6 weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

Last week was the start of our last build for Ironman Boulder…it seems like just yesterday that we signed up forĀ IMBoulder and now we are only 6 weeks away from race day. Crazy how time flies by!!

Swim: 7371 yards (some of this was done in the 50 meter pool)

After getting through the warm-up on Tuesday’s swim (600 yards into the 2400 yard swim), I felt my swim cap sliding off the top of my head, so I did what I always do…tug on the edges of the swim cap to readjust it. That is when the front of it tore. I had choices: a) get out of the pool and quit swimming, b) put a new swim cap on and keep swimming, c) make adjustments to the torn swim cap and keep swimming. If this happened on race day while swimming, what would I do? This was the perfect opportunity to see how long I could keep swimming with a torn swim cap, so I chose option c. Thankfully the adjustments I made to my torn swim cap held up and I was able to complete the remainder of my swim without further problems. #justkeepswimming


Bike: 81.46 miles

Thursday’s bike intervals were KILLER! The previous time I did this one hour trainer workout (3xLadder), was March 23. This Thursday, I went 1.4 miles farther (in a 1 hour time period) than I did on March 23 and my normalized power was almost 10 watts higher. I also showed an increase in power with every working set on Thursday. In March, the 3rd working set (of 4 sets) showed I dropped my power and typically the last interval of each set was a drop in power as well. I am very happy with my performance on Thursday and I don’t think I could have pushed harder if I had tried. I was completely cooked by the end of this workout!! #hardworkpaysoff


Run: 22.08 miles

Tuesday morning we had hill repeats on the calendar. We were scheduled to run 6 hill repeats on the hill that we normally run on. After finishing the 6 hill repeats, we were still feeling good, so we decided to run 2 additional hill repeats while #rememberingTRJ


Brick: (I break the distances out into bike mileage and run mileage)

I was hoping that the bestĀ brick workout this week would have been on Saturday. It was planned that we would swim for 1 hour, transition to the bike for 6 hours and then run for 1 hour. We got our swim in before Mother Nature decided to change our plans. We had options, but we decided to #beflexible and recover just a bit more.


So…the best brick workout was on Sunday. We had 1 hour of speed work on the bike and then quickly transitioned to a 90 minute run. I was so happy that I finally got to run with my sole sister again!! #solesistasweat


Strength Training: 1 hour & 45 minutes

I taught TRX twice this week! Monday I was asked to substitute for the noon class. I really pushed this group of women and I was sore until Thursday morning…hello, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)…I haven’t felt you in a while šŸ™‚

Weekly Totals: 13 hours & 40 minutesĀ 

Disappointment, yet progress:

I am sad that we missed 7 hours of #bricklove on Saturday, but VERY happy that I am learning to #beflexible in my training. I am VERY type A…typically I would have forced this workout to happen, even if it meant getting on the trainer for 6 hours. I am happy to say that I am making progress and becoming more balanced in life and training is a huge part of my life.

Weekly Highlight:

I received an Osmo Nutrtion delivery on Thursday. RestockingĀ the sports nutrition in the pantry makes my heart happy.

How was your week? Did you have any challenges that you had to overcome this week?