Self coaching in 2020 will provide me with so many opportunities. I can do what lights my fire. I have the flexibility to change up my schedule based on how I am feeling in the moment/weather/appointments/socializing/emergencies that may come up. I can take part in challenges that interest me. I can do training camps that interest me. I have control over my training and schedule. I can do what I want, when I want to. Sure there are key workouts that I will have to make sure I complete to be successful on race day, but self coaching will provide me with some flexibility on when I complete them during the week.

Hardcoeur Coaching offered a cycling challenge for the month of January. The goal was to ride 30 hours in 31 days. I was intrigued! After IRONMAN Lake Placid, I kept my cycling volume up while it was still nice enough to ride outside, but once October hit, my cycling mileage dropped SUBSTANTIALLY!! By January 1, I was more than ready to improve my cycling fitness as a lead up to IRONMAN Mont Tremblant training and this challenge seemed like the perfect way to jumpstart my cycling fitness in 2020! A special thanks to Scott Batula for helping me get my Wahoo Kickr and Zwift ready to roll before the start of this challenge!

I did a FTP test using Zwift on December 31, so that I would have baseline data to start from. My FTP on December 31, 2019 was 198 watts. I used the first 3 days of January to attempt to figure out how Zwift works before starting the 4-week FTP Booster on January 4. Truth – I still don’t have Zwift figured out after using it everyday for a month.

This 4-week FTP Booster was either going to kill me or make me stronger. Did I mention this cycling challenge wasn’t the only exercising I was doing?! I was also registered for an indoor sprint triathlon on January 19 and a 1/2 marathon on February 1 (which I changed the day before to a 5K…see squirrel), so I had to keep showing up to swim and run. Trying to get my running mileage ready for the 1/2 marathon on tired legs was tougher than I imagined, but thankfully my body held up like a superstar!

Week 1 of the 4-week FTP booster:
I started the FTP booster on Saturday, January 4.

  • Day 1 = HIT 80% FTP #1: 😊 Total ride time = 2:05:38
  • Day 2 = HIT 45 sec #1: 😊 Total ride time = 1:13:45 followed by a 1 hour treadmill run
  • Day 3 = Tempo into Sprints: πŸ˜” I missed hitting the sprint wattage during this ride. Total ride time = 1:06:07 + some strength and yoga after the ride
  • Day 4 = Endurance: 😊 It was so nice to have an endurance ride today. Total ride time = 1:08:22 + 2,450 yards of swimming before the ride
  • Day 5 = 40/20s #1: 😊 Total ride time = 1:06:12 + 30 minute run off the bike

    Date night with my fave for our brick workout!
  • Day 6 = Tempo with accelerations #1: 😊Total ride time = 1:10:25 + a 90 minute (9.5 mile) run in the afternoon
  • Day 7 = Sweet Spot 12: 😊 Total ride time = 1:33:11 + 2300 yards of swimming after work
  • Overall…very tired legs, but I’m grateful my body is holding up nicely. Bike totals = 9:23:40 for 150 miles, Run totals = 2:50:00 for 19.1 miles, Swim totals = 1:20:00 for 4750 yards
FTP booster week 1…somehow the computer saved the dates incorrectly. It should be 1/4/20 – 1/10/20

Week 2 of the 4-week FTP booster:

  • Day 1 = HIT 80% FTP #2: 😊 Total ride time = 2:05:07 + 1 hour hilly and snow covered run + 30 minutes of yoga
  • Day 2 = HIT 45 sec #2: πŸ˜” I missed 4 of the 6 x 45 sec at 345 wattage intervals on this ride. Total ride time = 1:15:46 + 2700 yards of swimming
  • Day 3 = Tempo with Finale: 😊 Total ride time = 1:06:02
  • Day 4 = Endurance: 😊 Yay for endurance riding today! Total ride time = 1:13:27 + 2700 yards of swimming
  • Day 5 = 40/20s #2: 😊 I nailed all of the targets on this ride and felt stronger today than I have since this challenge started. Total ride time = 1:05:03 + 20 minute run off the bike
    Crushing those intervals!

    Speed work off the bike!
  • Day 6 = Tempo with accelerations #2: 😊 I nailed all of the targets on this ride and felt strong doing so. Total ride time = 1:24:36 + 10 mile treadmill run after work (we got freezing rain yesterday that has covered all the outdoor running surfaces in a sheet of ice…even though it was -3F today, I would have ran outside had the surfaces been safe for running)
  • Day 7 = Max Aerobic declining: 😊 I nailed all of the targets on this ride and while my legs were definitely fatigued, I still felt strong. Total ride time = 1:30:12
  • Overall…my body was extremely tired at the beginning of the week, but I reminded myself that it is OK to miss targets because it is too challenging in that moment. This is where I learn. This is where I grow. This is where I gain strength. This is what makes me fierce. AND when I nail these targets the next time, this is when I build confidence. Thankfully by the end of the week, I felt strong…definitely fatigued, but I finally felt strong while tired. Bike totals = 9:40:13 for 159 miles, Run totals = 3:00:37 for 19.3 miles, Swim totals = 1:34:35 for 5400 yards
FTP booster week 2…somehow the computer saved the dates incorrectly. It should be 1/11/20 – 1/17/20

Week 3 of the 4-week FTP booster:

  • Day 1 = Progressive 11s: 😊 Total ride time = 2:00:27
  • Day 2 = Sub-threshold xx #1: 😊 I nailed all of the targets on this ride and completely fatigued my legs before my indoor triathlon later this afternoon. Total ride time = 1:00:01 + a silver medal finish at the InCydeMan Triathlon (500 yard swim, 8 mile bike, and 2 mile run)

    2 sliver medals for our household!
  • Day 3 = Spiked Tempo: 😊 I nailed all of the targets on this ride on VERY fatigued legs. Total ride time = 1:07:42
  • Day 4 = Endurance: 😊 It felt so good to have an easy day on the bike today. Total ride time = 1:30:24 + 2300 yards of swimming
  • Day 5 = 40/20s into Threshold: 😊 Total ride time = 1:00:05 + 20 minute EASY run off the bike
  • Day 6 = Threshold block #1: 😊 Total ride time = 1:00:09 + 9 mile run off the bike with 2×3 miles at tempo pace
  • Day 7 = Max Aerobic Finale: 😊 I nailed the 4×2 minutes at 240 watts with 2 minutes at 120 watts between each and then averaged 222 watts for a 6 minute interval that I was to ride as hard as I could for the 6 minute duration. Pretty pleased with this as my legs aren’t fresh and I was well above my 198 watt threshold set on December 31. Total ride time = 1:30:08
  • Overall…All that learning and growing from the first 2 weeks is paying dividends. This week I noticed improvements in my stats and I FEEL SO STRONG! I’m not saying these workouts were easy. They definitely weren’t, but my body is responding to the work and it doesn’t feel as hard as it did during the first 2 weeks of the challenge. I’m gaining more confidence every day! I’m super excited to see just how much stronger I’ve become at the end of this challenge. Bike totals = 9:30:28 for 163 miles, Run totals = 1:57:31 for 13 miles, Swim totals = 49:02 for 2800 yards

    FTP booster week 3…1/18/20-1/24/20

Week 4 of the 4-week FTP booster:

  • Day 1 = Progressive 11s #2: 😊 Total ride time = 2:00:15 + 55 minute negative split run + 1 hour with the personal trainer

    Running away from the judgement and toward living my best life!
  • Day 2 = Endurance: 😊 Total ride time = 1:00:06 + 2700 yard swim
  • Day 3 = 10 min Best effort: 😊 My 10 minute best effort power output was 210 watts. I was pretty pumped about this since my legs weren’t fresh. Total ride time = 1:00:08
  • Day 4 = Sub-threshold xx#2: 😊 Total ride time = 1:00:05
  • Day 5 = Endurance: 😊 This endurance ride felt so good today! Total ride time = 1:00:12 + 30 minute easy treadmill run
  • Day 6 = Rest Day Easy Ride: 😊 I found myself really having to hold back because my legs wanted to GOOO today. Total ride time = 1:00:09
  • Day 7 = FTP test: 😊 Boo-yah!! My new FTP upon completion of this ride was 214 watts. That’s a 16 watt improvement in 1 month. I still have some work to do to get my FTP back up to where it was during peak training in 2019 (233 watts), but it gives me something to work towards. Total ride time = 1:30:29

    Kicking out the previous 198 watt FTP to make room for the new 214 watt FTP.
  • Overall…This week the workouts actually started to feel easy. I knew I’d have a higher FTP just on how strong I felt on all of these rides. I was very pleased to see a 16 watt improvement over the last 4 weeks. I may repeat the Zwift 4-week FTP booster again, but maybe not. I do need to start incorporating more balance between swim/bike/run as I move into triathlon season. Bike totals = 8:31:24 for 139 miles, Run totals = 1:25:16 for 9.16 miles, Swim totals = 48:12 for 2700 yards

    FTP Booster Week 4…somehow the computer saved the dates incorrectly. It should be 1/25/20 – 1/31/20

I’m SO grateful to the ladies at Hardcoeur Coaching for creating this challenge. It pushed me way out of my comfort zone and definitely into my growth zone! It built confidence, stamina, grit, and resilience, while making me stronger, both physically and mentally. With just over 40 hours (660 miles) in the saddle during January, I finally feel like an athlete again…what a great feeling! The #hcccyclingchallenge + Zwift 4-week FTP booster was a great way to boost my cycling power before officially kicking off the start to my IRONMAN Mont Tremblant training!