36 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

WHAT?!?!?!?! Where did that come from?!?!?!?! NoYes…you read that correctly…36 weeks until Ironman Boulder.

This is what last week looked like…


PM: 1 hour strength training session (this was a reminder why I get up and workout in the mornings at the gym…too.many.people.)


AM: 1 hour endurance run on the treadmill

Needing #heartandcourage to get back on the treadmill
Needing #heartandcourage to get back on the treadmill

PM: 2400 yard swim with the main set including 8×50 increasing intensity, 800 free and 400 pull



AM: Z2 trainer ride with Z4 pick-ups

Needing #heartandcourage this morning to roll out of bed.
Needing #heartandcourage this morning to roll out of bed.


AM: Drill 2 Swim workout…this was my fave workout this week


PM: 50 minute run followed by 45 minutes of TRX


Rest Day ūüėČ


7 mile endurance run followed by 1 hour of strength training


2 hour ride with wall sits…this might be my fave workout this Friday¬†ūüėČ

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 1:55:00 for 4500 yards (2.8 miles)

Bike: 3:15:00 for 43.7 miles

Run: 2:58:54 for 19.1 miles

Strength Training: 2:45:00

How was your training week last week? What was the highlight of your training week?

My Fave Workout – Week 1

Yesterday morning I had a swim session that made me feel reinvigorated!! While I was swimming I decided that every Friday, I would post my favorite weekly workout. My post will focus in on what my favorite workout of the week was and why I enjoyed it so much.

This week’s #FaveWorkout was:

Drills: 2100 yards

Warm-up: 100 kick with fins, 200 yards of breaststroke, and side stroke, 100 kick with fins
Drills: 10×50 yards of drills performed with perfect form (I chose catch-up, single-arm, finger-tip drag, torpedo and single-arm with rotation. Each drill was performed twice during this set.)
Main Set: 5×100 (15 sec rest), 30 sec recovery, the 5×100 as fast as you can go but with excellent form, recover as long as needed between each repeat
Cool-down: 200 swim, relaxed

I LOVED this workout because I was able to warm-up gradually and find that “perfect form” before having to work hard. I also enjoyed that it was a short workout that allowed me to spend a lot of time really focusing on form instead of speed…having the pool mostly to myself was an added bonus for this workout ūüėČ


What was your favorite workout this week?

The Contents of My “Oh Crap Bag”

Have you ever gotten to the gym to complete a workout and realized that you’ve forgotten something you need to complete a workout? ¬†Thankfully I’m small chested enough, so when I forgot a sports bra, it wasn’t too noticeable ūüėČ ¬†Yes, this actually happened to me and gave me the idea to pack an OH CRAP “BAG” to leave in my car.

Since Sunday was the last day of my off-season and training became¬†more of a regularity this week, I will need to be prepared for any workout that I may have when I get to the gym. ¬†I decided to¬†share with you the contents of my OH CRAP “BAG:”

  1. Goggles
  2. Swim Cap
  3. Swim Suit
  4. Sports Bra
  5. Running Shoes
  6. Socks
  7. Capris
  8. Tech Shirt
  9. Body Glide
  10. Honey Stinger Chews
  11. Water Bottle with Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration Powder
  12. Gloves
  13. Stocking Cap
  14. CO2 Cartridge
  15. Spare Tubes
  16. Multitool
  17. Sweat Towels
  18. Safety Pins
  19. Baby Wipes (you never know when you might need a quick “shower” in a can)
  20. Shower Caddy: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, shave gel, razor, deodorant, face lotion, Q-tips, cotton balls, Hair Ties, Bandaids, Neosporin, Tiger Balm…you never know what you might need!!
I know...it is more like multiple bags ;)
I know…it is more like multiple bags ūüėČ

Do you have an OH CRAP BAG?  What do you have in your OH CRAP BAG? 


Ironman Wisconsin was 7 weeks ago. ¬†The post-Ironman blues hit HARD. ¬†I went from training 20+ hours a week before the race to basically not at all. ¬†I thrive off of having workouts in training peaks that need to be completed and races on the calendar to train for. ¬†I think it is fairly obvious that I don’t do well with down time.

So what have I done with all of this down time in the last few weeks?

Ran my First Trail Race:

Approaching the first aid station
Approaching the first aid station
Part of the 10 mile trail run course (photo courtesy of The Runner's Flat 50K Trail Run)
Part of the 10 mile trail run course (photo courtesy of The Runner’s Flat 50K Trail Run)
It wouldn't be a trail race if someone didn't eat dirt ;)
It wouldn’t be a trail race if someone didn’t eat dirt ūüėČ

Walk the Dogs:

IMG_0260 IMG_0134 IMG_0108 IMG_0312

Hike at Ledges:


Visit Breweries:

IMG_0033 IMG_0032 IMG_0324 IMG_0319 IMG_0325

Ride Bikes for Fun with Friends:

IMG_0181 IMG_0100 IMG_0091

IMG_0338 IMG_0347

Long shadows with the setting sun.
Long shadows with the setting sun.
Chasing the sun on our bikes.
Chasing the sun on our bikes.

Hayrides at the Berry Patch:

IMG_0311 IMG_0310 Playing Frisbee with Basil:


Being a competitive, determined, driven person is amazing (although the Iron Hippie may disagree with that).  It is the firework that motivates me to train in early hours, to train when it is dark and dreary, to train when it is cold and windy, to train when it is hot and muggy.  It compels me to test myself, to improve and be better than I was yesterday.

Because of my “type A personality,” it is time to get back into a more regular workout routine. ¬†Nothing super strenuous, but a routine with some structure.

How long does your off-season last?  How do you enjoy your off-season?

11 Weeks til IRONMAN Wisconsin

Last week was 11 weeks until race day. ¬†This is the first week in the green since the week of April 21, 2014. ¬†I am so grateful to be back to completing all of my scheduled weekly workouts and back to running…even if it is on the track with the white line between my feet. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Here is a quick review of my week:


Am: ¬†2600 meter Swim in 1 hour (2843 yards)…short ladder workout

A little Monday morning motivation with my Ironman Wisconsin swim cap from 2011.
A little Monday morning motivation with my Ironman Wisconsin swim cap from 2011.

PM: 2:10:00 Brick workout… 2 hour ride (37 miles) followed by an easy 10 minute run (1.1 miles) off the bike


AM:  10 mile bike commute (round trip) to the Iowa State University Track for a 50 minute run (5.86 miles at an 8:32 average pace) around the track while line running

I rode Molly the Raleigh to the track for my morning run.
I rode Molly the Raleigh to the track for my morning run.
5.86 miles of line running around the track.
5.86 miles of line running around the track.

AM: 1 hour strength workout


AM: ¬†2600 meter swim in 1 hour (2843 yards)…base drill workout

I love the 50 meter outdoor lap pool in the mornings!!
I love the 50 meter outdoor lap pool in the mornings!!

PM: ¬†3:00:00 bike ride (52 miles) with 2×20 minutes really pushing the power (but the battery in my power tap died part way through the first set, so I was going on feel instead of actual power numbers).

Riding with the Iron Hippie and Allen on the trail for part of our ride.
What a beautiful day for a ride!!


AM: ¬†2000 meter swim in 1 hour (2187 yards)…Fast 50s and 100s

A beautiful double rainbow over the pool as we arrived to swim.
A beautiful double rainbow over the pool as we arrived to swim.

Easy 20 minute run around the track with the line between my feet (2.2 miles)

45 minutes of strength training

Acupuncture on my left leg to try to release the muscle tension before the weekend’s workouts…


PM: ¬†Tragedy struck…

One of my 13 year old students from this last year was killed while cycling. ¬†To make it even worse, his twin sister was with him when the he was killed…



REST DAY…Definitely needed this more emotionally than physically.


7 hour Ironman Practice Day:

  • 2500 meter swim in 1 hour (2734 yards) with a 1500 meter time trial in 32:49. ¬†This wasn’t a very good swim for me. ¬†If there were ever a day when I might drown while swimming, it was Saturday morning, but I pushed through and survived.
  • 5 hour bike ride (78 miles) with an average speed of 15.9 mph and relentless winds. ¬†We had headwinds or cross winds for all but about 20 miles. ¬†At one point I was yelling profanities at the unforgiving winds. ¬†IMG_3876
  • 1 hour run was to follow the bike, but we were only able to complete 45 minutes of running before the thunder, lightening and downpours started. ¬†I don’t mind running in the rain, but I won’t risk getting struck by¬†lightening. ¬†There was a little rest between the bike and run since I had to¬†drive to the track for¬†line running. ¬†I managed to cover 4.75 miles in 45 minutes around the track (9:28 average pace). ¬†I was shooting for 10 minute miles, but I struggle with running slowly off the bike.
  • Overall: 84.3 miles covered in 6:40:00…I felt really good and could have kept running, which made me happy. ¬†While my running isn’t where I would like it to be…yet, I felt really good about where I am at after this workout.


1 hour of line running around the track…this was the first time I have ran over 1 hour since May 4. ¬†I was super excited…even if it meant running circles around the track…


25 minutes of core work followed this track run.

Weekly Totals:  20 hours & 23 minutes

Swimming:  10, 608 yards

Cycling:  172 miles

Running:  21 miles

Strength Training:  2 hours & 10 minutes

I really need to get back to incorporating yoga into my weekly workout routine, but with 20 hours of training, I’m not sure where to fit it in.

On average, how many hours a week do you workout?  Can you imagine fitting 20 hours of exercise into your weekly schedule?

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

When I think about being injured and currently not in my normal training regimen, I realize I have to keep it all in perspective and be thankful for what I can do. ¬†I don’t think twice about having 16 hours of exercise in a week, but to some, that is ridiculous.

embrace a new perspective

Sure, I’m annoyed that I can’t run, but I can still go out and cycle 50-100 miles. ¬†I know…ridiculous. ¬†I can go swim 2 continuous miles with my face in the water. ¬†I know…ridiculous. ¬†I can go snow shoeing for a few hours (if there were snow on the ground right now) with the Iron Hippie and our dogs. ¬†I know…ridiculous. ¬†I can go kayaking all day. ¬†I know…ridiculous. ¬†I can go to a 90 minute hot yoga class and sweat buckets. ¬†I know…ridiculous.

The Iron Hippie and I had a good conversation¬†last night as we did a 1 hour “urban tour” bike ride. ¬†Most people would consider riding their bicycle for an hour to be a “workout.” ¬†In our household, however, we consider the “urban tour” to be socialization and pure enjoyment. ¬†There is no part of it that we consider a “workout.” ¬†We are not breaking a sweat. ¬†We are not even riding hard enough for our heart rates to escalate.

The funny¬†ironic part is that when you truly enjoy something, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous!! ¬†I always say, “When you hang out with the crazies, you don’t seem so crazy.” ¬†All of these “crazy” feats and hours of training have become the norm in our household.

What do you consider “normal” exercise routines/workouts? ¬†Do you ever have to¬†be reminded to¬†keep your workout routine in perspective?

Lessons Learned the Hard Way While Triathlon Training

We’ve all learned a lesson or two the “hard way” at some point in our life. ¬†I thought it would be fun¬†enlightening¬†to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned the hard way while triathlon training.

  1. While Hoo Ha Ride Glide (chamois cream) is minty fresh in the shorts, it is NOT minty fresh in the eyes.  Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you accidentally get some on your finger BEFORE rubbing your eyes.           IMG_3184
  2. Tiger Balm in the groin area (for a sore/tight psoas) sounded like a great idea until I accidentally got some¬†on the underwear…oops, now it is in the hoo ha area. ¬†This is not nearly as pleasant¬†as it was in my mind before the application. ¬† ¬†¬†tiger balm
  3. Applying sunscreen to exposed areas only to have my workout apparel shift during the ride/run and end up with a small sunburn line where the sunscreen wasn’t applied. ¬†I’ve learned to spray sunscreen on under the clothes lines to prevent this.
  4. Releasing all of the CO2 before attaching the cartridge to the new tube to inflate…I guess I’m calling for a ride back to town since I have no other means of inflating this new tube.
  5. What starts off as a niggle can turn into an injury, so listen to your body, back off and don’t push through it. ¬†I have been on the injury train before, and I don’t like the ride. ¬†One would think that I’d learn from this and listen to my body so I don’t hop back on that miserable train, but apparently that isn’t the case, since I am back on this miserable train…again.

What lessons have you learned the hard way while training?