33 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

This was a recovery week, so I didn’t do much in terms of workouts, but I did get to spend some quality time with my mother, my sister and my twin nieces. With all of the down time I had this last week, I am ready to ROCK this coming week (and my last week of school before winter break).


AM: 1 hour strength training


Rest day


AM: 90 min trainer ride…this was My #FaveWorkout…1-2-3-2-1 Ladder


PM: 1 hour hot yoga class


TRX for 45 minutes…this workout focused on full body


Rest day (traveling to visit my family)


Rest day


Rest day (unintentionally since I was traveling home)

Weekly Totals:

Swim = 0 hours and 0 miles

Bike = 90 minutes and 21.6 miles

Run = 27:15 for 3 miles

Strength Training = 1:45:00

Hot Yoga = 2 hours

How was your week of training?

34 Weeks ’til #IMBoulder

With 34 weeks to Ironman Boulder, this week wasn’t so successful in the category of working out. I had a cold most of the week and breathing was a bit of a challenge the first few days of the week, but I am starting to feel a bit better. I hope to be back in full workout mode this week.


Scheduled: 1 hour of strength training

What happened: 1 hour massage…I have really TIGHT calves that are causing problems with my plantar fascia. While I don’t have plantar fasciitis yet, there are signs that I could have it if I don’t get these calves loosened up.



Scheduled: 1 hour swim and 50 minute run

What happened: No exercise…I slept almost 11 hours


Scheduled: 1 hour trainer ride and 1 hour hot yoga

What happened: 1 hour hot yoga…this was fun to see lots of friends at class, but I struggled to breathe

New swim suits came in the mail...now if I could just breathe so I can go use them
New swim suits came in the mail…now if I could just breathe so I can go use them
New swim toy arrived...ankle strap. I can't wait to try this out :)
New swim toy arrived…ankle strap. I can’t wait to try this out 🙂


Scheduled: 1 hour run and 45 min TRX class

What happened: 45 min TRX class…this turned out to be my #FaveWorkout for the week.


Scheduled: 55 minute swim

What happened: No exercise


Scheduled: 90 minute run and 1 hour strength training

What happened: 9.3 mile run (1:26:00) and 1 hour of strength training

Allen and I successfully finished our run.
Allen and I successfully finished our run.
Just a little plank holding for some core work...
Just a little plank holding for some core work…


Scheduled: 2 hour trainer ride and 90 minutes of hot yoga

What happened: 2 hour trainer ride for ~25 miles (my sensors weren’t working, so this is an estimate)

Ready to sweat!!


Weekly Totals:

Swim = 0 hours and 0 miles

Bike = 2 hours and 25 miles

Run = 1:26:00 for 9.3 miles

Strength Training = 1:45:00

Hot Yoga = 1 hour

How was your week of training?

The Journey

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 6.34.37 PM

We are all writing our own book…the journey of life is different for each and everyone of us. I have many chapters in my book…races, work, family, friends, etc. Lately I feel as though my work chapter is overwhelming and uncomfortable. My family chapter has caused some frustrations lately (NOT with the Iron Hippie…) and I love my friends, but today I chose to focus on my race chapter (lucky for me it also incorporated friends). Each race is a new chapter and each workout is a page in that chapter. I have been fighting a head cold, which has made it a bit difficult to breathe while working out lately, so Monday and Tuesday I chose to leave my workout pages blank. Today, I turned the page. I wrote a page in this chapter by attending hot yoga tonight.and.it.was.AWESOME!! Spending time with friends while getting sweaty was a bonus 😉

What do you put on each of your pages? What do your chapters look like? What does your book reveal about you?

35 Weeks to Ironman Boulder

Last week was very successful despite coming down with the common cold on Monday (which lasted all week) and having Thanksgiving celebrations later in the week.


45 minutes of TRX…this was mostly a core workout since I came down with the common cold, but it was still a great workout despite how I felt.


50 minute run…It was a BEAUTIFUL winter day for a run, so we ran up to the golf course and ran from hole 1-9 before hopping on the trails by our house. It was fun to do something different for a run 🙂

A nice an easy run...I struggled with breathing a bit due to my common cold.
A nice an easy run…I struggled with breathing a bit due to my common cold.


AM: 1:15 Trainer Ride with single-leg drills…this was a great way to start the short school day (1 pm dismissal).

PM: 50 min – 2400 yard swim…this was good, but the breathing was a bit of a challenge. I felt good and timed my 500 to see where I was (while not pushing the pace)…I was pleasantly surprised.


It snowed ALL.DAY.LONG. I shoveled snow when I got home from work/my swim and an anonymous person put a smile on my face because of some fun left in our driveway 🙂


I finished out my evening by going to hot yoga. It felt so good to reconnect with my yoga mat!!



Thankfully we have a 24/7 key card for the gym since it was closed on Thanksgiving day. When we woke up at 5 am to go run, it was COLD! We waited until 6:30 am and then went to the gym because of these windchill temperatures:

Ames windchill temperatures at 6:30 am...-14F...Brrrr
Ames windchill temperatures at 6:30 am…-14F…Brrrr

Thanks to Coeur Sports and Osmo Nutrition for all of your amazing support on this run and all of my training and racing in 2014!!


After my 45 min easy run on the treadmill, I did a 1 hour strength training session.

We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying lots of food and fun with family:

Lots of food to replace those burned calories…YUMMY!!


Love my Sole Sista!!
Fun in the kitchen 😉
The Iron Hippie saying his prayers that Jenga doesn’t topple over on him 😉


AM 50 min swim – 2100 yards with lots of drills and easy swimming 🙂



AM 80 min run with LOTS of hills…what goes up, must come down 😉 This was a challenging run as most of it was on snow covered roads and trails and my feet slipped a BUNCH!! I need to get the sheet metal screws that Kristen mentioned into one of my pairs of running shoes so that I don’t have to worry about the snow throughout the winter (yes…I rotate between 4 pairs of running shoes and one could keep the screws in for the winter).


I followed up the run with 1 hour of strength training and core work…it felt GREAT!!



AM: 2 hour trainer ride Aerobic Over and Unders


PM: BONUS WORKOUT = 90 minutes of Hot Yoga


Weekly Totals:

Swim: 1:40:00 for 2.56 miles

Bike: 3:15:00 for 44.9 miles

Run: 2:55:00 for 18.5 miles

Strength Training: 2:45:00

Hot Yoga: 2:30:00

How was your training week? How was your Thanksgiving?

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

When I think about being injured and currently not in my normal training regimen, I realize I have to keep it all in perspective and be thankful for what I can do.  I don’t think twice about having 16 hours of exercise in a week, but to some, that is ridiculous.

embrace a new perspective

Sure, I’m annoyed that I can’t run, but I can still go out and cycle 50-100 miles.  I know…ridiculous.  I can go swim 2 continuous miles with my face in the water.  I know…ridiculous.  I can go snow shoeing for a few hours (if there were snow on the ground right now) with the Iron Hippie and our dogs.  I know…ridiculous.  I can go kayaking all day.  I know…ridiculous.  I can go to a 90 minute hot yoga class and sweat buckets.  I know…ridiculous.

The Iron Hippie and I had a good conversation last night as we did a 1 hour “urban tour” bike ride.  Most people would consider riding their bicycle for an hour to be a “workout.”  In our household, however, we consider the “urban tour” to be socialization and pure enjoyment.  There is no part of it that we consider a “workout.”  We are not breaking a sweat.  We are not even riding hard enough for our heart rates to escalate.

The funny ironic part is that when you truly enjoy something, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous!!  I always say, “When you hang out with the crazies, you don’t seem so crazy.”  All of these “crazy” feats and hours of training have become the norm in our household.

What do you consider “normal” exercise routines/workouts?  Do you ever have to be reminded to keep your workout routine in perspective?

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

I recently decided to take the 100 happy days challenge and started documenting what makes me happy each day through pictures.  Looking back over the last month to see what I deem to be “happy” caused me to notice some themes…

  1. Exercise…no surprise there   IMG_3320
  2. Puppy Love…our girls know how to put a smile on my face   IMG_3321
  3. Food…goes hand-in-hand with exercise in my book   IMG_3323
  4. Nature…getting outside after a rather brutal winter has been wonderful                         IMG_3322
  5. The Iron Hippie…yes he does know how to put a smile on my face from time to time 🙂  Most of our time together is spent working out during IRONMAN training…we often times refer to these workouts as dates 😉IMG_3326

What makes you happy?  Are you taking the 100 happy days challenge?  If so, what themes have you noticed?

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 3.21.15 PM


Week 17: 14 hours & 34 minutes

Swim:  4800 yards

Bike:  35.7 miles

Run:  18.3 miles

Brick:  50.6 miles

Strength Training:  2 hours & 15 minutes

Hot Yoga: 2 hours & 30 minutes

I missed my first scheduled workout (a run) since December 30, 2013 this week.  I figure if I only miss one scheduled workout every 4 months, that is a pretty good streak 😉

Spring Cleaning

I’ve recently decided to do some “spring cleaning” to improve the quality of my life.  Some areas of focus:

  • Facebook…I’ve decided to take some time and go through my contacts and “unfriend” those individuals who (in my opinion) are negative, disrespectful and unappreciative of others.  I want my world to be a happy place and when I see others sharing negativity, it often brings down my mood and I don’t like how it makes me feel.
  • The closets…They are full of clothes that I don’t wear.  It is definitely time to purge some of those items I haven’t worn in the last year.                                IMG_3316 IMG_3317
  • Blogs I follow…66 to be exact.  While you all write about amazing topics and hold a special place in my heart, I am going to have to cut back a little bit over the next few weeks and be more selective on the posts that I choose to read.  Saturday morning I spent almost 4 hours catching up on blog posts and another 2 hours Sunday morning. Being a teacher, I can devote more time during the summer months reading each of your posts.

Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 10.12.25 AM

  • The house…I know our house has been neglected lately.  With more demands placed on me during the last few weeks of school and an increase in my training hours, the house needs to be deep cleaned, but this may have to wait just a few more weeks until I am officially on summer vacation.


April Training Totals:

Swim: 12.84 miles

Bike: 139.23 miles

Run: 98.73 miles

Brick: 187.11 miles

Strength Training: 8 hours & 30 minutes

Hot Yoga: 5 hours

Total Hours: 60 hours & 35 minutes