My #FaveWorkout – Week 17

This week my #FaveWorkout was more a day of workouts…

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it doing what I love…working out 🙂

I started my day with 45 minutes of easy #runlove at 4:30 am with the Iron Hippie and Basil. It was perfect outside (low 40s F) and no one was out and about yet 🙂 After the run, the Iron Hippie made me a “birthday smoothie” to replace my birthday cake for the day…I think it had enough calories in it for the entire day…


Chocolate almond milk, 1/2 a bag of mint Oreo cookies, a heaping scoop of peanut butter and two scoops of Osmo Recovery...#toomanycalories
Chocolate almond milk, 1/2 a bag of mint Oreo cookies, a heaping scoop of peanut butter and two scoops of Osmo Recovery…#toomanycalories

After work, we took to the trainers for some #bikelove #intervals. Thankfully it was 74F outside and we rode in the driveway on our trainers. I broke out my new Coeur Sports tri kit…it is time to reach for the stars and #dreambig!!  “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~Les Brown


I love that my friends understand me and want to workout while celebrating my birthday at the same time 🙂







It wasn’t all fun and celebrations. We did get down to work with this 30 second #interval workout:

20 minute warm-up including 3×45 sec single leg drills
3x(7:00 of 30 sec sprint/30 sec recovery) w/ 5 min easy spin between sets
9 minute cool down

After the #bikelove, I taught TRX…lots of core work to give the legs a bit of a break in preparation for today’s long run after work.


What was your favorite workout this week?


21 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder


What a great week!! While I don’t like losing an hour of my day this time of year, I do like having more daylight hours in the evening…a sign that spring really is just around the corner!!


AM: 1 hour strength training session…

PM: Trainer Ride…3×9 minute Over/Under Intervals…This was my #FaveWorkout this week!



I was suppose to get up early and swim, BUT…that didn’t happen, SO…

After work, I got some #swimlove and #runlove back to back…I’m so ready to start exercising outdoors in warmer weather!!

Notice the Iron Hippie in the background 😉
Giving my Coeur kit and new Newtons some #runlove
Giving my Coeur kit and new Newtons some #runlove


AM: Zone 2 #bikelove


PM: Make-up Parent Teacher Conferences from last week…we got more snow tonight too 😦


One more cold day before nice weather is suppose to bless us…


I followed this up with an amazing recovery smoothie…Osmo Nutrition and Pure Clean Beet Powder are the perfect addition to any smoothie!!


PM: #bikelove #intervals followed up by TRX class…this is quickly becoming one of my favorite workout combinations!!



A swim was on the schedule for after work today, BUT…it was 52F and sunny outside. Since I’ve been cooped up most of the winter, I decided it was time to lace up the running shoes and do Saturday morning’s run on Friday afternoon. I can swim tomorrow. Fresh air, sunshine, warmer temperatures, friends, what more could a girl ask for?!?!?! Basil also needed some exercise…we were both so happy to get back outside!!

13 miles in shorts!!



I slept in Saturday morning and decided to swim Saturday afternoon. I had the whole pool to myself after family swim time was over. I followed this up with some core work…everyday I notice I get a bit stronger in this department 😉 #progress


Sole Sista Time after my workouts…

We aren’t always sweaty…we do know how to dress up 🙂


1st brick of 2015 is in the books!! 3 hour ride and 20 minute run…BAM!! It felt AWESOME 🙂 I love running off the bike when my legs are all warmed up!! The best part…I could have run harder 🙂


Weekly Totals:

Swim: 4500 yards

Bike: 82.5 miles

Run: 25.6 miles

Strength Training: 2:10:00

Total Duration: 13:41:00

Only one more week to get through and then it is spring break week. As a teacher, this is my 2nd favorite part of the year…it takes runner up to summer vacation 😉 I am definitely looking forward to a week off and time to regroup before the last big push to the finish line of the school year. I don’t have any big plans, but working out, relaxing and spending time with friends will be my top priorities 🙂

How was your week? Are you going to get to enjoy “spring break” sometime soon? If so, do you have big plans?

Random Training Thoughts

Kristen over at Glitter and Dust posted about her random training thoughts and she asked me to share mine, so here are a variety of my random training thoughts over the last few weeks.

  1. While biking…Why does my Garmin keep quitting on me? SERIOUSLY…How many times will I have to restart my Garmin to collect data during this 2 1/2 hour ride? Apparently…10 times…UGH!! I think it might be time for a new Garmin.
  2. While swimming…I’m wearing goggles, so why do I close my eyes when someone splashes water in my face?
  3. While biking…I LOVE the seamless chamois in my Coeur Sports tri shorts!! #noangrykitty 🙂  IMG_1652
  4. While getting ART (active release therapy) done on my leg…When do I get to inflict this kind of pain on Dr. Chris?
  5. While running…Why is Basil always so happy to go run? It is so much fun to watch the joy Basil has while running. I wonder what she thinks about while we run…   IMG_1369
  6. While biking…Mojo, why do we have such a perfect chemistry? I love this bike!!!
  7. While running…How many more hills are we going to climb today? Here comes another one…That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  8. While biking…Why do my sensor (power and cadence) batteries have to die during the middle of a workout? Why can’t they wait until the end of the workout to go kaput?
  9. While swimming (with only a strap around my feet…no pull buoy)…I am SO thankful I am not paraplegic. Keeping my legs afloat is very challenging!!
  10. While running…Thank you Osmo Nutrition for keeping me hydrated!! That was a VERY sweaty run!! #womenarenotsmallmen   IMG_1508
  11. While getting a massage…OOUUCH!! My muscles are SO tight!!  IMG_4210
  12. After a massage…FINALLY…I can relax 🙂
  13. While biking…Why do zone 2 rides have to be so boring? I love intervals…give me speed work…I want hills…give me variety!!
  14. While on the trainer during a HARD #interval set…I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bicycle :)
  15. While swimming…My legs are VERY tired today…please don’t drown, please don’t drown.

What random thoughts do you have while training?

25 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

This week started off a little out of sorts thanks to Mother Nature’s bad attitude. Sunday, February 1 we ended up with about 14 inches of wet, heavy snow, so we took an extra day at my parents instead of driving back home in the storm and mayhem. So here is how my week unfolded…


We got up and swam at the Bedell Family YMCA and did a strength training session before loading up the car and heading home. My 7×200 swim at the YMCA was my #FaveWorkout this week. Thankfully the trip home was uneventful and didn’t take much longer than normal. We arrived home to 14 inches of snow that needed to be shoveled out of our driveway so we could get to the house and unload. That once wet, heavy snow had refroze to solid, heavy, uncooperative snow to shovel…UGH!! Thankfully our neighbor came over with his 4-wheeler that has a blade on the front and helped us, so it didn’t take as long as it might have otherwise. I also had a package on the front steps…Can you say Coeur Sports Team Kits?!?!?!? LOVE!! After unloading, we hit the trainer for a short speed workout and Basil decided to take a nap while we rode 🙂

IMG_1552 IMG_1549 IMG_1554 IMG_1557


The day started with a 70 minute endurance run on the treadmill…the roads were not conducive for outdoor running.


After work, I took to the pool for a rather challenging, but fun swim workout…Power Swim



The morning ride was 90 minutes in Zone 2. I love riding my bike, but I love it even more when intervals are involved…unfortunately that was not the case this morning and this ride required lots of #heartandcourage to finish.


After work, we had dinner with friends…so much fun!!


Can you say BRR?!?!?! It was a rather chilly start to the day, but that didn’t stop me from completing my 50 minute treadmill run. The workout was 4×4 minutes FAST, with 4 minutes of recovery between. I ran the fast sets at a 7:30 pace…that is one way to warm up!!

IMG_1579 IMG_1582

After work I met a new personal training client who is a marathon runner looking for more functional strength training. I followed this up with our TRX class…this week was a great workout and gave me great ideas for next week’s class!!



Rest Day…I had a much needed massage…OUCH!! There was nothing relaxing about this massage. My feet and legs are so tight that we scheduled another one for next week…UGH…tightness GO AWAY!!!


I also decided this is my mantra for this training/racing season…



I started out the morning with 30 minutes of core work and followed it up with an 11 mile run with The Iron Hippie and Basil. We ran LOTS of HILLS on snow covered gravel roads…it felt like running through sand and was quite challenging.

Nothing spectacular, but definitely worked hard with this one…

After the run, we cleaned up and headed to lunch with a friend who relocated to Virginia, so we don’t get to see her nearly often enough…I’m seriously thinking of holding her hostage until her husband gives in and moves back 😉



The day started with a 2 1/2 hour ride alternating between zone 2 and zone 3. My Garmin 310XT quit detecting my power, cadence, heart rate, speed, etc. 10 times during this ride. I would turn off my Garmin and power it back up and it would work just fine…for about 10-15 minutes before doing it again. Has anyone else had this problem? I spent almost an hour on the phone with Garmin about 2 weeks ago regarding a separate issue and can’t decide if I should call them back or just upgrade to the 910…sometimes technology is FRUSTRATING!!!!!


After the ride I fueled up with my Osmo Recovery with chocolate Almond Milk and some brunch before laying my head on my pillow for an afternoon nap. I rounded off my week with hot yoga at 4 pm and a tasty salad for dinner…

IMG_1620 IMG_1621

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 4000 yards

Bike: 63.1 miles

Run: 23.9 miles

Strength Training: 2:15 (not including my daily planking)

Hot Yoga: 1:30

Total Time: 14:06

How was your week?

My 2014 Year in Review


Attending an ISU basketball game with the Iron Hippie
Lots of basement riding during the Polar Vortex
Lots of hot yoga to keep me warm during the Polar Vortex


More basement riding
Finding an amazing new nutrition plan that would keep me hydrated all year long.
VO2 Max Test…OUCH!!


Lots of #swimlove focusing on bilateral breathing
Running with my girl, Basil, on a warm March day with snow on the ground.
Able to ride outside briefly before the Polar Vortex reappeared.
Lots of hot yoga to keep me warm on those cold winter days.
LOVING my Coeur Sports tri kit!! #heartandcourage


#runlove with my favorite girl, Basil
#bikelove with my main squeeze
Training with heart (Coeur) and hydrating with the best (Osmo Nutrition)
Playing with a 6 year old on the trampoline…#feelinglikeakidagain



#bikelove with the Iron Hippie
Our CSA started providing AMAZING produce
First #centuryride and #bikelove
First outdoor swim = #swimlove
First outdoor swim = #swimlove



Outdoor #swimlove
#bikelove with my main squeeze
Outdoor yoga in the park
First #bikelove time trial…OUCH!
#swimlove in the 50 meter pool
New #friendships with @CoeurSports girl, Kathy
#IMWI #bikelove training
Line running at the ISU track for injury prevention
Rehabilitation strength training


Volunteering at a July 4th 5K run.
#centuryride #bikelove on July 5
More acupuncture treatments
Lots of line running at the ISU track
The color run with the family
TRUE #heartandcourage racing!!
Anniversary with the Iron Hippie and #bikelove
Okoboji Triathlon…first race of the season for me
@CoeurSports girl time with Kathy 🙂
#IMWI #bikelove
#IMWI #runlove


#swimlove and #IMWImotivation at the 50 meter pool
#heartandcourage brick workout
Running with my #solesister
Painting wine bottles with friends
Who’s ready for some 3.5 mile open water #swimlove
3.5 mile open water #swimlove complete!!
Snow cones with my twin nieces
#runlove with friends



Who’s ready to race?!?!? #IMWI
Racing with TRJ at #IMWI
swim entry
Who’s ready for an Ironman?!?!?! #IMWI
swim exit
#swimlove and a 9 minute PR…whoop whoop!! #IMWI


#bikelove at #IMWI
#bikelove at #IMWI



#runlove at #IMWI
#IMWI finish in 15:15:56
#IMWI finishers
#IMWI finishers
#runlove at Ledge’s State Park


5K #runlove with #heartandcourage
Basil is full of #runlove at our 5K
1st in my age group at the 5K…#runlove
#bikelove with friends
#bikelove with my main squeeze and the open prairie
Hiking with our girls and my main squeeze
Early morning #runlove with my main squeeze
Lots of TRX
Reconnecting with #swimlove and #IronmanMotivation


Outdoor #runlove
#runlove with my favorite girl!!
5K #runlove for some chocolate 😉
Playing in the little snow we’ve had this winter
#runlove with #heartandcourage…#womenarenotsmallmen
#solesister love
The Iron Hippie praying while playing Jenga


Reconnecting with my mat
#runlove with friends
I was accepted to be a part of the Coeur Sports Ambassador Team for 2015 #heartandcourage
Reconnecting with Mojo and the trainer
Planning for 2015 with the #believetrainingjournal


The Best of 2014

After posting the Best of 2013 last year, I decided it would be fun to look back through 2014 and reminisce my faves 🙂 The idea came from Abby over at Change of Pace who links up with Miss Zippy. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you definitely should!!

Best race experience?

Ironman Wisconsin was definitely my best race experience of 2014.  I overcame obstacles, set a swim PR with a time of 1:21:52, an Ironman run PR with a time of 5:15:32, and an overall Ironman race PR with a time of 15:15:56.  I met my race goals and had a near perfect day, while having a lot of fun!!

Feeling good as I run down the finish shoot.  Photo courtesy of Finisherpix.
Feeling good as I run down the finish shoot. Photo courtesy of Finisherpix.

Best run?

I have ran on the trails near our house many times over the years, but I had never run a trail race until this year.  One month after Ironman Wisconsin, the Iron Hippie and I ran a 10 mile trail race in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  We had a blast!!  I love running in the woods where you have to keep your focus or this will happen…

It wouldn't be a trail race if someone didn't eat dirt ;)
It wouldn’t be a trail race if someone didn’t eat dirt 😉

Best bike?

The best bike of the year was post Ironman Wisconsin.  The Iron Hippie and I decided to go ride at McFarland Park through the prairie and wooded areas.  While we weren’t racing or completing a hard training ride, it was fun to ride our cross bikes on different terrain than we are use to.  Being out in the fresh air surrounded by nature without many people around while on our bikes was AWESOME!!


Best swim?

The best swim of the year was definitely the Okoboji 3.5 mile point to point swim.  I immediately set a PR simply by finishing this distance, but it was also a lot of fun to have Dad in a kayak next to me while I swam.  I finished the 3.5 miles in a time of 1:49:33 🙂

Photo courtesy of L. Bierbaum...Allen and Dad were our support crew.
Photo courtesy of L. Bierbaum…Allen and Dad were our support crew.
Photo courtesy of L. Bierbaum:  The Iron Hippie and I successfully finished our 3.5 mile swim "race"
Photo courtesy of L. Bierbaum: The Iron Hippie and I successfully finished our 3.5 mile swim “race”

Best brick workout?

The best brick workout of the year was our last big brick workout on August 16th.  We rode 112 miles in just under 7 hours and then ran 9 miles at a 10 min/mile pace (which was our goal pace for race day).  It was a near perfect workout and it gave me the confidence that would guide me to a successful race at Ironman Wisconsin.


Best group workout?

The best group workout was our second 100 mile bike ride on July 6.  Since it was a holiday weekend, we decided to take advantage of the extra vacation day and get outside to ride.  It was fun to have a few additional friends join us for a long day!!



Best new piece of gear?

This is SUPER easy…my new Coeur Sports tri kits!!  L.O.V.E. LOVE my Coeur tri kits…no chafing, seamless chamois, perfect fit, fun colors, #stylishspeed…simply AMAZING!!  I love them so much, that I have 4 of them…shh, don’t tell the Iron Hippie 😉  I love what Coeur Sports stands for and represents…#heartandcourage.  ALL women who SBR (swim, bike, run) and/or do triathlon should wear Coeur Sports apparel…it is da BOMB!!

IMG_3906 IMG_3918

Approaching the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin 2014.  Photo courtesy of Finisherpix.
Approaching the finish line of Ironman Wisconsin 2014. Photo courtesy of Finisherpix.

Best hydration find?

This is another SUPER easy one…Osmo Nutrition!!  Because “Women are Not Small Men” there is a product line specifically for women.  Osmo Nutrition kept me properly hydrated during my hundreds of hours of training and racing this year.  I experienced one of the worst nutrition failures at Ironman Wisconsin 2011 and I am pleased to say that Osmo Nutrition worked perfectly for me and hydration failure was not an option at Ironman Wisconsin 2014!!


Best piece of racing advice you received?

“Just one more” ~Tim Jenks

This quote was with me during many training workouts and on race day as I had to do just one more loop on the bike, or climb Observatory hill just one more time. He will be missed, but never forgotten!

Most inspirational athlete?

She is not known around the world, but this year a former student quickly became the most inspirational athlete to me.  Olivia was with her twin brother on a bicycle training ride when he tragically lost his life in June because he was struck by a vehicle.  Olivia had the heart and courage to race a few short weeks later in the Junior Elite Triathlon they were training for.  She was first out of the water and finished 9th overall (out of 75 participants) qualifying her for the National competition.  I am so proud of her!!

OJ finishing strong!!
Timothy Jenks was remembered at the Junior Elite Triathlon he was training for. He was given race #1 and his transition area was set up with his running shoes.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Epic, Fun, Inspirational

Tell me about your 2014 year!!

35 Weeks to Ironman Boulder

Last week was very successful despite coming down with the common cold on Monday (which lasted all week) and having Thanksgiving celebrations later in the week.


45 minutes of TRX…this was mostly a core workout since I came down with the common cold, but it was still a great workout despite how I felt.


50 minute run…It was a BEAUTIFUL winter day for a run, so we ran up to the golf course and ran from hole 1-9 before hopping on the trails by our house. It was fun to do something different for a run 🙂

A nice an easy run...I struggled with breathing a bit due to my common cold.
A nice an easy run…I struggled with breathing a bit due to my common cold.


AM: 1:15 Trainer Ride with single-leg drills…this was a great way to start the short school day (1 pm dismissal).

PM: 50 min – 2400 yard swim…this was good, but the breathing was a bit of a challenge. I felt good and timed my 500 to see where I was (while not pushing the pace)…I was pleasantly surprised.


It snowed ALL.DAY.LONG. I shoveled snow when I got home from work/my swim and an anonymous person put a smile on my face because of some fun left in our driveway 🙂


I finished out my evening by going to hot yoga. It felt so good to reconnect with my yoga mat!!



Thankfully we have a 24/7 key card for the gym since it was closed on Thanksgiving day. When we woke up at 5 am to go run, it was COLD! We waited until 6:30 am and then went to the gym because of these windchill temperatures:

Ames windchill temperatures at 6:30 am...-14F...Brrrr
Ames windchill temperatures at 6:30 am…-14F…Brrrr

Thanks to Coeur Sports and Osmo Nutrition for all of your amazing support on this run and all of my training and racing in 2014!!


After my 45 min easy run on the treadmill, I did a 1 hour strength training session.

We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying lots of food and fun with family:

Lots of food to replace those burned calories…YUMMY!!


Love my Sole Sista!!
Fun in the kitchen 😉
The Iron Hippie saying his prayers that Jenga doesn’t topple over on him 😉


AM 50 min swim – 2100 yards with lots of drills and easy swimming 🙂



AM 80 min run with LOTS of hills…what goes up, must come down 😉 This was a challenging run as most of it was on snow covered roads and trails and my feet slipped a BUNCH!! I need to get the sheet metal screws that Kristen mentioned into one of my pairs of running shoes so that I don’t have to worry about the snow throughout the winter (yes…I rotate between 4 pairs of running shoes and one could keep the screws in for the winter).


I followed up the run with 1 hour of strength training and core work…it felt GREAT!!



AM: 2 hour trainer ride Aerobic Over and Unders


PM: BONUS WORKOUT = 90 minutes of Hot Yoga


Weekly Totals:

Swim: 1:40:00 for 2.56 miles

Bike: 3:15:00 for 44.9 miles

Run: 2:55:00 for 18.5 miles

Strength Training: 2:45:00

Hot Yoga: 2:30:00

How was your training week? How was your Thanksgiving?