A Day in the Life: Mundane Monday

I’ve decided to do a “Day in the Life” post for each day of the week, but am doing one day each week for 7 weeks. Who has the time to sit down and write up all 7 days in one week?! Not me!!

Monday’s are pretty consistent for me with the following schedule:

4 am alarm clock…quickly change, brush teeth, and head for the gym

4:30 am…1 hour strength training session at the gym


5:30 am…head home to potty and feed the dogs, shower, blend up a smoothie, and start a load of laundry

6:30 am…arrive at school to update my Believe Training Journal, write my gratitudes in my SparkNotebook, prepare for my day with students, and lesson plan for the rest of the week. I also made some copies of a conduction worksheet for the students this morning.

8:00 am…The bell rings for the start of my day with students. We have 15 minutes of homeroom to start the day, followed by 9 class periods. Six of these are teaching science. Today’s lesson was on thermal energy and heat transfer through conduction. One period is my prep and today I had 2 study hall periods as well. Teaching 8th graders makes every day and class period different. They sure keep me on my toes!!

3:15 pm…The bell rings to dismiss students for the day. At this point, I leave school right away and go to city hall to meet a personal training client.

3:30 pm…I train Ms. Julia

4:30 pm…I head home, quickly change clothes, and throw the clothes from the washer into the dryer…this week we had a kink thrown in our routine. Our street has been torn up and we have to park a block away and walk through our neighbor’s yard to get to and from our house. Hello extra commute time (although only a few extra minutes)!


4:50 pm…Time for a 75 minute recovery ride. This is when the Iron Hippie and I chat about our day, our week, any scheduling conflicts we may encounter for the week, etc.


6:05 pm…Eat dinner (today was left over breakfast for dinner), shower, do dishes, finish laundry, and prepare for tomorrow by laying out my work and workout clothes and packing my lunch.

7:30 pm…Lay in bed snuggling with my girls, while a read for 20-30 minutes. Today I read Elite Minds: Creating the Competitive Advantage by Stan Beecham. I’m loving this book and highly recommend it!

8:00 pm…Lights out!!

What does a mundane Monday look like for you? How do you fit everything into your Monday?



This year I have a GREAT group of 8th graders and I am lucky to enjoy going to work everyday…well, let’s be honest…it is work and there are days that are not always full of rainbows and unicorns, but I do love it most days 😉

300+ 8th grade students ready for the AMS Spirit Run!
300+ 8th grade students ready for the AMS Spirit Run!


Daring Greatly by Brene Brown…Making yourself vulnerable is the “most accurate measure of courage.” While I have not finished this read, it is one I would HIGHLY recommend!! “…we realize that to live with courage, purpose, and connection – to be the person whom we long to be – we must again be vulnerable. We must take off the armor, put down the weapons, show up , and let ourselves be seen.”



Post IMBoulder, we lost focus on our training for 9 weeks before we found ourselves again. Since getting back to training (which we LOVE), we have had to find that balance again between training, family time, friend time, cleaning/housework, work, blogging, etc. I do tend to thrive and be most efficient with my time when I have more on my plate. When there is less downtime, there is less time for distractions 😉




I am SO excited to be training again! I love having a big goal on the calendar and something to work toward. Hello Ironman Wisconsin 2016…I am so happy to see you on my schedule and even happier to be seeing green in Training Peaks again 🙂

Yes, both my husband and I officially registered for Ironman Wisconsin 2016!!
Yes, both my husband and I officially registered for Ironman Wisconsin 2016!!



The changing seasons…Autumn is my favorite season! The cooler temperatures, the changing colors and the fewer daylight hours…well that last one I can do without. I do prefer the longer daylight hours 😉 Fall is definitely in the air and I am finding joy in all it has to offer!

The fall colors are magnificent!!
Combining two of my favorite things…#bikelove and fall!


Looking back through my Believe Training Journal has been rewarding, inspiring and motivating for me. It gives me the desire to want to work hard and chase dreams 🙂



Lots of friends have been killing their fall races!! It has been so much fun to get to cheer them on in person and remotely!! They too have inspired me to work hard and chase dreams 🙂

Watching #IMKONA World Championships and grading student work at the same time. Multitasking at its finest :)
Watching #IMKONA World Championships and grading student work at the same time. Multitasking at its finest 🙂

Quote of the week

“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” ~John Dewey

What have you been up to lately? What is your favorite season and why? Any good reads lately? What/Who inspires you to do and be your best?

My Typical Tuesday

As an 8th grade school teacher, this is what my Typical Tuesday looks like during the school year:

4:00 am…Rise and Shine

4:25 am…out the door for my morning run. This Tuesday morning was 90 minutes with 6 x 0.3 mile hill repeats after about a 20 minute warm-up. It was a perfect morning for a run with 2 of my faves, although I am looking forward to the day that I can run outside in shorts and tanks in the early morning hours.


6:00 am…recovery smoothie (loaded with Osmo Recovery, Pure Clean Beet Powder, frozen raspberries, orange juice, flax oil, cinnamon, and fresh kale) and shower time


6:40 am…out the door and headed to work

6:55 am…walk into my classroom and get ready for my day with students. Copies need to be made, the agenda for the day needs to be written on the board, labs may need to be set up or torn down, assignments/tests/quizzes may need to be graded, grades may need to be entered into the online grade book, lesson plans may need to be done…there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done.



7:40 am…I typically take a few minutes for myself at this time of day…updating my TrainingPeaks account, my Believe Training Journal and drinking my Karma Kombucha.


7:50 am…First bell of the day. Time for the students to start arriving.

8:00 am…First period starts. I have 22 students in my first period science class. There are days that are more challenging than others when teaching 8th graders, but I love this age group and I love teaching physical science (introduction to chemistry and physics). While I teach the same content 7 times throughout the day, no two classes are exactly the same. Student comments, questions and interactions are always different in each class period.

8:43 am…The bell rings to dismiss 1st period, so I have a QUICK restroom break.

8:47 am…The bell rings to start 2nd period. I have 17 eighth grade students in my 2nd period science class.

9:30 am…The bell rings to dismiss 2nd period.

9:34 am…The bell rings to start 3rd period. This is a tutorial class, so the number of students varies from day to day and week to week. Students sign up for my tutorial if they need help with assignments, need to complete make up work or just want a quiet place to study. Yesterday I had 14 eighth graders getting help with assignments and completing labs and quizzes from days they were absent.

10:04 am…The bell rings to dismiss 3rd period, so I have another QUICK restroom break.

10:08 am…The bell rings to start 4th period. I have 23 eighth grade students in my 4th period science class.

10:51 am…The bell rings to dismiss 4th period. Time for lunch…or should I say brunch? Lunch is not at 10:51 am by my standards.

11:25 am…The bell rings to start 5th period. I have 23 eighth grade students in my 5th period science class.

12:08 pm…The bell rings to dismiss 5th period.

12:12 pm…The bell rings to start 6th period. I have 24 eighth grade students in my 6th period science class.

12:55 pm…The bell rings to dismiss 6th period.

12:59 pm…The bell rings to start 7th period. I have 23 eighth grade students in my 7th period science class.

1:42 pm…The bell rings to dismiss 7th period.

1:46 pm…The bell rings to start 8th period. This is my prep period, where I can breathe a sigh of relief and get more work done (i.e. grading, lesson planning, making copies, etc.). This is also a time when I mentally prepare for the last push to my work day.

2:29 pm…The bell rings to dismiss 8th period.

2:33 pm…The bell rings to start 9th period. I have 12 eighth grade students in my 9th period science class. Before you say, “What? Only 12 students, that must be nice.” Let me say that this is the WORST mix of students I’ve ever had in my 11 years of teaching. Basically I dread this class almost every.single.day. Only 22 days left with students this school year (not that I’m counting down or anything)…

3:15 pm…The bell rings to dismiss 9th period and my day is officially over 🙂 I pack up my things, do some last minute prep work for tomorrow and head toward the door.

3:30 pm…I exit the building and drive to the pool to get my swim in for the day.

3:50 pm…I enter the water and let all of the stress from my day float away.


4:55 pm…3000 yards done. Time to change and head to pick up our CSA

5:30 pm…pick up the CSA


5:40 pm…walk in the door at home. Shower, fix dinner, do dishes, start a load of laundry, feed the dogs, fold some laundry and cuddle with the dogs.

Homemade tomato soup with a grill cheese sandwich (avocado...one of my favorite touches in a grill cheese)
Homemade tomato soup with a grill cheese sandwich (avocado…one of my favorite touches in a grill cheese)
Basil spending some time watching the birds. #sucharetriever
Basil spending some time watching the birds. #sucharetriever

7:00 pm…get ready for tomorrow by setting out all my clothes (both workout and work), get my lunch ready for tomorrow and make sure my bike hydration is set for the morning.


7:30 pm…walk the dogs

8:20 pm… ‘night, see you in the morning so I can do it all over again.

Do you have a “Typical Tuesday?” If so, what does it look like? 

19 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

Preparing for the coming week in my Believe Training Journal…19 weeks ’til IMBoulder

19…there is a #1 to start this week…eek!! With spring break behind me, that leaves only 9 weeks left in this school year…only 9 weeks left until summer break. I will survive 9 more weeks 😉


I slept in, completed an hour of strength training, met with a personal training client and then went to the pool for 2600 yards of #swimlove. After a quick shower, I loaded Mojo into the car and went to Kyle’s Bikes in Ankeny for a bike fit by the best…Kyle himself 🙂 He put me in new bike shoes, made a few minor adjustments to the height of my saddle and sent me on my way. When I got home, I hopped on Mojo in the backyard for some single leg drills. It was 85F, sunny and VERY windy, but boy did it feel good to ride outside in the sunshine!!

4:30 plank…I’m getting SO close to holding plank for 5 minutes. I know I can definitely reach 5 minutes by the end of March!!






New shoes 🙂


I slept in again this morning. When I got up, I eventually made my way to the pool for some more #swimlove swimming…there wasn’t much love with this workout. I was tired. So tired I thought about skipping my run workout. I knew Basil could stand to burn off some energy, so I changed into winter running gear (yes…the colder weather returned). I wasn’t holding out a whole lot of hope for this run, but I surprised myself. Can you say SERIOUS #runlove?!?!?! This run turned out to be AMAZING and my #FaveWorkout this week!! After cleaning up, I ran a few errands before getting beat up having my legs massaged for a whole hour…OUCH!! Dinner with a girlfriend was a perfect way to cap off the night!!






I woke up early so I could get some #bikelove in before heading to Kansas City for an overnight excursion with my #solesista. When we got to Kansas City, we had an amazing lunch, did some shopping at the plaza, relaxed in the hot tub at the hotel, went out for dinner and ended a very late night at a dueling piano bar in the Power and Light District. Relaxation, lots of fun and amazing company!!






After a very short night’s sleep, we got up and ran in a cool, drizzle before cleaning up and heading back home. We listened to Iowa State crap the NCAA basketball game down their leg while we drove home…seriously boys…you have to show up and actually play ball to win. UGH!! When I got home, I was so tired that I took a 2 hour nap. I followed this up with a brief walk with the dogs and the Iron Hippie and called it a night at 6:40 pm.


Hello spring!! I slept in, met with two personal training clients, had some active release therapy done to my left hamstring (OUCH) and spent the afternoon alternating between ice and heat on the hamstring. I also played frisbee with Basil this afternoon and got some special deliveries today…



Coeur Sports Love!! #stylishspeed #noangrykitty #heartandcourage
Osmo Nutrition…#womenarenotsmallmen


I woke up tired, so I went back to sleep and slept in, which meant I didn’t get to the gym in time to start our practice 70.3…so, I went to the gym for one hour of strength training. I followed this up with a 2 hour nap. The late night Wednesday was WAY MORE than my body can handle. We capped the evening off with a sushi dinner and great friends who are moving to Delaware. I am sad to see them go, but very happy for their new adventures and super excited for a chance to go visit them 🙂


I woke up tired again. Lesson learned…late night outings need to be avoided so I can keep myself somewhat regulated. I slugged through my brick workout, but got it done. After cleaning up the house a bit, doing lesson plans for the week, taking the dogs for a walk and mentally preparing for the week to come, we made dinner and hit the bed early to hopefully be well rested for the last big push to the end of the school year…only 9 more weeks, but who’s counting 😉


Weekly Totals:

Swim: 5000 yards

Bike: 60.5 miles

Run: 12.3 miles

Strength Training: 2 hours

Total Duration: 10 hours & 12 minutes

How was your week of workouts? When you get off of a regular sleeping routine, how long before you’re recovered and back to “normal?”

31 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

Hmmm…just when I have LOTS of time off work to focus on workouts, I end up with pneumonia. So much for working out much this week. Here’s how the week rolled:


AM: I started planning for 2015 with a little Karma Kombucha and my new Believe Training Journal 😉


PM: TRX class was mostly core work with LOTS of coughing


I went to the doctor…pneumonia was the diagnosis and Z-pack was the prescribed meds to get me back on track. I took a 4 hour nap and drank lots of fluids today. The Iron Hippie went to the doctor today as a precaution because he had a bit of a sore throat and knew the doctor’s office would be closed for the next few days…no diagnosis.

Wednesday: Christmas Eve

I slept over 10 hours the night before and took a 2 hour nap today. We did get our best Christmas present in the mail today…

Thanks Mom and Dad for our AWESOME gift!!

I shared some grapefruit with my favorite girl…Basil. Do you know any dog that LOVES grapefruit?!?!?! Basil starts salivating profusely for grapefruit as soon as she smells it.

Merry Christmas Basil

About 7 pm, the Iron Hippie had a temperature of 101.6F…here we go…this is going to be an amazing Christmas!

Thursday: Christmas Day

The Iron Hippie and I were sick ALL day. Aside from sleeping, all we got accomplished was watching NCIS episodes on DVD…we have all of the seasons (except the last 2).  This was not how we had hoped to celebrate Christmas, but I am thankful we both had time to rest and fully recover from our illnesses.


I finally started to feel like a normal human being today. I really wanted to ride my bicycle, but decided one more day of resting and drinking lots of fluids were more important. The Iron Hippie went back to the doctor today and was diagnosed with a strain of influenza that wasn’t covered with the flu shot.

So I decided to put a puzzle together…


This was only 500 pieces, so I was able to complete it all in one day.


I took the last of my Z-pack meds this morning and was feeling MUCH better. Time to start another puzzle…

This one was 1000 pieces and a little bit more challenging.
This one was 1000 pieces and a little bit more challenging.

It took some #heartandcourage (Thank you Coeur Sports) to try riding my bike and see how my body felt. I was really nervous that my body would tell me that I needed more rest…aside from heavy breathing, I felt really good…YAY!! I rode mostly in Z1-2, but incorporated 4×1 min at Z4, just to see how it would feel. #bikelove 😉



I continued to put the puzzle together…


I also ran with Allen and Basil. My goal was to run 3-4 easy miles and see how my body would hold up. It felt GREAT to be outside in the fresh air! When I got to mile 4, I decided I would keep running a bit since I was feeling great…No chest pain (my breathing was heavier than normal, but that was the only sign that I’d been sick recently). #runlove


Weekly Totals:

Swim = 0 miles

Bike = 14.3 miles

Run = 6.21 miles

Strength Training = 45 minutes

How was your week of workouts? How did you celebrate Christmas?