Eastern Iowa Tour de Cure

Last Saturday the Iron Hippie, Allen and I rode 75 miles in eastern Iowa to raise money for diabetes through the Tour de Cure. We are on team Paige’s Pilots out of Portland, OR, but are not able to ride the Portland Tour de Cure because we are racing¬†Ironman Boulder and logistically couldn’t make it work.

Friday evening we loaded the car and drove 90 minutes to Cedar Rapids where the Tour de Cure would be getting underway bright and early Saturday morning. We checked into our hotel and went to bed for our really early wake up call.

Saturday morning, the alarm clock went off at 4 am so we could eat breakfast, check out of our hotel, and head to the Tour de Cure start area. Registration started at 5 am with the ride starting at 6 am.

The Iron Hippie pumping Allen's tires up in preparation for the Tour de Cure ride.
The Iron Hippie pumping Allen’s tires up in preparation for the Tour de Cure ride.
The Iron Hippie helping Allen by pinning his registration number on his jersey.
The Iron Hippie helping Allen by pinning his registration number on his jersey.
We are ready to ride!!
Ready to ride!!

The course was BEAUTIFUL with lots of fun, yet challenging hills. Unfortunately the awful road surfaces overshadowed the beautifully and challenging course. There were a few stretches of road that were not covered with expansion cracks and potholes (thank you Iowa winters), but unfortunately these stretches of road didn’t last. The majority of the road surfaces were so bad that bike seats and bottle cages rattled loose. I even lost a bracket to the x-lab on the back of my saddle. Mojo was not happy at the end of this ride and needed some serious TLC!!

Riding through Iowa's beauty!!
Riding through Iowa’s beauty!!
This was a food stop at the halfway point of the ride.
This was a food stop at the halfway point of the ride.
Almost 50 miles done...can't wait to get off these horrible road surfaces!
Almost 50 miles done…can’t wait to get off these horrible road surfaces!
Pretty cool finisher's medal.
Pretty cool finisher’s medal.

Overall, we had a decent day, but we all decided that unless the course changes to encompass smoother road surfaces, we won’t be participating in this event again.

If you have not yet donated and want to help me reach my fundraising goal, please do so here. Thank you to all who have already donated! I really appreciate it ūüôā

Mother Nature…GRRR

We are suppose to be getting ready to ride on our trainers for 5 hours¬†at Kyle’s Bikes to raise money for the Tour de Cure, but Mother Nature had other plans. We’ve had severe thunderstorms this morning. There is a small break in the storms and more are to come this afternoon. In talking with Kyle, he recommended that we postpone our fundraising ride¬†for a week and try for next Saturday instead. Riding outside on trainers in thunderstorms with electronic devices (computers, speakers for music, etc.) is not advised.

Loaded and ready to go…
Darn you Mother Nature!!


So in the mean time, we will keep fundraising and hope for better weather next week!!

Have you ever made plans that you’ve been UBBER excited for and Mother Nature has derailed them? Tell me about your experience.

My Cycling Essentials and Tour de Cure¬ģ

I am getting ready for a 5 hour trainer ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association¬ģ and the Tour de Cure¬ģ at Kyle‚Äôs Bikes on Saturday, April 18 and thought it would be fitting to share with you my cycling essentials as I prepare for this longer trainer ride. Yes, you read that correctly…5 hours in the saddle on the trainer…and I thought 3 hours & 45 minutes last weekend was tough. Please click here¬†to make a donation; I would be forever grateful.

My cycling essentials tend to differ just a bit depending on where I ride…am I riding outdoors¬†or am I riding on the trainer? As you’ll see, there are some common cycling essentials for cycling in both situations, but some differences do exist.

  1. Mojo…My Specialized Transition ¬†IMG_2011
  2. Terry Butterfly Ti Gel Saddle  Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 8.10.22 AM
  3. Specialized Cycling Shoes  IMG_2302
  4. Speedfil water bottle  IMG_3869
  5. Coeur Sports seam-free chamois tri shorts  IMG_1917
  6. Osmo Active Hyrdation  IMG_1508
  7. Hoo Ha Ride Glide  IMG_3184
  8. Garmin 910XT  IMG_2521
  9. Powertap  IMG_3036
  10. Road ID Bracelet…I never take this offIMG_3280

Trainer Rides:

  1. Kinetic Fluid Trainer
  2. Trainer Tire
  3. Trainer Skewer
  4. Sweat towels…lots of them

Outdoor Rides:

  1. Bell Cycling Helmet  IMG_3868
  2. Tifosi Sunglasses  IMG_3867
  3. Bonk Breaker Bars (on the longer rides)

    Photo courtesy of Bonk Breaker
    Photo courtesy of Bonk Breaker
  4. Barnana (on the longer rides)…if you order from Barnana, please feel free to use my discount code¬†Coeur15¬†for 15% off your order ūüôāIMG_1931

What are your cycling essentials? Have you ever raced or participated in an event for a charity? If so, which event and which charity?