation (any talking I did was broken sentences thanks to the pace Chris was setting)! I was super grateful to have Chris to run with. He pushed me harder than I might have otherwise gone, but I also had fun along the way!

At mile 10, he decided to give it everything he had left. I tried to hang on, but he had a lot more left in the tank than I did. This is when I started running for my Coeur Sports teammates. Mile 10 was for Ruth! She asked me to smile at mile 10 for her, so I smiled and thought of how amazing, inspirational, and encouraging Ruth is. Mile 11 was for Linda and her ill grandmother (who has since passed away)! I continued to smile, but now I was thinking of both of these strong ladies. Sending them love. Mile 12 to the finish was for Lecite! Lectie was hit while riding her bike early this year and is on the road to recovery. She is strong, full of grit, determination, and tenacity. A fighter to the core. I fought the last 1.1 miles for Lectie!

And with that, the race was over! So much FUN! Spring weather! Finisher medal! One #happygirl! Now it is time to keep working hard, follow the plan, have fun, and chase dreams!

First race of 2018 is in the books! My finish time wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for, but it was better than I expected! #happygirl #mydrakerelays

25 weeks ’til #IMLou – #disciplineovermotivation

Last week was all about discipline! Discipline to go workout (even when I didn’t want to), discipline while racing (start off easy, build into race pace, and try to hammer it at the end), discipline to use the data given to me from Inside Tracker. Discipline, discipline, discipline…As Coach Kelly says, “You don’t always have to be motivated, but you do have to be disciplined.” #trackcatstrong

Taking a page from the Andrea’s book #disciplineovermotivation this week! My permanent reminder at work by my desk!

Swim: 5550 yards

“Focus! Focus on this moment! Focus on today! Focus on what can make you better tomorrow!” Today’s focus was FUN! I’m so grateful to SBR Sports, Inc. for taking away the dry, itchy, chlorine saturated skin and helping to keep swimming FUN!!
Getting to the pool took #disciplineovermotivation, but I’m so grateful that I went!

Bike: 42.3 miles

God intervals required a much needed massage afterwards!
As winter continues to surround us, I tapped into warmer days + the Kona sunset with my Coeur Sports Kona kit on this morning’s ride.
An easy ride to spin out the legs mid week! If Ruth can ride 18 miles for each survivor of the OKC bombing, I can ride for an hour! #showup #dothework

Run: 19.7 miles

Hello blue skies and sunshine!! Please stay around!!
Short run with the bubble gum tongue to round out the work week! #runlove #Basillovesrunning
First race of 2018 is in the books! My finish time wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for, but it was better than I expected! #happygirl #mydrakerelays

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength daily

Yoga: 30 minutes

Mat time to stretch out the sore legs post race!

Weekly Totals: 9 hours & 57 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” ~Jim Rohn

Attitude of Gratitude:

I’m so grateful to have this amazing man by my side in life! Congratulations to all of the Boston Marathon finishers! #bostonstrong
I’m so grateful for my #solesister!
Thank you Nick at Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy and race ready!
Thank you SBR Sports, Inc for removing all the chlorine!! Use code KEPL18 at checkout for 20% off your next order!!
Thank you Sound Probiotics for keeping my gut healthy and helping me recover!
“I love my inflatable pillow Mama” ~Basil
So grateful for Normatec! #recoveryisimportant
When you are unmotivated to workout and your AMAZING husband knows it, so he drew this beauty on our chalkboard wall by my bike to encourage and support me! #imaluckygirl
Traci, we love you! So grateful to have such close friends at work!
Celebrating no more radiation for a colleague overcoming breast cancer. I work with amazing people! #wewearpinkforcheryl
Wahoo!! My Coeur Sports 2018 team kit arrived just in time for race weekend!
More Coeur Sports 2018 team gear!
Sushi for a pre-race lunch…YUMMY!!
We have two very happy girls because spring FINALLY decided to show up!! Yay for long walks in the warmth + sunshine!!

Tips for when you’re unmotivated:

  1. Text, call, email someone who is invested in your journey and will encourage + push you.
  2. Put your feet on the floor and go do the work before your brain thinks about why it doesn’t think you should. JUST SHOW UP!!
  3. Focus on your “Why.” Why do you want to achieve x, y, or z? Write about it! Reconnect with it.
  4. Envision yourself achieving success. How does it make you feel?! Tap into those amazing feelings!
  5. Find the FUN! Remember how much FUN you’ve had doing this before and how much FUN you are going to have in the future.
  6. Listen to your favorite motivating song(s) to pump you up and get you moving in the right direction!
  7. Eat a snack that makes you excited to go do the work! Taste success!
  8. Make the decision ahead of time to do the work. Commit to it and follow through! JUST SHOW UP!
  9. Prepare to celebrate! After you’ve shown up and done the work, CELEBRATE! Throw a dance party, jam out to your favorite song singing at the top of your lungs, do a handstand, indulge in a sweet reward, stand in power pose. Whatever it is, just celebrate!
  10. Sign up for a race! Sometimes this is all the motivation you need to SHOW UP and DO THE WORK!
  11. Order some fun, new gear to motivate you!

How was your week?! What were you grateful for last week?! What tips do you have for staying disciplined when you aren’t motivated?!

Triswim, Skinslick, Trislide, Foggies…OH MY!!

OMG! If you haven’t tried SBR Sports products, you MUST try them! Their Triswim products remove the chlorine, the Skinslick prevents blisters and chafing, the Trislide helps you get out of your wetsuit easily and prevents chafing, and the Foggies keep your goggles crystal clear! What’s even better?! Use this code: KEPL18 for 20% off your order!

I use the Triswim shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion after EVERY swim! My hair dresser is always amazed that my hair is in such good shape…especially since I swim 3-4 times a week and get my hair cut once every 4-6 months. I’m super happy to have skin that doesn’t itch and dry out after being submerged in chlorine for multiple hours a week!

Not only do I use the Skinslick to spray down my feet to prevent blisters when I run, but I also spray me feet down when we go snowshoeing. I used to get blisters Every. Time. I. Went. Snowshoeing. Not anymore! I can’t remember the last time I had a blister from snowshoeing. And the last time I had a blister running…well, that was last week because I forgot to take my Skinslick (and my running socks) with me to the gym to run on the treadmill.

I spray myself down with Trislide around my wrists, ankles, neck, and shoulders/armpits before donning my wetsuit or skin suit for races. When I get to T1, not only do I lack chafing (including the notorious wetsuit kiss), but I slide right out of my wetsuit with ease! Every second counts, so why add time to your transition by struggling with your wetsuit?!

Oh the Foggies!! I have had races where my goggles kept fogging up and I spent so much time on my back trying to clear them so I could see the next buoy. Since being introduced to Foggies, this is no longer a problem! I use them at the pool, open water swimming, and at races. HELLO clear vision! I can no longer say, “I couldn’t see the buoys” as an excuse for my slow swim times. LOL 😉 I know people who use the Foggies on their snow ski goggles, so you don’t have to swim to be a Foggies fan!

*Yes, I am an ambassador for SBR Sports, Inc. I do not use or recommend products I don’t believe in. These opinions are mine and I have used these products for years before becoming an ambassador.

26 weeks ’til #IMLou – patience

Last week’s focus was on patience. Patience while training, patience with myself, patience at home, patience at work, patience with Mother Nature…patience, patience, patience.

This is what “spring” in Iowa looks like! This was the weather across the state Friday afternoon…

Swim: 8900 yards

Thanks for sharing a lane with me Anne! So fun to see you and play in the water together!
“I breathe my courage, exhale my fear.” ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie
3700 yard swim with 20×100 at swim threshold required lots of patience + focus!

Bike: 55.6 miles 

Recovery spin while chasing dreams!
When Coach gives you a “Just for fun…random power challenge”…aka FTP test, you pull out the magic @coeursports kit!! It worked! My test went better than I expected!
Sweat fest on the bike for a couple of hours. “Don’t worry about the numbers. Be patient and do your best!”

Run: 17.7 miles

Hmmmm….2 legs or 4?! #runlove
Sunshine + 63*F = tank top + shorts + a happy Basil + a happy Kecia!! Shhh…don’t talk about the expected snow in less than 48 hours.
My run ladder required lots of patience and had to be done on the treadmill since Mother Nature has a VERY unique idea of what spring looks like. So unique no one else agrees with her!
So grateful to have some motivation and support running next to me today. Thank you Kris!
Leaving tracks while running in our “spring” weather. WHY?!
A short transition run off the bike required lots of layers. The transition was ridiculously long as I struggled to get into all these layers super sweaty, but when the windchill is 13*F, the layers are a MUST!

Yoga: 30 minutes

Thank you Yoga Download for helping me get a good stretch post training!

Strength Training: 45 minutes + 10 minutes of core strength daily 

Weekly Totals: 12 hours & 22 minutes

Quote of the Week: 

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”


Thursday’s weather while running.
Sunday’s weather while running

Attitude of Gratitude:

A beautiful morning sunrise!
Getting blood work done to learn more about what I can do to improve as an endurance athlete. #blooddontlie
Watching Basil tree squirrels makes my heart happy!
Recovery fuel + NormaTec boots post FTP test.
Homemade Thai food!! YUMMY!!

How was your week?! What were you grateful for last week?! How do you remain patient when you want immediate change/gratification?!

27 weeks ’til #IMLou – consistency

Last week’s focus was consistency! I’m happy to say that I regained consistency in multiple areas of my life…eating habits, sleep habits, recovery, and training are the big ones.

Swim: 7800 yards

Focus! Focus on technique. Focus on form. Focus on this moment!
Consistency helps make dreams come true! This week I’m focusing on consistency!
Swimming into the light

Bike: 55.4 miles

“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” ~Colin Powell
Finding my morning groove again! I love this sport!
Getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable…2×30 minutes of high cadence is not my jam, but I did it!

Run: 16 miles

Speed work on the treadmill thanks to our never ending winter.
Enjoying life + the temporary reprieve from Mother Nature’s wrath!
COLD run off the bike means All. The. Layers.
Thanks to the treadmill for pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone + my mind for staying strong!

Strength Training: 75 minutes + 10 minutes of core strength daily

Kettlebell killers!

Weekly Totals: 11 hours & 41 minutes

Quote of the week:

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” ~Marie Forleo

Attitude of gratitude:

Another beautiful sunrise to start the week!
I voted and our school bond issue passed!
“This NormaTec pillow is amazing mama!” ~Basil
Getting all of the kinks out! Thanks to Nick at Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy and on track!
Epsom salt + lavender bubble bath soak
Kicking the feet up and taking a nap in my Normatec boots!
All this new Coeur Sports gear and it is snowing! Is spring ever going to actually show up here?!
When it snows, we make soup…homemade roasted red pepper soup!

How was your week?! What are you grateful for last week?! How do you remain consistent in your habits?!

What’s Up?! – March 2018

How is it possible that March is already in the rearview mirror?! For me, March started out like a lion. I was sick (with strep throat immediately followed by bronchitis), had some family stress, and parent teacher conferences all within the first 2 weeks of March. Thankfully I got some good training in toward the end of the month, but also managed to strain my right hamstring a bit. I am grateful that I was able to dodge what could have been a serious bullet by resting my hamstring immediately and not pushing it.


Making an effort, not an excuse!
Riding + conversing with my fave on this snowy spring day!
Warm enough for shorts?! YES!! Soaking up the sun + vitamin D!!

Swim: 15,150 yards (8.6 miles)
Bike: 156 miles
Run: 25.1 miles
Monthly Totals: 26 hours & 35 minutes


My birthday present…Normatec Recovery boots! These take my recovery to a whole new level!

Using my birthday present while watching the Xterra Triathlon after a bike workout!


Turning 41! Yep…another year older! It was a great day! I’m so grateful that my birthday falls during spring break almost every year!

The biggest birthday card I’ve ever received! Thank you Laylah!
Rolling out of 40 and into 41 like “Hell yeah! 40 was an amazing year! Cheers to an even better 41!”
Birthday lunch date with my #solesister
Birthday Massage! 🙂


The Wrong Side of Comfortable by Amy Charity is a MUST READ! At age 34, Amy left a lucrative career, temporarily left her husband, dog and close friends behind to pursue her dream of becoming a professional cyclist. “It is never too late to follow your dreams. It is never too late to find something that makes you feel alive. Our tendency is to get stuck in the routine and monotony of our lives, and to eliminate discomfort. I challenge you to do the opposite – embrace the discomfort. Visualize what you want to do, have confidence that you are on the right track, and have the belief that you are competent.”

Strong is the New Pretty: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves by Kate T. Parker has more than 175 photographs of girls being themselves. It is full of “girls being fearless. Girls being silly. Girls being wild, stubborn, and proud. Girls whose faces are smeared with dirt and lit up with joy.” This book is for every girl, mother and father of a girl, sibling of a girl, coach, teacher, or anyone who influences a girl.

Listening to:

What I learned when I conquered the world’s toughest triathlon with Minda Dentler is so inspiring! Minda is a polio survivor who decided to take on the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. It handed her a challenge and she accepted it.

Get Gritty with Pro Triathlete Steph Corker is a must listen to! She is not only one of my Coeur Sports teammates, but a true inspiration!

Amy Farrell with Kona Kamps is another must listen to! She is also one of my Coeur Sports teammates and an AMAZING athlete, mother, teacher, coach, and all around AWESOME lady! I was so lucky + blessed to get to meet her in Lake Placid a couple of weeks after she became the Ironman Lake Placid 2017 champion! She inspires me EVERY day to do and be my best!

Meeting Amy, my Coeur Sports sister! This lady is AMAZING!

Jordan Blanco with Kona Kamps is a great listen! I’ve been following Jordan on Insta for a few year. She is not only an inspiration, but an advocate for equality in the sport of triathlon.

Grateful for:

These two girls fill my heart with love and joy every day!
The girls playing tug of war with a stick in the yard while we shovel.
Riding + conversing with my fave on this snowy spring day!
A new pump in the washing machine = CLEAN CLOTHES!! Thanks Greg for fixing our washer!
Grateful to Coach Kelly for chatting, planning, and catching up!
Even though Mother Nature is still trying to freeze us out, the plants are starting to come up! #signsofspring

How was your month of March?! What are you enjoying?! What were you grateful for this month?!

28 weeks ’til #IMLou – momentum

This week I finally found some momentum! I am super excited to carry this momentum forward and see some much needed changes in the future!

Swim: 3800 yards

“Just keep pulling! Just keep pulling!” Pull helps me focus on my stroke, build strength, and rest that temperamental hamstring!

Bike: 56.4 miles

After a very busy day, #bikelove always makes the smile return!
Getting some #bikelove in after work with some zone 3 effort + no hammy pain!
I am so lucky & so grateful to get to do what I love! #sportsbrasquad

Run: 17.6 miles

20 pain free minutes today!
I am so lucky & so grateful to get to do what I love!
#sundayrunday was full of joy with my faves even with cold temps! Longest run this year!

Strength Training: 45 minutes + 10 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 10 hours

Quote of the Week:

“I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” ~Frances Willard

Attitude of Gratitude:

A beautiful sunrise to start the week!
A new pump in the washing machine = CLEAN CLOTHES!! Thanks Greg for fixing our washer!
Thanks Nick at Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy and doing what I love!
Homemade smoked pumpkin soup with friends!
Grateful to Coach Kelly for chatting, planning, and catching up!
These kids! They engineered some very creative ways to protect their eggs when they dropped them from the balcony at school! #eggdrop
Even though Mother Nature is still trying to freeze us out, the plants are starting to come up! #signsofspring
Recovery is important after a 2 hour ride + 30 minute run!!
Love these two!
Epsom salt + lavender bubble bath post long run!
3 of my favorite little bunnies!

How was your week?! What are you grateful for this week? When you find momentum in an area of your life, how do you keep it going?