2022 week 9: celebrate joy

Things feel heavy right now and many are hurting (dehumanizing trans laws, the invasion of Ukraine, deadly tornadoes in our area, mental illness, cancer, etc.), but we still need to take time to celebrate those moments that bring us joy and connection in ourselves and to others. The world needs more joy, so let’s spread more joy. 💛

Quote of the week:

“A good life is a collection of happy moments.”

~Denis Waitley

Swim highlights: 7300 yards

Sunday my brain wanted to stay in the comfort zone… ”you have put in some tough sessions the last couple of days, so you don’t really need to do your fast 100s as hard as you can. It’s ok to give yourself a break today.”

Good thing I was on to my pesky brain trying to convince me to micro quit. Instead I turned the potential for this micro quit into a micro commitment and crushed those fast 100s. My pesky brain was wrong…I didn’t need to give myself a break after all! ⚡️

I’m pushing past my growth edge. I continue to show up, catch my brain trying to keep me in the comfort zone, and decide that my comfort zone isn’t where I want to be to grow and achieve my goals. ⚡️

I am open and willing to surprise myself! ⚡️
  • Warm up:
    • 400 warm up
  • Main Set:
    • 4 sets of:
      • 400 pull
      • 100 FAST
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke

Bike highlights: 59.0 miles & 4986 feet elevation gain

I have decided to take on an Everest Challenge…the goal is to climb 29,029 feet of elevation over the month of March. So to kick off this Everest Challenge, I did an FTP Test last week so that I am working with my current fitness level.

Friday I had a 6 watt increase in my FTP (with help from my Breakthru Coeur Sports kit)! I guess it’s time to work harder now on the bike. 🤪

Run highlights: 10.7 miles

Wednesday was a beautiful day to run outside with the fam! We definitely enjoyed the springlike weather!

It definitely felt like spring in #iowa Wednesday! 💛 So grateful for family, miles, sunshine, warm temps, fresh air, and lots of joy! 💙 Oh, and don’t worry…if you have some jealousy because of our weather it changed and returned to “normal” Thursday. 🤪

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 11 hours & 23 minutes
2×30 minutes of full body strength training

Attitude of Gratitude:

Recovery is always better with a massage from Nick with Vitality Massage.
Happy 3rd birthday baby girl!
“All you need is love!”
This little girl loves her snuggles!

What were your highlights from week 9 of 2022?! What are you celebrating from last week?! What brought you joy last week?!

2022 week 8: choices

Last week seemed to fly by and just like that it is March! We are gaining a little more sunlight each day and enjoying the more springlike temps. We all have choices…sometimes thousands a day. These days, I am choosing to grow into someone bigger, bolder, and more confident + certain in who I am. I am working physically, mentally, and emotionally to elevate myself to my next level everyday. I’m so excited to share with you SOON what my big, bold, next level (and yes scary) athletic goal is for 2022! ⚡️

Quote of the week:

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.”

~Caroline Myss

Swim: 8600 yards

When it feels like you are swimming through mud, where does your mind go?

My mind stays in the present moment. I am not worried about the last interval or the next one. My only focus is the interval I’m in. My job is to lay this brick.

The result…solid, strong, consistent threshold paces. BOOM! ⚡️ Your mind is such a powerful tool. Are you using it to its full potential?!

  • Warm up:
    • 200 swim with fins + paddles
    • 200 swim
    • 200 swim with fins
  • Main Set: (focus on CSS – critical swim speed pacing)
    • 100 (20 sec rest)
    • 200 (20 sec rest)
    • 100 (20 sec rest)
    • 300 (20 sec rest)
    • 100 (20 sec rest)
    • 400 (40 sec rest)
    • 100 (20 sec rest)
    • 500 (40 sec rest)
    • 100 (20 sec rest)
    • 600 (40 sec rest)
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke
What are you doing today to elevate you tomorrow?!

Bike: 224 miles

I had a couple of big sessions on the bike last week. Wednesday I had a triple brick workout (#1 = 1 hour Z2 ride + 20 minute Z2 run, #2 = 1 hour Z2/3 ride + 20 minute Z2/3 run, and #3 = 1 hour Z3 ride + 20 minute Z3 run) where I spent 3 hours in total on the bike and Sunday I had a 4 hour “just ride” workout where my only focus was saddle time. Both were challenging in their own way.

When you train your mind, like you train your body, you take yourself to your next level! ⚡️ #LFG

Run: 25.5 miles

I am making some changes to my long run because as Henry Ford said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” I am ready to create something new and elevate myself to my next level! ⚡️#LFG

I am so grateful for the blue skies, sunshine, fresh air, warm ish winter temps, a strong body, a powerful mind, and all the joy during my long run Saturday. 💙💛

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 21 hours & 33 minutes
3×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

The triple brick workout is always a sneaky little beast, but I’m so grateful my body allows me to challenge it as I grow into my next level!
That morning glow is arriving earlier and earlier each day!
Getting my snuggles on!
Snuggles + Squeezes = perfect recovery! Thank you Normatec for helping to keep me healthy!

What were your highlights from week 8 of 2022?!

2022 week 7: batteries at full capacity

Last week started with low energy. I took some time to process why this was the case and realized I had been giving my energy out to others without taking time to recharge my own batteries. I was letting others cross over boundaries I had established and it was not serving me. Thankfully I was able to take some time for myself and recharge my batteries on Wednesday, which set me up for success the rest of the week. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, so do what sparks a light in you to keep your batteries at full capacity.

Quote of the week:

“You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”

~Alexander den Heijer

Swim: 10,000 yards

Saturday was a day of flow in the water. The water was calming, my stroke felt strong, and everything just clicked. So grateful to feel this flow state!

  • Warm up:
    • 200 swim
    • 200 drills
    • 4×50 (25 fast/25 easy) (5 sec rest between)
  • Main Set:
    • 5×100 descending (20 sec)
    • 500 pull (try to hold same pace as last 100) (20 sec)
    • 4×100 descending (20 sec)
    • 400 pull (try to hold same pace as last 100) (20 sec)
    • 3×100 descending (20 sec)
    • 300 pull (try to hold same pace as last 100) (20 sec)
    • Rest 2 minutes
    • 800 swim holding best average possible
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke
Sometimes things just flow with ease, so you let it. You don’t force anything. You just BE. ⚡️💙💛

Bike: 163 miles

How big are your bricks?

If your bricks are too large, they can be much heavier, more challenging to move, and may not fit into some spaces making it difficult to build a sturdy foundation.

I keep my bricks small. Small bricks are lighter, easier to move, and fit into many spaces allowing me to build a really solid, strong, and sturdy building.

Thursday my 20 minute intervals were too big for my brain to handle, so I made my bricks smaller. Instead of focusing on 20 minutes at a time, I focused on two minutes at a time to get through each 20 minute interval. These smaller bricks were lighter, much more manageable, and added strength, stability, and cohesion to the building I’m creating. ⚡️

Run: 32.0 miles

Mental health is SO important! You must take care of yourself first so you can be at your best for those you love. Do more of what lights a fire within you to keep your batteries at max capacity! 💙💛 #selfcare

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 20 hours & 14 minutes
3×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

THANK YOU Vanessa Faye Foerster for sharing your workbook with me! SO GRATEFUL for your knowledge and teachings!
Thank you to Nick with Vitality Massage for getting some of those knots out and keeping me healthy!
So thankful my body allows me to do what I love!
Getting my squeeze and snuggles is the BEST! Normatec
This is the life!
I apparently make a good pillow as both Basil and Jersey are both laying on me.
Working on improving my run by trying something different. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” I’m changing up my long runs by doing intervals on the bike to fatigue the legs before running. I have goals and need to improve my run strength and speed off the bike to achieve my goals!

What were your highlights from week 7 of 2022?! What sparks a light in you and keeps your batteries at full capacity?!

2022 week 6: big, bold self belief

Last week I had some BIG swims! And not just BIG volume, but BIG, BOLD self belief! I believe in my abilities without looking to the evidence, data, or results to support my belief. I have made the decision to believe in myself more than anyone else. I don’t know the how or all of the steps to achieve my big, bold, next level goal and that is ok. I don’t need to know them or have all of the answers to have my own back and believe in me and my next level!

Quote of the week:

“You don’t achieve podiums and World qualifications by waiting for results. Don’t wait! Don’t miss another second not moving in the direction of your dreams, goals, and next level”

~Vanessa Faye Foerster

Swim: 13,450 yards

Let me tell you a story about a girl who did something she’s NEVER done before.

Today my swim workout was 100s to failure. I have done this workout 4 times in the past (2/4/20, 10/6/20, 3/9/21, 9/2/21) with my best effort rewarding me with 10×100 at a sub 1:38/100 yard pace on 10/6/20. This workout always intimidates me (maybe it is the word “failure” 🤷🏻‍♀️), but today I decided ahead of time that I was going to do something I have never done before with this workout. Today I was going to stay present, focused, and committed to my effort during Every. Single. 100.

When I averaged my first 5x100s and realized I needed to swim a sub 1:35/100 yard pace for all of my 100s to failure, doubt immediately crept into my brain. 😳 “I have never done this before. There is NO WAY I am going to be able to do more than 10 of these…if I can even get to 10.”

I took some deep breaths and said, “This swim is within you. Reach for it! Lay this brick!” Instead of looking at “this brick” as the whole workout, I broke the workout into smaller, more manageable bricks. “This brick” was the 100 yard interval I was presently in. With every stroke, every breath, and every interval, I had “how’s my effort” and “lay this brick” on repeat in my head. I focused on the current 100 yard interval I was in without worrying about past or future intervals.

The result of my presence, focus, and commitment was nailing 17×100 at a sub 1:35/100 yard pace (with 20 sec rest between intervals). The icing on the cake was my 18th and 19th intervals were 1:35.1; only missing the sub 1:35 pace by 0.2 of a second. This swim was within me! ⚡️

I was stronger, faster, more focused, and more present during this swim than I ever have been for this workout before and it paid off. I didn’t let the doubt that my brain was screaming at me be a problem. I changed the narrative, didn’t look to my past results to dictate today’s performance, stepped into the uncomfortable, reached for it, laid some bricks, and pushed my limits to the next level! ⚡️

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” ~Henry Ford ⚡️
  • Warm up:
    • 300 swim
    • 200 pull
    • 100 kick
    • 100 easy
  • Main Set:
    • Swim as many 100s HARD as possible.
      • Average the first 5 x 100s and add 3 seconds to this average. This is the target pace. All 100s should be faster than this target pace. (20 seconds rest)
      • When two consecutive 100s are slower than target pace, failure has been achieved and it is time to move on to the cool down.
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 cool down

Bike: 19.5 miles

I didn’t get many miles in on the bike last week, but enjoyed the miles Mojo and I did have together! No pics to document it though…

Run: 17.1 miles

Monday I had a negative split run. I was carrying a LOT of fatigue in my legs from the week before, so I had a lot of doubt about how well I’d be able to execute this run. During that first mile, my legs felt like lead, my mind focused on the doubt, and I had thoughts about micro-quitting by cutting the run short. Thankfully I recognized these thoughts, realized they weren’t helpful, and changed them into thoughts that would better support me in this moment. I know that when I focus on the big picture it causes my mind to spiral into the doubt, negative, ‘what if” cycle that is not helpful. So by shifting my focus to the present moment, it allowed me to set the doubt aside and not let it be a problem. I reminded myself to lay this brick, to question how my effort is, and to stay present. In doing so, I was able to have a solid, strong, well executed, negative split run!

#decideaheadoftime time to be present and give your best in this moment! It will get you one brick closer to achieving your goals and dreams!

The belief you have in yourself is more important than any amount of belief others have in you. It’s natural to want others to believe in us, but we have to believe in ourselves first! Sometimes it’s difficult because we are setting out to do something we haven’t done before, but let the pesky brain know that it’s ok to be stepping into new territory. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but when you #believe in yourself to the depths of your being it is totally worth it! #laythisbrick⚡️

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 10 hours & 52 minutes
2×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

Morning 🔥 in the sky on campus!
Swim/bike/run days are seriously the BEST!
Normatec recovery + the Olympics = yes please!
All the snuggles! 🐶🥰
We finally completed our 2000 piece puzzle!
These two peas in a pod have my heart! 🐶🥰
Super grateful we are able to support Isabella at her State Swim meet! 🥰

What were your highlights from week 6 of 2022?!

2022 week 5: consistency

Ummm…how is it already February?! Last week was all about consistency. Being consistent is key to achieving our goals and dreams. I had a big week of training both physically and mentally. Don’t worry, there was lots of recovery (ummm…this girl can and does sleep), good fueling, and a some treats sprinkled in too.

Quote of the week:

“Goals cannot be achieved without consistency.”


Swim: 10,200 yards

Sunday I got to swim with my friend, Traci. I am not a fan of long continuous swimming in the pool because I get bored staring at the black line on the bottom of the pool without mixing things up. This is something I am working on more in 2022 as it builds my mental endurance.

  • Warm up:
    • 300 swim
    • 300 drills
  • Main Set:
    • 8×50 descending (30 sec rest)
    • 1000 straight swim
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke
Swimming is always better with friends!

Bike: 118 miles

I had a couple of longer rides this week to build endurance. And the best part of the longer rides…fueling with Peanut Butter Oreos!

Peanut butter Oreos are only consumed as fuel during longer workouts on the bike, soooo 3+ hours it is…and the Oreos were 🤩😋!

Run: 43.2 miles

I typically do my speed work on the treadmill, but Monday I took my speed work outside and it was SO GOOD! Doing speed work on the treadmill helps me hit target paces, BUT it is costing me confidence in my speed pacing outdoors, which is where racing happens. Doing a mix of speed work on the treadmill and outside will not only build my physical strength, but it will also build my mental endurance. I’m here for it all! ⚡️

Where are you choosing the familiar too often? What is that costing you?

Oh…and I’m grateful for the company of our baby girl, fresh air, and vitamin D today! 💙💛

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 19 hours & 6 minutes
2×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

Wigs for Kids received my hair. They are a nonprofit that gives free wigs to children with medical circumstances. Please consider donating to them.
I was on the IRONMAN 70.3 Worlds race broadcast! ⚡️
Thanks to Nick with Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy and active all these years!
Any day I GET to swim/bike/run in the same day is a GREAT day! ⚡️
YAY for breaking in the new Coeur Sports team gear on a double run day! ⚡️
Jersey is “helping” me stretch after my 2nd run of the day!
We know how to recover in our house! Snuggles, squeezes, and sleep are priorities! Thank you Normatec for keeping us active!
Our niece is Jersey’s person!
Ames Triathlon directors meeting + recovery in my Normatec boots = multitasking at its best!
Ran my first 13.1 miles of 2022. Thanks to Basil for helping me run the last ~6 miles.
Ran my first 13.1 miles of 2022. Thanks to Jersey for helping me run the last 7+ miles.
“I know when mom sits in her Normatec Recovery boots that I usually have a solid hour of snuggles.” ~Jersey
“BONUS! I got more snuggles because Dad sat in the Normatec recovery boots too!” ~Jersey

What were your highlights from week 5 of 2022?!

2022 week 4: hiccup

Last week started with a bit of a hiccup as I sprained my left wrist and thumb at work on Monday morning. I took Monday and Tuesday off of exercise to allow my wrist and thumb to heal. Thankfully with all of the icing and immobilization that I did on Monday and Tuesday it was back to 100% by Wednesday morning and I was able to resume normal workouts + routines. I could have pushed through the pain and kept up with my normal workouts and routines on Monday and Tuesday, BUT this could have made the strain worse or prolonged healing. I am learning as I get older that pushing through pain isn’t always the best for longterm success. A 2-day break didn’t cost me any fitness, but pushing through now could have cost weeks off later if I would have made it worse.

Quote of the week:

“The hiccups in life are guaranteed but you can limit the amount of time that they distract and disrupt you.”

~Ken Lauher

Swim: 3400 yards

I only got one swim in last week. Thursday I had a swim that I like to spend my complete focus on, so there were no pictures to be had. The focus paid off…I had VERY consistent pacing with my Z4 efforts.

  • Warm up:
    • 300 kick with fins (20 sec rest)
    • 300 pull (20 sec rest)
    • 300 swim (20 sec rest)
    • 4×100 descending (20 sec rest)
  • Main Set:
    • 2×800 Z4 (30 sec rest)
    • 400 Z4 (30 sec rest)
  • Cool Down:
    • 100 any

Bike: 68.2 miles

Thursday my legs were carrying a lot of fatigue going into my bike workout, which created some doubt that I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete it as planned. Good thing one of the skills I have learned is to not let doubt be a problem. Instead of focusing on the big picture of the entire workout, I stayed present and in the moment…laying the next brick! And the brick I laid Thursday gets me that much closer to achieving my big, bold, next level goal!

What is your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is my brain. Thanks to the work I’ve done with Vanessa Faye Foerster I have learned skills and tools to boost my mental endurance. #LFG ⚡️

Run: 19.5 miles

Wednesday I ran 10.8 miles on the treadmill, which is the farthest I’ve ran since IMAZ. This was a challenging run as I had an hour progression run built in the middle of it, but challenges make us stronger and get us closer to achieving our big, bold, next level goals. ⚡️

How can you do something you’ve never done before or be someone you’ve never been before if you don’t believe it’s possible?

I believe I am going to surpass limits I’ve never surpassed before. ⚡️ I believe I am going to elevate myself to the next level. ⚡️ I believe I am going to achieve my big, bold, next level goal. ⚡️

It all starts with showing up physically, mentally, and emotionally and being open to possible failure, but also being open to surprising myself. I am here for it all! ⚡️ Today I laid a brick in the process of achieving what is truly possible. Today I was open to possible failure and also the possibility of surprising myself with the challenging intervals of this treadmill run. I worked hard to be damn proud of my surprising accomplishments on this day! ⚡️

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 10 hours & 28 minutes
2×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

All the snuggles and squeezing makes the best recovery! Thank you Normatec for making recovery so enjoyable! 🥰
Supporting our niece at her swim meet!
This sunset 🥰
So grateful to be representing Coeur Sports again in 2022! If you see any of us, know that we are there to help you, hug you, give high fives, encourage you, and support you! 🥰

What were your highlights from week 4 of 2022?!

2022 week 3: reestablishing routines

Last week was all about reestablishing routines, starting back to a regular training schedule, and getting excited for what 2022 has in store for me! We are officially 20 weeks out from Ironman Des Moines. #LFG ⚡️

Quote of the week:

“Establishing and keeping a routine can be even more important than having a lot of time.”

~Austin Kleon

Swim: 12,800 yards

I finally made it back in the water after having to take a break because of Covid. It felt AH-MAZING to be back in the water! Thanks to my friend Lee for suggesting this killer workout! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

  • Warm up:
    • 200 swim
  • Main Set:
    • 16×50 every 4th hard (5 sec rest)
    • 12×50 every 3rd hard (10 sec rest)
    • 8×50 every 2nd hard (15 sec rest)
    • 4×50 all out (20 sec rest)
  • Cool Down:
    • 200 any stroke
It felt sooooooo good to get back in the chlorine after being a fish out of water for 20 days! Look out 2022…I’m coming for ya! #LFG ⚡️

Bike: 87.1 miles

Saturday morning was my longest ride since IMAZ. It felt great to be getting back to some longer stuff with Z3/4 work mixed in.

I’ve missed getting in some longer rides…head down + work! Looking forward to many more in the future!

Run: 18.8 miles

Wednesday I had 2×2 mile intervals at 1/2 marathon pace. My brain said, “you can’t hold this pace because you haven’t done this since before IRONMAN Arizona AND you aren’t fit enough right now to do it. You’ve lost all your endurance and speed in the offseason.” I could have let my pesky brain dictate my workout, but I decided ahead of time to focus on “this moment” while running. Just because I haven’t done this workout in months, doesn’t mean I can’t do it today. And what’s the worst that can happen?! I show up, give my best effort, don’t meet the goal pacing, and feel disappointed?! I’m good with feeling disappointment knowing I gave my best effort and missed the goal; I’m not good with feeling disappointment because I quit on myself by not trying and listening to my pesky brain.

Breakthroughs…⚡️I didn’t let my pesky brain dictate my workout. ⚡️I successfully achieved the goal pacing for both 2×2 mile intervals. ⚡️I focused on “this moment” during my run. ⚡️I laid another brick in the foundation of building my way to #IMDSM in June. ⚡️I added to my mental endurance bank.⚡️Just because I haven’t achieved “it” YET doesn’t mean I won’t achieve “it” in the future. #LFG⚡️

Oh…and this Breakthru design by Coeur Sports may have brought a bit of power to today’s workout. It’s da diggity! ⚡️

Snowshoe: 5.57 miles

Monday we took to the trails before it got SUPER cold (ummm hello -18 F with windchills at -33F). The girls have so much fun playing in the white stuff and it brings me so much joy to watch them play! Thankfully it warmed back up into the low to mid 20s by the weekend, so we could get back out for more #snowtherapy + fresh air!

“We’ve trained our humans to give us what we want. Monday we told them we wanted to go play in the white stuff and they listened! We are so lucky to have humans that love doing what we do! Thanks mom and dad for taking us on epic adventures so we can play!” 💙 -Basil and Jersey #snowdogs #snowshoe #snowshoeadventures

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 17 hours & 52 minutes
3×30 minutes of full body strength training
30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

What a GORGEOUS winter day to walk on campus on Tuesday! ❄️💙
I GOT to swim, bike, and run in the same day! It has been a while since this happened and I’m lovin’ it!
Excited to be an SBR Sports Inc. ambassador again in 2022. If you are looking for great products to remove the chlorine, get your wetsuit on/off easier, reduce/avoid chafing, or keep the goggles from fogging over (even the ski goggles), SBR has something for you! Use KECIAPLACEFENCL at checkout for 20% off!
Getting my Normatec squeeze on while helping with homework and snuggling. 🥰
Getting to play in the snow with our niece and the girls! 💙❄️
We play hard and rest hard! 🐶🥰

What were your highlights from week 3 of 2022?! Are you someone who thrives off of routines?!

2022 week 2: fresh

Last week I had a fresh start, got out in fresh air, and got a fresh cut. With the fresh start, came finding some structure again and it felt AMAZING! I had missed daily movement, structure, and routine. After coming out of the offseason and then recovering from Covid, I was conscious of monitoring my heart rate (both resting and during training) to make sure I didn’t see any red flags. This helped me be smart as I returned to training…allowing me to progress without setbacks.

Quote of the week:

“I’m feeling great. I’m feeling good. I feel fresh.”

~Caroline Wozniacki

Swim: 0 yards

I’ve waited 2 full weeks post positive Covid test before returning to the pool since I have to take my mask off in a public space around others…because who swims with a mask on?! So that means that last week I had no pool time, but it felt SOOOO good to submerge myself back in the water this morning!

Bike: 146 miles

Tuesday I got on the bike to test my recovery and found that my HR and breathing were back to normal. *happy dance*

When your dream feels out of reach, are you willing to show up anyway?

After having the last 7 weeks mostly off from training, I’m starting to climb my way back to IRONMAN fitness. At this moment my dream feels so far out of reach, but I’ve decided that this is not a problem. I know that if keep showing up and laying the next brick that my dream will become a reality.

So to answer my own question…HELL YEAH!⚡️#LFG

Run: 10.1 miles

Wednesday I got to run outside in 54*F temps for the longest run I’ve had post IMAZ. I was a bit uncertain of what to expect as I hadn’t run outside post Covid and had no idea how my body would respond. Uncertainty is normal. Uncertainty is not a problem. I showed up and decided ahead of time to listen to my body. If I felt healthy, I would keep running. If I felt illness anywhere (chest, throat, anywhere), I would stop running. I don’t want to set myself back as I have races to train for. I want to train for them from a place of health and wellness and not push through an illness. Thankfully, I felt healthy and was able to run for an hour. Sure I have lost speed and endurance (as I’ve had about 7 weeks of little to nothing post IMAZ), but I felt healthy and was super pumped about that!

🦠I recently had Covid
💉I am vaccinated + boosted
😷I wear a mask indoors when not with my bubble of people I’m normally around
🦠Covid is real
💉vaccines do NOT make you invincible
💉vaccines do help prevent serious illness and death if you do get Covid
🙏🏻I am thankful for science
🙏🏻I am thankful my vaccine flexed its superpowers making my symptoms minimal
🙏🏻I am grateful to feel 💯% again
🙏🏻I am grateful to be healthy enough to return back to my normal, active lifestyle so quickly
🙏🏻I am grateful for running outside in shorts in 54F temps + sunshine in January in Iowa
🙏🏻I am grateful for running my farthest distance since IMAZ today
🙏🏻I am grateful to be creating the best version of myself
💉please get vaccinated and boosted (when eligible) to protect yourself and others
😷please wear a mask indoors to protect yourself and others
⚡️I’m ready to make 2022 an amazing year

Snowshoe: 1.59 miles

Friday into Saturday we got 12 inches of snow, so we HAD to go out and play in it! So grateful winter decided to FINALLY show up so we can enjoy some snow!

Our snowshoes were calling our names, so we HAD to go play! The girls were happy to oblige, even if the 12 inches of snow was a bit deep to plow through at times. ❄️💙 #snowdogs #snowshoeadventures #snowtherapy

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 14 hours & 28 minutes
3×30 minutes of full body strength training
2×30 minutes of yoga

Attitude of Gratitude:

The 🔥 in the sky was 😍 Monday morning!
There are never enough snuggles for this little girl! 🐶🥰
So grateful to be interviewed for the Train Your Mind podcast with Vanessa Faye Foerster! 🥰 Give it a listen!
So grateful to have a public bus system to use during inclement weather!
Loving all this snow! ❄️💙
Moving snow definitely counts as a workout, but it is worth it to get to play in all this powder! ❄️💙
Look at all this fresh snow! ❄️💙
We play hard, but we also rest hard! 🐶🥰
Doesn’t everyone have help with yoga?! 🐶🥰
Every few years I get my hair cut so I can donate it to Wigs For Kids. 🥰 It is time to donate!

What were your highlights from week 2 of 2022?!

2022 week 1: brakes

2022 came in with the brakes pressed firmly against the floorboards. While it didn’t start out like I had planned, it started the way the Universe had planned. Last week I spent the week in isolation as I tested positive for Covid on Monday. I’m so grateful for the vaccine flexing its superpowers making my symptoms nearly non-existent. If Covid wasn’t a thing, I would have suspected I had laryngitis and wouldn’t have even gone to the doctor. Thank you science!

*Note: I am monitoring my resting heart rate to help me determine when to step it back up with my training.

*Also note: Tim tested negative for Covid and has zero symptoms.

Quote of the week:

“I survived Covid-19.”


Swim: 0 yards

Isolation meant no swimming last week.

Bike: 17.4 miles

I felt pretty normal most of the week, so I decided to give a super easy ride a try to see how my body responded both during and following exercise. All went well and I’ll be easing back into some structure this week.

Getting to test my body a bit.

Run: 0 miles

While I didn’t test the running last week, I did go for a couple of long walks with Tim and the girls in the woods. It was so great to get out in fresh, cold air and move! Sadly we haven’t had enough snow to snowshoe in, but the girls had a lot of fun anyway! Jersey brought us a deer leg she found. 🤣

Sooo proud of her find!

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily

Weekly Totals: 5 hours & 42 minutes
2×30 minutes of full body strength training

Attitude of Gratitude:

Lots of snuggles this week!
Even Basil snuggled with me this week. It has been a long time since she last snuggled with me.

What were your highlights from week 1 of 2022?!

2021 week 52: vacay

Last week wrapped up 2021 and gave us a peak into 2022. We spent most of the week on vacay with my family down in Austin, Texas. This was the first time we have all been together since 2018, so it was fun to all be in the same place at the same time again. We had a great time with near perfect weather! We came back on New Year’s Eve to typical winter weather in Iowa and not enough snow to play in.

Quote of the week:

“Life is an adventure best traveled together.”


Swim: 7333 yards

Last week we got to swim outside in December and it was SOOO AWESOME! The Big Stacy Pool was AMAZING and if you’re in Austin, I highly recommend it!

We got to swim outside…in December, which is something we are definitely NOT use to. Oh…we are also not use to swimming in a pool that is 33 1/3 yards long, so our 3000 yard swim quickly turned into 4000 yards. We thought we were swimming in a 25 yard pool despite the much slower paces than normal. 🤪

Bike: 0 miles

There weren’t any bike miles last week as we didn’t take our bikes with us. whomp whomp!

Run: 4 miles

We got to run in Austin with two of our nieces and it brought me sooo much joy + sweat (um…hello humidity! We’ve missed you!)!

Hope…hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hope for acceptance of differences. Hope for true equality. Hope for unity. Hope for change.

We can hope all we want, but change comes with action. Let’s all have courage, be kind, and decide to create the change we want to see in the world. We have the power to create a brighter, bolder, better future. #bringon2022

Weekly Totals: 3 hours & 2 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

The family visiting the Inner Space Cavern in Austin, Texas.
My fav and I in the Inner Space Cavern in Austin, Texas.
We had a blast escaping from 4th grade! #escaperoom
So grateful I got to send 2021 out with family! This was the first time we’ve all been together since 2018. ❤️
So blessed to have these amazing ladies in our lives! ❤️
Love this goofy crew so much! ❤️
Getting snuggles with two of our little ladies to bring in the New Year! ❤️

What were your highlights from week 52 of 2021?!