What’s Up?! – April 2018

It took most of April, but I think spring has FINALLY arrived and I am more than ready for it!! I’m ready to put away the winter running gear!! I’m ready to get out and ride on the open roads with the wind in my face and the sun on my back!! But first, let’s recap the month of April!!


I finally had a solid month of training with a race thrown in! I successfully saw green in Training Peaks everyday in April and completed 10 minutes of core strength everyday as well! I’m finally finding my stride again! Hello consistency…I’ve missed you!!

Swimming into the light
When Coach gives you a “Just for fun…random power challenge”…aka FTP test, you pull out the magic @coeursports kit!! It worked! My test went better than I expected!
First race of 2018 is in the books! My finish time wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for, but it was better than I expected! #happygirl #mydrakerelays

Swim: 29, 550 yards (16.8 miles)
Bike: 203 miles
Run: 76.4 miles
Monthly Totals: 45 hours & 23 minutes


SPRING!! Spring finally decided to show up in the last week of April!! I am so happy to have FINALLY put my winter coat, stocking hats, and mittens away for the summer!! Now if I could just put all of the winter running gear away…I think it might be a bit early for that though.

Signs of spring…FINALLY!
What a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run with bubble gum tongue! So glad I showed up this morning! #Basillovesrunning


Racing Weight: How to get Lean for Peak Performance by Matt Fitzgerald is a great read for all endurance athletes! Matt focuses athletes on improving their diet quality score, managing appetite, balancing energy sources, monitoring weight and performance, and timing nutrition to stay lean for training. He has included food diaries from 18 pro athletes, recipes and strength training workouts to accelerate changes in body composition.

Carrie Cheadle’s blog post “Slow Down: How to Relax Your Mind Under Pressure” is a great reminder to stay focused and present. Allowing your mind to be distracted means you are likely “not bringing 100% of yourself to your performance and you are more likely to get injured.” Our society thrives on how much can you jam into a short amount of time. Carrie has us SLOW DOWN, meditate, and breathe to recenter ourselves and find our focus.

New Research is Changing the Game for Female Athletes by A.C. Shilton…ladies and gentlemen…women and men are different! Women take longer to acclimate to heat. According to Stacy Sims, “Progesterone elevates your core temperature, so you’ll feel hotter to begin with. On top of that, lower blood volume during high-hormone days means it’s harder for your body to sweat and cool yourself.” Women’s cycles impact performance. Knowing how your cycle impacts your performance can be a huge asset to you while training and racing. Women on low carb diets often produce more cortisol. With more stress hormone in our systems, our bodies don’t recover as well because it can directly inhibit muscle repair. The good news?! Women tend to dominate at long distance races and when racing at altitude! Our bodies are better able to metabolize and burn fat for energy. So ladies…go the distance! Race in the mountains! Oh…and take a nap! Women tend to need more rest than the men they train with.

Listening to:

Tina Muir’s podcast with Allie Kieffer is so real and inspiring! Allie’s positive body image message is spot on! “Could I be smaller? Maybe. I don’t think that means I would necessarily be faster.” Allie is always pushing herself to be stronger + faster without worrying about body image. “Don’t box yourself in by putting limits on what you think you are capable of. Set yourself up for success, not failure.”

Are you looking for more motivation? If so, you should listen to the podcast IronWomen did with Dr. Kristin Keim. They discuss ways to get and stay motivated as well as mental health, post Ironman blues, and dealing with eating disorders.  It is a great listen!!

Looking forward to:

Summer break! Now that we have turned the page and are officially in the last month of the school year, I am officially counting down the DAYS to summer break! I am also really looking forward to rolling on the open roads with the wind on my face and the sun on my back! I LOVE riding my bicycle! Oh…and my first triathlon of the season this month! I’m a bit nervous about the water temperature due to the cold spring we’ve had, but am excited to test my current fitness! Yay for race season!

Grateful for:

3 of my favorite little bunnies!
Getting blood work done to learn more about what I can do to improve as an endurance athlete.
When you are unmotivated to workout and your AMAZING husband knows it, so he drew this beauty on our chalkboard wall by my bike to encourage and support me! #imaluckygirl
Traci, we love you! So grateful to have amazing friends at work!
We have two very happy girls because spring FINALLY decided to show up!! Yay for long walks in the warmth + sunshine!!
New Garmin day! #therunnersflat

How was your month of April?! What are you looking forward to?! What were you grateful for last month?!


24 weeks ’til #IMLou – show up

Last week’s focus was to show up and do the work! I was super grateful that spring decided to finally show up also!! Wahoo!!

Swim: 7300 yards

All you have to do is show up…and have some fun!
Show up and follow the line. It will eventually lead to greatness!
When you GET to swim, bike, run, and recover in the same day, you show up to do the work!

Bike: 38.1 miles

Show up! Do the work! Have fun!
When you GET to swim, bike, run, and recover in the same day, you show up to do the work!

Run: 10.6 miles

Show up! That’s the mantra this week! So grateful for spring weather and this girl! #Basillovesrunning
What a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run with bubble gum tongue! So glad I showed up this morning! #Basillovesrunning
When you GET to swim, bike, run, and recover in the same day, you show up to do the work!

Strength Training: 45 minutes + 10 minutes of core strength daily

Show up and strength train!

Weekly Totals: 9 hours + 3 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Some days it just flows and I feel like I’m born to do this, other days it feels like I’m trudging through hell. Every day I make the choice to show up and see what I’ve got, and to try and be better. My advice: keep showing up.” ~Desiree Linden

Attitude of Gratitude:

Grateful to Nick at Vitality Massage for the post race flush! Body is ready to build, build, build!
Signs of spring…FINALLY!
Dog walks are the best when you don’t have to bundle up!
New Garmin day! #therunnersflat
Checking my gait while picking up our new Garmins! #therunnersflat
CPR/AED recertification day!
SO happy to have this pretty lady back home in Iowa! #lovemyneighbor
Being filmed for a video being put together for Team Chiropractic…what does it take to be an Ironman??? Many hours staring at the same walls! Desire, focus, determination, grit, tenacity, belief in yourself…just to name a few!
When you GET to swim, bike, run, and recover (in my Normatec boots) in the same day, you show up to do the work!

How was your week?! What were you grateful for last week?! How do you commit to showing up, seeing what you’ve got to give, and trying to be better than you were before?!