I have received comments in the past that felt like I was being judged. I’m sure the comments were meant from a place of good intentions, but my brain interpreted them negatively. I’ve asked myself, “Why am I allowing myself to feel judged? Why do you even care what someone else thinks? Why are you trying to justify how you train to someone else? Why are you trying to justify to others why you do the things you do?” I KNOW that I SHOULD ignore the naysayers. Why is it so hard to do? How is worrying about what others think about me benefiting me? Hello Captain Obvious…IT ISN’T!! Let that sh*t GO!!

There are many successful people out there who self coach and don’t follow the norm. I know what a recommended training plan looks like for the average triathlete, but not everyone is average, so not all triathletes need to (nor should they) train the same. If you do what everyone else does how will you know what you’re truly capable of? If you don’t experiment, how will you know what really lights your soul on fire? How will you know where your limits truly are? How will you know who you truly are? How will you become the best version of yourself?

I am currently wrapping up a 4-week FTP booster on the bike while racing shorter distances (a super sprint triathlon just over a week ago and a 1/2 marathon this coming Saturday). I am not overtraining. I am not skipping recovery. I am not injured. I am healthy. Yes, I am pushing myself to the edge. Yes, I am adding fatigue to my body. Yes, I am testing my limits. BUT I am listening to my body. When it needs rest, I give it rest (hence the 9+ hours of average sleep for the last 7 days). I fuel properly before, during, and after training. I get massages regularly. I do myofascial release (MFR) + yoga. I take care of my body. I can tell I am getting stronger. Not only am I seeing improvements in my stats, but I FEEL stronger. I don’t take my body for granted. I celebrate it!

My journey isn’t going to look like everyone else’s and I wouldn’t want it to. I’m me. I’m not someone else. This is my journey! I’m going to blaze my own trail. I’m going to do it MY way! You may judge me. You may disagree with me. You may choose not to believe in me. That’s totally fine. You haven’t walked in my shoes and experienced life through my lens. This is my life and I GET to do it my way!

Running away from the judgement and toward living my best life!

9 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. I can absolutely relate to all of this. I’ve recently had some of this from people I consider to be in my “inner circle” and, while difficult at times, I try to brush it off and move on. I’ve never had a coach, so I’ve had to learn everything on my own. If I don’t try the hard things or push past limits, I’ll never find ways to get myself stronger and faster. You do YOU. Coaches can be a huge asset, for sure, but only you really know how YOU feel. Keep going, woman! Keep pushing and keep turning heads. I’m over here clapping my damn hands off for you.

    1. Aww…thanks girl!! Coaches can be an asset, but you’re correct…only WE know how WE feel. Keep doing YOU and don’t let anyone get in your way or slow you down!! I’m gonna continue to do cartwheels and happy dances along your journey!! You GO girl!! 💃🏼

  2. Life is about experimentation and it’s obvious that you’re having a great time trying new things! Go you 😀

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