My #FaveWorkout – Week 2

If you missed last week’s #FaveWorkout, I shared a swim workout with you. This week’s #FaveWorkout was:

2 hour Trainer Ride: Z2, Z3 and Wall Sits


15 minute warm-up
8 minutes of Zone 2 followed by 2 minutes of Zone 3 – repeat 2 more times (complete 3 times total)
The rest should be repeats of this:
10 minutes Zone 2 (90+ rpms)
2 minutes Zone 3 (80+ rpms)
1.5 minutes Zone 3-4 (60-ish rpms)…be sure to move to an easy gear before getting off the bike
1 minute wall sits (off the bike!)
Repeat 3 times (complete 4 times total)
15 minute cool down


I LOVED this workout because it really challenged me physically and mentally to keep pushing. When I got off the bike for the first wall sit, my legs were shaking. By the time the final wall sit came, my legs were not only shaking, but they were burning. It felt really good to work hard and push my limits!! Any time I get to wear my Coeur Sports seam-free chamois tri shorts, it is a good day 🙂

What was your favorite workout this week?

Ironman World Championships 2013

Saturday afternoon, the Iron Hippie and I rode our bikes in the pain cave while watching the Ironman World Championships 2013.

Ironman World Championships 2013
Ironman World Championships 2013

Yes…I know I was told by the doctor that I need to rest, but she did grant me permission to try to ride my bike EASY for one hour on the trainer on Saturday.  If there was any pain, I was to quit.  The good news…I had NO pain!!  🙂  The bad news…I really wanted to push the pace and do a more challenging workout, BUT I followed the doctor’s orders and only rode 12.44 miles in one hour.  I was EXTREMELY happy just to be exercising… 🙂

So happy to be exercising...even if it was an EASY ride
So happy to be exercising…even if it was an EASY ride

Since Ironman Wisconsin is only about 10 months away, I could use a little pick me up…especially while I am temporarily injured.  Watching the Ironman World Championships is incredibly motivating and a reminder on so many levels for why I am racing Ironman Wisconsin for a 2nd time!!  It was also a reminder that even though I’m injured, there are still many things I can be doing to exercise while resting my legs.  This was just the motivation I needed to start waking up early in the mornings again and go to the gym!!

Ridiculous Central Iowa Weather

We have had some ridiculous weather in Central Iowa in the last couple of weeks that has not cooperated with my triathlon training.  A few weeks ago we had drought conditions, but that has quickly changed to flooding.  In the intermittent weeks, there were MANY windy days…Oh, the relentless wind.  Some people may not pay as much attention to the weather and scoff at the relentless wind, but as a triathlete, I enjoy the opportunity to get outside and complete my workouts safely.

When every bike ride I do pounds wind in my face, I have one of two choices…gain mental strength from the challenge I’m faced with or mentally break down.  I choose to accept the wind as a challenge that is going to make me stronger.  This relentless wind has helped me improve my physical strength and mental strength.  I have had to alter how I’ve completed some of my workouts due to the extreme weather, but that has only added to the mental strength I have gained.

Some of the more memorable Central Iowa weather days for me include the following:

Sunday, May 19, 2013:

I knew there were storms in the forecast for later in the day, so I got out early to complete my triple brick.  Those storms did eventually show up and boy was I glad to have my workout complete when they did!!

After part of the storm had pushed through the area.
After part of the storm had pushed through the area.

Saturday, May 25, 2013:

I was suppose to complete a dress rehearsal for my upcoming race, but I pushed it back to Sunday due to the severe weather.  Instead, I did Sunday’s workouts…swim in the pool and run on the treadmill.

Bad Weather 1

Sunday, May 26, 2013:

I had to go to the gym to swim in the pool for my race day dress rehearsal since there was thunder and lightening in the area.  I was hoping that the weather would clear up enough for me to ride outside while I was swimming indoors, but no such luck!!  😦  Instead I had to hook my bicycle up to the trainer in the basement and ride in my own head for 2 hours at race pace.  While I rode in the basement, the weather did clear up enough for me to complete my dress rehearsal with an outdoor run.  I ran for one hour at an average pace of 8:42…I felt really good and strong 🙂  This was a huge mental boost for race day!!

The weather over the weekend did lead to some flooding in Ames…so much for that drought from a couple of weeks ago!!

Flood Waters
Flood Waters

Wednesday, May 30, 2013:

I was suppose to swim outdoors after work, but due to severe storms, I was unable to do my open water swim. 😦

Bad Weather 2I am hoping that this ridiculous weather is nearing an end and that I have near perfect conditions for race day!!