Control What You Can Control

This is my mantra for life…

I remind myself or the Iron Hippie (my husband) of this daily, but the Indianapolis Marathon on Saturday was a true test of this mantra.  Nervous people and a cool, rainy race morning made the for perfect storm…irritable athletes.  “Control what you can control and the rest will take care of itself”…I not only reminded myself of this on race morning, but also those around me.

Things that are in my control:

  1. My attitude
  2. How I respond to any situation
  3. My nutrition
  4. My apparel (on a cold, wet morning, this is something I want to be sure to control)
  5. My pacing
  6. My smile

Things that are out of my control:

  1. The weather
  2. Other people
  3. The course

Control what you can

What’s Your Mantra????

With USA Triathlon Olympic Distance National Championships only a few days away, it got me thinking about mantras.  I have a few phrases that run through my mind during the different disciplines of a triathlon while I’m racing…

swim strong, cycle fast, run to win

While swimming:  “Just keep swimming” and “Breathe, focus, swim straight”

While biking:  “I am focused, I am relaxed” and “I am strong, I am tough”

While running:  “Think strong, be strong, finish strong” and “I am tougher than the rest” I also play the song “Another one bites the dust” in my head as I pass people on the run and I always remember Chrissie Wellington’s mantra… “Smile”

So…what’s your mantra?????

Running in Solitude

This begins one of my favorite times of the year…Coaching Team 12.4 runners…the spring weather is an added bonus!!  Almost every Saturday, I show up early and run on my own as a warm-up before running the scheduled distance for the Team 12.4 runners.  This last Saturday morning, Team 12.4 met at Lloyd Kurtz Park for their first 4 mile run.  During my warm-up, I decided to run from Lloyd Kurtz Park to Ada Hayden, run the figure 8 through the park and run back to the park.  This gave me about 5 miles prior to meeting up with the rest of the group.  During this portion of my run, I was in my own head and really able to focus on the purpose of this run.  Despite the light drizzle and the 40 degree temperatures, this was sure to be an amazing run!!

Mental training became a key focus during the first 5 miles of my run.  Affirmations…I can/will handle any obstacle that comes my way…I eat hills for breakfast…I am strong…I am tough…I experience great joy when I run…I am at peace when I run.  Mantra…Think strong, be strong, finish strong.  Visualization…I see myself focused on my goal while running…I see myself finishing pain free, strong, and confident.  This got me thinking about “Pride” from the movie Cool Runnings:

While running in solitude, I reconnected with nature and encountered lots of wildlife…red-winged black birds, robins, deer (right on the path and they didn’t move when I ran past them), geese, mallards, trout (there was a man fishing under the bridge I ran over who caught one just as I was passing overhead), a stray cat, squirrels, rabbits…so peaceful…

Run aloneWhat will I encounter tomorrow morning while running in solitude???  Nature…peace…focus…time for mental training…the possibilities are endless!!