2022 week 52: goodbye 2022; hello 2023

Last week we waved goodbye to 2022 and smiled as we welcomed 2023.

Quote of the week:

“Goodbye 2022! Hello 2023!”

~ Me 🥰

Swim highlights: 10,075 yards

Monday we were given time to free swim without a scheduled workout and it was SO AWESOME!! I swam one of my favorite workouts…3×800 with increasing effort at Ironman pace. It has been great to swim with the Masters group, but there hasn’t been any endurance swimming for me since Ironman Arizona, so getting to swim 800s made my heart happy!

We’ve been swimming shorter + faster sets during masters swim lately, so it was awesome to be given the opportunity to swim longer endurance sets Monday! 3x800s with increasing effort = faster pace with each interval…and that is definitely something to celebrate!! ⚡️

Bike highlights: 128 miles

Last week’s rides were more aerobic and tempo based. A great way to ease into my relationship with Moxie!

So grateful I for some quality time with my new girl, Moxie!

Run highlights: 4.25 miles

I got a couple of short runs in last week, but no pics were taken.

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
2×30 minutes full body strength

Weekly Totals: 14 hours & 48 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

Any day that I GET to swim/bike/run all in the same day is a great day!!
Celebrating Tonja’s 50th birthday! Love you T! 🥰
All the snuggles! 🐶🥰
Recovery is on point with my Normatec Recovery boots! 🥰
Homemade kale, sweet potato, mushroom, onion, basil pesto pizza…YUMMY!!
Seeing the colors in the sky is such a great way to start the day!

What were your highlights from week 52 of 2022?!

2022 week 51: merry everything and happy always

Last week was a short work week due to a blizzard + the holidays. Despite Mother Nature not letting us all get together for the holidays, we enjoyed some time with loved ones here in town as well as quiet solo time.

Quote of the week:

“Merry everything and happy always”

~ unknown

Swim highlights: 8675 yards

I had multiple swims last week with the Masters group focusing on short/fast efforts. I got a lot of help + practice working on my butterfly stroke. I REALLY enjoy the masters community and the diversity of swim workouts that we do, but with most of our swim sessions being short efforts, I REALLY miss long endurance efforts.

Merry everything and happy always!

Bike highlights: 65.6 miles

Eeeekkkk…I got my new steed for Christmas and she is not only beautiful, but so enjoyable to ride! We are getting more and more acquainted with each other.

“It’s not the achievement of the goal that is the greatest reward, it is who you become by pushing yourself past your greatest challenges.” ~unknown

Thursday’s workout was properly named “Die Hard”. While I didn’t die, it was so hard. 🤣 I am proud of pushing myself, who I am becoming in the process, and nailing these challenging intervals. ⚡️ Oh…and I had to bring a bit of warmth to this workout with the Coeur Sports Kona kit since the windchill was -39F outside.

Run highlights: 6.45 miles

Time with these two while pounding the pavement always warms my heart (which was needed since it has been so cold)! 🥰

With the impending storm, Tuesday was the last time we saw the sun before we started to get more daylight, so we had to get out in the fresh air + sunshine. The -4F windchills were balmy compared to what was ahead for the remainder of the week. 💙🥶

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
3×30 minutes full body strength

Weekly Totals: 10 hours & 7 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

I got to walk on campus during a light snowfall on Monday.
So grateful for a flush of the body by the best in the business!
This one knows exactly what to do when the windchill is -39F outside. 🐶🥰
After a few days of this, the -1F windchill felt amazing!
Isabella got us matching banana running shorts for Christmas…hers are on the way so we can all wear them at the same race this summer! 🥰
Family! 🥰
So grateful that these two live close enough that we could get together when Mother Nature presented us with some gnarly winter weather.

What were your highlights from week 51 of 2022?!

2022 week 50: hello doms…I’ve missed you 😜

Last week I got back to doing what I love and with it came all the doms (delayed onset muscle soreness). It feels SO good to not be able to walk straight, lift my arms above my head, and naturally squat down to the toilet seat. 😜

Quote of the week:

“DOMS: proof that you pushed yourself, so enjoy the pain.”

~ unknown

Swim highlights: 4750 yards

I ripped off the band-aid and got myself back into the pool on Friday morning. The time away was just what I needed to reset myself…so much so that my first swim back I successfully swam the butterfly stroke for the first time EVER in my life. I have lots of room for improvement. I may not be where I want to be with it YET, but I have the form down and am continuing to show up to make it better! ⚡️ 🥳

HIIII!! I’m back!!

Bike highlights: 16.7 miles

I got my new bike last week! She is all built, set up, and ready to ride. We spent a little bit of time together last week to start building our relationship. I’ll get pictures out of her soon!

Run highlights: 3.07 miles

I ran with Jersey one day last week. It was a brisk run, but nothing like what our temps are going to look like this week. Sadly I didn’t any pics of this adventure.

Strength Training: 15 minutes of core strength daily
2×30 minutes full body strength

Weekly Totals: 5 hours & 41 minutes

Attitude of Gratitude:

snuggle bug 🐶🥰
Let’s play! 🐶🥰
Look at the sun greeting us after our swim session Saturday morning! 😍
A day of puzzling…finished up #1 😍
Finished up puzzle #2 😍
And started puzzle #3 😍
Too much puzzling meant snuggles were in order! 😍

What were your highlights from week 50 of 2022?!

#IMLou Race Week

Race week has come and gone, but I wanted to update you on the final days leading up to #IMLou!! Don’t worry, I’ll have a race report soon…I’m still trying to process it!! Teaser…it was the absolute hardest thing I have ever done!! It made my last 5 Ironman finishes feel like a walk in the park!! 😉

Swim: 2650 yards

Diving into race week!!

Swimming with my #1 supporter by my side!!

Bike: 4 miles

I forgot to get a pic of this bike ride…let’s just say I put on my race gear, took a cold shower, and went out on the bike in 38*F air temperature to test if my race gear would be warm enough. Brrrr!!

Run: 7.4 miles

Running with my fave by Churchill Downs after spending hours in the car to get to Louisville!!

The second run (that I also forgot to take a picture of) was after my bike ride that I mentioned above. Cold + wet = Brrrr!!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength the first half of the week

Weekly Totals: 2 hours & 23 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“There’s always a calm before every storm.” ~Saif Ali

Attitude of Gratitude:

Grateful to have Nick with Vitality Massage help keep me race ready!!

Getting to meet up with a few of my Coeur Sports teammates was so much fun!! This team of uplifting, encouraging, supportive women is where it’s at!!

Swinging in the sunshine with my fave on Saturday…the calm before the storm (quite literally)!!

Grateful that my Dad came to cheer me on at Ironman Louisville!!

Kicking the feet up, reading a good book, and hoping Mother Nature isn’t going to be as evil as predicted!!

Pre-race braids thanks to my sis!! So grateful she was able to come to Louisville from Cali to cheer me on!!

I’m so grateful to the Coeur founders and my teammates for the shoutouts, cheers, and encouragement to keep going when things got tough!!

These two!! I’m so grateful for my fave and sis!! It was so great to spend some time with them before race day!!

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! How do you enjoy the calm before the storm?

1 week ’til #IMLou – taper crazies, packing crazies, and spectating crazies

What a crazy, yet fun week!! It was full of taper crazies, packing crazies, and spectating crazies…all of this crazy brings me joy (yes, even the packing…it means a vaca is in sight)!!

Swim: 4925 yards

While swimming today, there was a seahorse on the bottom of the pool in my lane. Was this a sign?! I believe it was!! The seahorse is considered to be a symbol of strength and power. Just what I needed today!!

You know it’s taper time when your swim + run workout combined are shorter than just your swim workouts the last couple of weeks!!

Bike: 25.4 miles

In 2018 we’ve been training for two completely different races, so we haven’t had many opportunities to get to ride together. I’m grateful for the “bike date” today after work + am looking forward to more saddle time with my fave in 2019!!

Staying sharp for #IMLou even when traveling. #hayisinthebarn

Run: 6.7 miles

You know it’s taper time when your swim + run workout combined are shorter than just your swim workouts the last couple of weeks!!

Definitely not ready for windchill temps of 35*F like I experienced today!!

Cycling around the Twin Cities on my cross bike chasing down my fave!! No idea how many miles I logged (so they aren’t included in the above total), but it was fun and challenging to stay ahead of him!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength almost daily  

Weekly Totals: 5 hours & 3 minutes (not including spectating the Twin Cities Marathon)

Quote of the Week:

“People say I’m crazy. I say HAH…I’m just fun with a twist.” ~Unknown

Attitude of Gratitude:

When you are a tapering Ironman athlete + middle school teacher in the Midwest with drastically changing temperatures, you load up on Sound Probiotics to keep healthy!!

So grateful to have this crazy group of colleagues to work with!!

So grateful for some downtime in my Normatec boots while getting sucked in to this AMAZING read!!

So grateful to briefly chat with my Coeur Sports teammate Kendra (and meet little Ralphie <3) at mile 8.5 of the Twin Cities Marathon!!

So grateful to briefly chat with Elaina at mile 26 of the Twin Cities Marathon!!

SO FREAKING PROUD of my FAVE!! HE CRUSHED IT!! Setting a new PR in a time of 3:33:05 at the Twin Cities Marathon!! 🙂

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! 

2 weeks ’til #IMLou – Taper Time

It’s TAPER TIME!! I’m so glad to have made it to this point!! With the completion of last week’s workouts comes the taper for Ironman Louisville and I’m ready for it!! The hay is in the barn and I’m looking forward to lighting it on fire in 2 weeks!!

Swim: 10,300 yards

V is for victory!! I nailed my swim session with my second 1200 yard split being 4 sec/100 yards faster than my first 1200 yard split!!

Playing around in the pool after putting in some work!!

It’s Flippin’ Friday!! Doing somersaults in the water after swimming Friday morning!

Bike: 101 (trainer) miles

Alternating between Z2 and Z3 was a struggle, but I did it!!

5 hours on the trainer for the last time this year!! 🙂

After crushing my 90 minute run/1 hour bike intervals/1 hour run back to back to back Sunday, the hay is in the barn!! I’m #IMLou race ready!! It’s time to TAPER!!

Run: 32.5 miles

8 morning miles with Basil (2 of those with my fave too)!! #basillovesrunning

+ 9 afternoon miles = 17 strong miles Wednesday!!

After crushing my 90 minute run/1 hour bike intervals/1 hour run back to back to back Sunday, the hay is in the barn!! I’m #IMLou race ready!! It’s time to TAPER!! (Run #1)

After crushing my 90 minute run/1 hour bike intervals/1 hour run back to back to back Sunday, the hay is in the barn!! I’m #IMLou race ready!! It’s time to TAPER!! (Run #2)

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength almost daily  

Weekly Totals: 16 hours & 47 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Bring on the taper!! It’s TAPER TIME!!” ~ME 🙂

Attitude of Gratitude:

Grateful to have Dr. Chris keeping me on track at Team Chiropractic with only 3 weeks left until #IMLou!!

These two…love them and our nightly dog parties in our bed!!

Thank you to Kyle at Kyle’s Bikes for putting a new chain on Mojo and giving her your race day blessing!!

Grateful for the OneBrainWellness Self Defense clinic to learn how to defend myself against an attacker!!

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! Do you enjoy the taper?!

3 weeks ’til #IMLou – knocking out the workouts

With last week in the rear view mirror, I only have one more big week before the taper for #IMLou begins!!

Swim: 6500 yards

3K swim…what a great way to start the day!!

Capping off the week with more yards in the pool!

Bike: 74.4 miles

Easy recovery spin on the bike!

LONG, focused ride on the trainer…leg crusher!!

Recovery ride post long run!!

Run: 27.3 miles

Treadmill miles with speed work!

Starting Friday off right…with my fave by my side for some morning miles!!

Knocking out the workouts one at a time!

Running with such a #happydog makes me have a #happyheart!! #basillovesrunning

Following the run plan!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength almost daily  

Weekly Totals: 13 hours & 34 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“When it gets tough, put on your boxing gloves.” ~unknown

Attitude of Gratitude:

The sunrise was so stunning!!

Grateful to Nick at Vitality Massage for keeping me healthy!!

Love the Coeur Sports Kona kit design!!

Only one way to refuel post long workouts…SUSHI!!

Grateful to have my legs squeezed by my Normatec boots post long + tough workouts!

Race numbers are here for IMLou!! I’m so grateful my body and mind allow me to do this crazy + fun sport!!

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! 

4 weeks ’til #IMLou – Recovery

Last week was focused around recovery. Recovery from a big weekend last weekend, recovery from training, recovery from lack of sleep…recovery. Sure I still got in my workouts, but sleep was definitely a priority!

Swim: 12,600 yards

4400 yards with 3800 yards at IM race pace…doing the work!!

Dancing in the water after a swim that required lots of #courageovercomfort!!

Working on body position in the water today post 5 hour trainer ride. Good, active recovery.

Active recovery from my 18 mile run this morning. This swim was exactly what I needed to loosen up!!

Bike: 98.6 miles

3×12 minutes in Z4 work…I forgot what it felt like to go hard for so long…

Easy spin with a friend in the background using the SBT suspension trainer (or maybe he is just sleeping in child’s pose).

Congratulations to my fave!! He finished his last long run (22 miles) before the Twin Cities Marathon in 3 weeks!! Meanwhile, I was still riding on the trainer…5 hours in the books!!

Run: 18 miles

18 mile long run…feel really good about my execution on this run!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength almost daily  

Weekly Totals: 16 hours & 3 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“I need some time to recover. I am not a machine.” ~Unknown

Attitude of Gratitude:

So grateful to have Nick with Vitality Massage keeping me healthy and ready for the next workout!

SO MANY homegrown tomatoes…Basil wants to eat them ALL!!

Grateful that Hardcoeur Coaching recognized that my #sub6orbust goal at Ironman Ohio 70.3 was achieved. They sent me some goodies as a “congratulations” gift!!

The sunrise on my 18 mile long run was magnificent!! Grateful!!

Epsom salt + lavender bubble bath post 18 mile run.

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! 

5 weeks ’til #IMLou – Crazy Busy

This is obviously REALLY late as I am very close to being 4 weeks out from IMLou instead of 5 weeks out. The reason for the delay…Life has been CRAZY busy!! Between work, training, personal life, volunteering, and trying to catch up on sleep, I feel like the rug got pulled out from under me, so the blog took a back seat for a bit.

Swim: 6800 yards

Doing the work now will reap rewards on race day!!

Putting in the work!! 6×100 all out efforts with some pretty consistent (+ fast for me) splits!!

Bike: 125 miles

Putting time in the saddle to start the week.

Easy recovery spin while our neighbor uses our SBT suspension trainer!

Riding 5 hours on the trainer staring at Lake Monona…I so wanted to be on the IMWI bike course, but my gut told me not to and I listened to it. Longest ride ever on the trainer!!

Run: 16.5 miles

Double Run Day Wednesday!! Morning treadmill miles!!

Double Run Day Wednesday!! Afternoon rolling hills around the middle school.

45 minute run off the bike…so fun to run into (literally) a social media friend and turn him into a real friend!!

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength almost daily  

Weekly Totals: 15 hours & 25 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“My life is very crazy and busy, but I love it that way!” ~Hilary Duff

Attitude of Gratitude:

Bubble + Epsom salt baths are perfect for recovery!!

Basil turned 6 years old on Monday…I love these two SO MUCH!!

Homemade red Thai curry…Mmmmmmm

Recovery + dog snuggles are the perfect combination!!

“Mom, I know you’re trying to read before bed, but I really want snuggles instead.” ~Basil
Love her so much!!

The setting sun was SO BEAUTIFUL on our way to Madison for the weekend!!

All of these amazing volunteers helped us keep T1 in check on IMWI race morning. I’m so grateful for their help!!

Playing pack mule for friends racing!! So glad we were able to get their gear, take it to their car, and help them out!! Congrats to both Steena and John on stellar IMWI races!!

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?! 

6 weeks ’til #IMLou – Meh

Last week was meh!! I ended up getting a bug on Tuesday that put me out of commission for a few days, but this was probably a good thing. My motivation has been SERIOUSLY lacking lately, so this was a welcomed break. With the start of the school year in full swing + peak training for IMLou staring me in the face, the timing of this break was pretty ideal.

Swim: 2800 yards

Nailed my swim set with some impressive (for me) 100 times!!

Bike: 55.4 miles

Sometimes you just need to spend time on two wheels where you feel safe…especially when the weather is in the tropical category.

Nailed my bike intervals based on IM effort

Run: 20 miles

Sweaty 2 mile run off the bike…SO GROSS outside!!

Double run day…9 zone 2 sweaty morning miles on the treadmill thanks to Mother Nature’s idea of what she finds funny!

Double run day…9 more sweaty afternoon miles on the treadmill with negative splits. #mothernatureisntfunny

Strength Training: 10 minutes of core strength x 4 days this week  

Weekly Totals: 9 hours & 21 minutes

Quote of the Week:

adjective…uninspiring; unexceptional
exclamation…expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm”

Attitude of Gratitude:

New look! Same AMAZING product! Grateful to have Sound Probiotics on my team!

Grateful that Dr. Chris Feil was able to get me in to see him. He thinks I’m not balanced…LOL!! (I think we already knew that!!)

So grateful to have nailed my swim with PR swim splits!!

Grateful to have a treadmill to run on when Mother Nature blesses us with continual thunderstorms + tropical weather conditions.

How was your week? What were you grateful for last week?!