I “tri” with a little help from some AMAZING companies

While I thanked my friends and family who helped me finish Ironman Wisconsin, I failed to thank the companies who helped make my dream a reality.

  1. Thank you to Kebby and the Coeur Sports team who have designed an AWESOME women’s line for triathlon, cycling, running and swimming apparel.  The seamless chamois in the triathlon shorts is truly spectacular!!  I had ZERO chaffing on 140.6+ miles…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what they stand for and the products they produce!!
  2. Thank you to Kyle Robinson at Kyle’s Bikes for taking such amazing care of Mojo before the race.  He is an AMAZING bike mechanic and made sure she was full of speed and endurance that kept me on track to have a great day 🙂
  3. Thank you to Osmo Nutrition for keeping my hydration needs met during training and racing.  Thanks to your women’s line, I was not hyponatremic like I was in 2011 and I felt great all day long.
  4. Thank you to Bonk Breaker for keeping me fueled during training.  While I did have some gut issues on race day and did not consume the number of Bonk Breakers that I should have, I appreciate everything you did to help make my training a huge success.

I can’t imagine what Ironman Wisconsin would have been like without these great companies supporting me 🙂

Photo courtesy of Finisherpix.
Photo courtesy of Finisherpix.

**I am not sponsored by any of these companies, but am truly grateful for their role in a near perfect day!!