3 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

With only 3 weeks until Ironman Boulder, we have successfully made it to Colorado. We are starting this trication with our first stop in Red Feather Lakes, CO. I’ll have a post on this part of our trip later this week, but here is a sneak peak at where we are staying…


Last week did not include as many workouts as I would have liked (and probably needed if you ask the Iron Hippie). Preparing for our trication (which will be almost 4 weeks in duration) was very stressful for me…I had to pack all of my race gear for Ironman Boulder, I had to pack clothes, cosmetics and other supplies for our vacation, I had to make sure our house was clean and organized for our house sitter (I’m definitely type A), I had to make sure the dog supplies were well stocked for our house sitter, I had to mow the lawn and make sure the gas can was refilled and I had to work a few extra hours training clients and teaching fitness classes this week. I was so busy that my workouts were put on the back burner and often times passed up, even though that is what my body craved.

Swim: Nothing, Nada, Zilch

I was bummed by this when I woke up both Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning to swim at the outdoor pool and the air temperature was only 54F. Brrr!! So…I opted to crawl back under the covers and sleep instead.


I did manage to get one bike ride in on Wednesday evening to make sure Mojo was happy and working properly before leaving my AWESOME bike mechanic back in Iowa to head out west. Mojo was very happy and I was happy to be on my bike and not dealing with the stresses of our trip. I wasn’t super pleased with all of the cyclists on the trail Not. Wearing. Helmets. Seriously people…wear a helmet. If not for you, wear one for those you love! They save lives!!


Run: Zilch, Nada, Nothing

I had intentions of running Friday before leaving for Colorado, but had so many errands to run and things to do before leaving at 5 am Saturday morning, that my run took the back seat and eventually got scratched due to lack of time 😢 Maybe I’ll get a run in at altitude soon. Altitude sickness hasn’t really affected me yet, so I’m hoping I’m in the clear. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 😉

Strength Training: 45 minutes of TRX

I taught TRX Thursday evening and made sure to make it a difficult workout knowing I’d miss it for the next month. My legs and core had some DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) on Friday and Saturday, but it was good for me 😉

Weekly Totals: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Recovery Highlight:

Final massage pre race before heading out west…this hurt a bit and I am still trying to convince our massage therapist to just pack up his massage bed and come out to Colorado to do some work on us and write off his travels as a work expense, but so far he isn’t jumping on this idea 😦


Weekly Highlights:

Wednesday, I got to turn a “fake friend” into a “real friend.” Kelli was in Iowa and I got to met up with her, her husband and two boys. It was SO AWESOME to talk in person and catch up!!


Thursday I received my order of Sound Probiotics. I ordered one bottle, so that I would have enough to get me through our trip. I am so lucky and blessed to have such an awesome product with amazing people behind it keeping me healthy!! They sent me an extra bottle to #supportimmunity and #maximizerecovery 🙂 Thank you Sound Probiotics!!


After a stressful week of packing and preparing for being gone for almost 4 weeks, we arrived in Colorado!! It has been great catching up with old friends, cooking amazing food and enjoying Mother Nature’s quiet beauty!!


How was your week? Have you done a trication? If so, where did you go? How do you deal with the stress of going on a long vacation?