2021 week 12: potential energy

My focus for last week was on potential energy…rest, recovery, replenishing, and repairing. After racing a week ago Sunday, I knew it would be in my best interest to keep last week on the DL to allow my body the opportunity to reset and adequately recover. There was a lot of feet up, resting, reading, snuggles with our girls, and doing what I felt like in the moment. And just like that the potential energy I’ve gained this last week is ready to be converted into kinetic energy!

Quote of the week:

“Every object has potential when it is in rest but when we apply force then its potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.”

~Mira Kirshenbaum

Swim: 2600 yards

My only swim of the week was Sunday. The focus was on swim strength, but my focus was on the AH-MAZING sunshine that I got to swim through! This was the first time in a whole week that we actually saw the glow in the sky and I was so grateful for it!

  • Warm Up:
    • 200 swim
  • Main Set:
    • 5×200 pull with paddles (20 sec rest between)
    • 200 swim
    • 5×200 pull with paddles (20 sec rest between)
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke
“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” ~Amanda Gorman💙💛

Bike: 59.2 miles

My brain was full of doubt going into my ride on Saturday. After having a lot of time off throughout the week, I wasn’t confident that I had what it took to complete my workout as planned, BUT I showed up and decided to be brave enough to change the negative mental chatter into a positive mindset. I took back my power, traded in the keys to the struggle bus, and exchanged them for the keys to the vehicle of my dreams! I took my shiny new yellow Lamborghini for a cruise! I love the way she handles and the confidence I feel when I’m in the driver’s seat of my powerful + fast ride!

You GET to decide what you drive! You GET to hold your power in the palms of your hands! Take back your power. Trade in your keys to your struggle bus and exchange them for keys to the ride of your dreams! 💙💛

Run: 0 miles

I took the week off of running last week because I had some tightness in my right calf and I wanted to give it some time to rest and repair. With another IRL 1/2 marathon race in 3 weeks and another two weeks after that, I wanted to take some time to rest and recover. Hopefully that rest will set me up nicely for my next two IRL races.

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
30 minute full body workout

Weekly Totals: 6 hours & 4 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

Two peas in a pod! Love these two baby girls so much! 🐶🥰🐶🥰
Recovery time in my Normatec Recovery boots eating some homemade pineapple curry = perfection!
All the snuggles with our baby girl! 🐶🥰
Love the new design by Coeur Sports! So excited to rock the kinetic energy this week!
She sleeps with her head up more often than not! I love her so much! 🐶🥰

What were your highlights from week 12 of 2021?! Do you take time to acquire more potential energy?!

2021 week 5: show the f*%k up

Last week I chose to show the f*%k up and do everything in my power to not only be physically present, but also mentally and emotionally present with every single stroke/pedal/step inching me closer toward my goals. If you want to achieve new levels of performance, you have to show up, you have to embrace the discomfort, you have to do the work, and you have to keep the focus on the intention in that moment. This doesn’t necessarily mean working harder, but rather working smarter. If the efforts are to be easy, then really focus on making sure you aren’t being overzealous and working too hard so that when you have those hard efforts, you can give it your all! Often times those easy efforts can be just as uncomfortable as the hard efforts!

Quote of the week:

“You can’t improve if you don’t show up.”


Swim: 9900 yards

During Thursday morning’s swim my easy efforts were almost 20 seconds per 100 yards slower than my hard efforts. Keeping the easy efforts easy allowed me to go hard on the hard efforts. So what did the workout look like?!

  • Warm up:
    • 400 swim
    • 300 drills
    • 100 kick
  • Main set:
    • 5×100 FAST + NEGATIVE SPLIT (faster time and harder effort with each one) (30 seconds rest between each)
    • 200 swim
    • 200 pull
    • 200 swim
    • 4×50 FAST on the 1:00
    • 200 pull
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke
Show the f*%k up and really challenge yourself. Give yourself the gift of learning what you are made of, turning self doubt into self confidence, creating magic by sitting in the discomfort, and achieving more than you ever dreamed possible! 💙💛

Bike: 99.1 miles

Let’s go! Saturday’s bike workout was a good challenge! 20 minutes in Z1, 20 minutes in Z2, 20 minutes in Z3 and repeat for a total of 2 hours. I am most comfortable mashing my pedals, but have been forcing myself to sit in discomfort as I work to increase my cadence. It isn’t easy…especially while pushing higher watts, but I’m going to continue to sit in the discomfort so that eventually it becomes more comfortable. 🤞🏻

Dream big so you can grow into the best version of yourself. Ignore the people saying your dream is too grandiose, that you can’t accomplish it, that it is unrealistic, or that your dream should be xyz. Don’t listen to them! They don’t know YOU! Dreaming outside your comfort zone requires you to consider all the possibilities and to choose courage over comfort. I choose to dream BIG! I choose to acknowledge my fears and move through them! I choose courage over comfort! I choose to chase my dreams with intention! I choose to grow into my best self! You can too! 💙💛

Run: 20.7 miles

Wednesday I had an AMAZING run after work on roads I haven’t run on in a LONG time! My run called for 2 easy miles followed by 4 progressive miles and one mile cool down. The route I chose had me doubting the progressive miles as it was VERY HILLY, but I was determined to show the f*%k up and give my best. The 1st progressive mile set a great pace for what was to follow. The 2nd progressive mile was 1 second slower than the first progressive mile, but it had a MONSTER hill that was about 0.5 mile long, so my HR was WAY higher and my effort was WAY harder than that first mile. The 3rd and 4th progressive miles were on point! By deciding to show the f*%k up and give my best, I was able to squash that doubt and replace it with CONFIDENCE and BELIEVE that I am super strong!

Choose your own adventure!
When you have the choice to run a flat route or a hilly route, what do you choose? I often find myself choosing the challenge of the hills. Challenges make us stronger; they give us some of the best stories and fondest memories of what we are made of, what we can overcome, and dreams we can achieve. Challenges are our best teachers; they allow us to grow and conquer the impossible.
So the next time you get to choose your own adventure, choose the challenge! Give yourself the gift of learning what you’re made of, overcoming more than you thought was in you, conquering the impossible, and achieving more than you ever dreamed! 💙💛

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
2×30 + 1×45 minute full body workouts
2×30 minutes of yoga

Weekly Totals: 15 hours & 56 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

My body SO needed this! Thanks to Nick at Vitality Massage Ames for keeping me healthy and active!
Pictures don’t do justice to the winter wonderland outside. Glistening trees are so beautiful!
I got to swim, bike, and run all in the same day! 💙💛
The sky was on fire as the sun was setting!
“Wake me up when it’s warm enough to play outside again.” ~Jersey
Recovery is on point thanks to my Normatec Recovery boots!

What were your highlights from week 5 of 2021?! How do you show up in all areas of your life?!

2021 week 3: consistency

WOW! After the inauguration on Wednesday, I felt a huge sense of relief as it feels like 2021 has finally started. As I mentioned in my week 2 post, I had a huge bike block in December, so my swimming, running, strength training, and yoga took a major backseat at the end of 2020. It’s not that I ignored them completely, but they definitely weren’t a priority as my training was very bike focused in December. After doing minimal training for the first couple weeks of January, last week was about re-establishing balance, routine, and consistency in my training…and it feels AWESOME! After all, CONSISTENCY is key to success!

Quote of the week:

“You are what you do consistently, not what you do occasionally.”

~Robbie Bruce

Swim: 9200 yards

The swim of the week was Thursday’s 2800 yard swim with the focus being best effort for quite a bit of it. Crazy 8s is a workout that I love to hate…

  • Warm up of 800 yards = 100 swim, 100 kick (with fins), 100 pull (with paddles), 200 swim, 100 kick (with fins), 100 pull (with paddles), 100 swim
  • Main Set:
    • 8×150 descending pace (increasing effort) with 20 seconds rest between…each 150 interval should be slightly faster than the last one finishing with the last 150 at max effort
    • 1 minute rest break
    • 8×50 on the 1:00…each of these 50s should be at max effort. (If you swim 45 seconds, then you have a 15 second rest. If you swim 50 seconds, then you have a 10 second rest.)
    • 1 minute rest break
    • 8×25 sprints with 10 seconds rest between…each of these 25s should be at max effort
    • Cool down = 200 yards
  • Cool down = 200 yards

Focusing on my form and concentrating on LIMITLESS during those hard intervals kept me giving my absolute best effort that I had in the moment.

You can choose to be a shark or a guppy. Today was shark day!

Bike: 106 miles

Despite having lost a bit of bike fitness from the summer, I am focusing on INTEGRITY in my training. I am training where I am and being grateful for the little wins every single day. If you know me, I’m not a fan of staying in the comfort zone for long, so I have begun working toward one of my goals which is to increase my FTP in the coming months. Thursday I was rocking my 1 hour & 10 minute workout with 3×10 minutes in high Z3/low Z4, so I felt it only right to host my own little dance party off the bike. Using Zwift, I set this workout up so that each 10 minute interval was a bit more challenging than the last.

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 5x (1 minute at 75% FTP/Z2 and 1 minute at 50% FTP/Z1)
  • 3 minutes at 50% FTP/Z1
  • 10 minutes at 80% FTP/Z3
  • 3 minutes at 50% FTP/Z1
  • 10 minutes at 85% FTP/Z3
  • 3 minutes at 50% FTP/Z1
  • 10 minutes at 90% FTP/Z4
  • 11 minutes cool down
Dance party! When you have a great ride, you should celebrate with a little happy dance off the bike!

Run: 21.1 miles

I have a goal to add more running into my training in 2021 to increase my run durability. This will help build strength in my legs and condition them to better handle a stronger and faster finish on race day. Of the 5 runs I completed last week, only 2 of them had any kind of intensity to them and 3 of them where 35 minutes or less. The key to run durability is frequent, shorter, easy runs. I am grateful for the treadmill to keep me honest on these runs as sometimes it is really hard for me to keep my easy runs easy…especially when running outside. Wednesday was my long (1 hour + 5 minutes) progression run. After a 5 minute warm up, the main set was to get faster by 10-20 seconds every 5 minutes and then end with a 5 minute cool down. This run really helped build my CONFIDENCE and helped me BELIEVE that I can get some speed back in my legs. I increased my speed by 1.5 mph over the course of the main set.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
3×30 minute full body workouts
2×30 minutes of yoga

Weekly Totals: 16 hours & 57 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

Jersey doesn’t like Mondays
Combatting Blue Monday with fresh air, sunshine, snowshoes, exercise, friends, and dogs.
Thank you to my Coeur Sports teammate, Ruth, for my BELIEVE Fellow Flower!
I got to swim, bike, and run all in the same day! INTEGRITY…training with where I’m at not where I think I should be.
Snuggles with our baby girl! #happyheart
Today we celebrate the opportunity for change, hope, and healing. Seeing a Woman of Color sworn in as Vice President of the United States of America brought so many happy tears to my eyes.
These beautiful sunrises never get old!

What were your highlights from week 3 of 2021?!

2021 week 1: focus on the positive

This wasn’t the start of the new year that many of us had hoped for, but it was the start that we were given. We can choose to focus on the negative or choose to focus on the positive. I chose to make the most of what I was given last week and focus on the POSITIVES.

Quote of the week:

“Bringing integrity back to training and racing means you have to stop worrying about where you SHOULD be and OWN WHERE YOU ARE.”

~Lauren Fleshman

Swim: 2600 yards

I had a swim test on Tuesday to determine where I am currently with my swim speed. LIMITLESS guided me throughout this test and helped me give everything I had to do my absolute best! My CSS (critical swim speed) has dropped just a bit since peaking for IMLP in 2019, but considering I haven’t swam as much in 2020 (thanks to closed pools + no racing) and I haven’t been training for anything other than life + fun, I am super happy with where my current swim speed is! I have a few more weeks before more focused and dedicated training will start for my 2021 races, so for now I will keep swimming for life + fun.

Bike: 22.7 miles

On December 31, 2020 I did an FTP test on the bike and while I lost some bike fitness, I FINALLY feel strong on the bike again! During my bike workout on Tuesday (which I forgot to take a picture of), I was FINALLY able to nail all of my intervals because I am training at my current fitness level instead of where I think I SHOULD be (aka…where I was before). OWNING WHERE I AM gave me a HUGE boost of CONFIDENCE on the bike again. Now it’s time to put in the hard work to RISE up and get those watts back that I lost. 😉

Run: 13.5 miles

I had a few good runs last week, but the highlight was my speed work on the treadmill that went so much better than I expected this week! That means next time I GET to work harder and increase my pace a bit. It is time to FLY! 😉

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily + a 30 minute full body workout

Weekly Totals: 5 hours & 58 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

I GOT to swim + bike + run all in the same day! 🙂
Focus words for 2021!
Continuously learning and growing
Snuggles with my baby girl!
Organizing our workout room!

What were your positive highlights from the first week of 2021?!

2021 focus

In years past, I have picked a word or phrase to guide me through the year…but this year is different. I was struggling to pick only one word/phrase because there are multiple words speaking to me right now.

I will RISE from the ashes of despair like a phoenix and SOAR!

I will spread my wings and FLY!

I will continue to DREAM big!

I will get my CONFIDENCE back and BELIEVE in myself to the depths of my soul!

I will rebuild CONSISTENCY!

I will bring INTEGRITY back into my training and racing as I own where I am at instead of worrying about where I think I should be.

I will be FREE and LIMITLESS in all aspects of my life!

Why do I have to limit myself to just one word/phrase (hello LIMITLESS…remember me?!)?????? Oh yeah…I don’t! SO I am going to be LIMITLESS as I let multiple words keep me focused in 2021!

Growth or Fixed…Which one are you????

I have been reading “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

This book looks at people in all walks of life…business, sports, relationships, parents, teachers, coaches, etc.  Are people in each of these walks of life of the growth mindset, the fixed mindset, or both?  I am going to address the differences between growth and fixed mindsets as they relate to sports…

Growth mindset = Great Athletes

Athletes with the growth mindset…

  • “Focus on self-development, self-motivation and responsibility”
  • “Find success in learning and improving, not just winning.”
  • Have “character, heart and the mind of a champion.”
  • Look at setbacks as a way to motivate them to work harder and become better athletes.
  • Are “not constantly trying to prove they are better than others.  Instead, they are constantly trying to improve.”
  • “Look directly at their mistakes, use feedback and alter their strategies accordingly to improve.”
  • “Maintain a healthy sense of confidence.”
  • “Dig deep, face challenges and keep growing.”
  • Believe their “skills can grow with experience and effort.”
  • Ask questions like, “What can I learn from this?  How can I improve?”

Fixed mindset = Star Athletes

Athletes with the fixed mindset…

  • Have “natural” ability and allow their ego to drive their behaviors.
  • Believe they “have to be somebody or they’ll be a nobody.”
  • Allow setbacks to define them.
  • Believe “some people are superior and some people are inferior.”
  • Have a “gargantuan personal ego.
  • “Want to be the only big fish so that when they compare themselves to those around them, they can feel a cut above the rest.”
  • “Refuse to look at their deficiencies” and only focus on what they are good at.
  • Often resort to the key weapons of “blame, excuses and the stifling of critics and rivals” for why they are not at the top.
  • Believe, “My talent defines and validates me.”
  • “Like to use their strengths…to achieve quick, dramatic results, even if…they aren’t developing the new skills they will need later on.”
  • Have a “smug and elitist attitude.”
  • Believe “you either have it or you don’t.”
  • Are “judgmental.”  They constantly judge and critique where they are in their sport often comparing themselves to others, but don’t try to make changes or improvements.

We are human beings…we are not solely of the fixed mindset or the growth mindset.  There are areas of our lives where we tend to think with the fixed mindset and other areas of our lives where we tend to think with the growth mindset.


Are there sports you always assumed you were bad at?  Is there a sport that came easily to you until you hit a wall?  Where do you incorporate growth mindset into your sport?  How can you incorporate more growth mindset beliefs and behaviors into your sport?