Becoming #trackcatstrong with Coach Kelly!

I was recently asked why I went from self coaching for the last couple of years to hiring a coach. The answer is simple…I felt that my training had plateaued and I wanted a coach who could push me to the next level. For the last 5+ months Coach Kelly at Track Cat Fitness has been pushing me and helping me reach this next level! There are so many benefits to having a coach most of which I wasn’t getting when I was self coached. So, what are they?! Let’s dive into each one!

  1. Accountability…I am no longer the only one who knows when I’m not doing the work and giving my all to achieve my goals and dreams! I have to report to someone who actually looks at my post workout reports and gives me feedback. No more slacking off…its time to get to work!!
  2. Focus/Purpose…The last couple of years, my training revolved around fun, fun, and more fun. If the workouts weren’t fun, what was the point?! Sure, I had goals and dreams, but I wasn’t putting them first. I’m not even sure I was putting them 2nd or 3rd. They were just on the back burner, burning a hole in my mind and heart, as I went through the motions. Coach Kelly has created a blueprint to turn my goals and dreams into a reality. My weekly plan has structure + focus and each workout has a purpose. Sure it is going to take time to turn my goals and dreams into a reality, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  3. Knowledge + Experience…My job is teaching middle school students, leaving me little time to stay current on all things triathlon and how to make myself the best possible athlete. Coach Kelly’s job is coaching. She stays up to date on current triathlon research and shares this knowledge with me by summarizing the information that will best benefit me. She is data driven and uses this data to help me become the best athlete I can be.
  4. Motivation + Support…When I’m nervous to go out the door to ride my first long ride by myself, I know I can message Coach Kelly for some motivation and support. Not only does she message me back, but she calls and leaves me a voice message as well to encourage me! Telling me I am a strong athlete and she knows I can do this! It’s the little things that matter!
  5. Push me out of my comfort zone…Coach Kelly knows my goals and dreams and she has forced me to make them a priority! She has pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone physically, which has also stretched me mentally. I am pushing watts and paces that always seemed too far out of my reach and I am overcoming mental hurdles to make these physical changes possible. #grateful
  6. Customization/Personalization…There have been a few setbacks in my training (i.e. getting sick, falling and hurting my knees pretty badly while running, work meetings, life stress, sick puppies, etc.) that have required my plan to be modified on the fly. Coach Kelly looks at where I currently am in my training, what I am able to do (depending on the illness/injury/time constraint), and makes modifications to my schedule. This is what customized training is really all about! She personalizes my plan to meet my goals + needs. #grateful
  7. Believing in me…Coach Kelly BELIEVES in ME! She believes in me on days when I am lacking belief in myself. She believes I can achieve my goals. She believes I can achieve my dreams. Coach Kelly BELIEVES in ME!
  8. Investing in me…We have spent many hours on the phone talking through my goals, race strategies, and life. Coach Kelly is determined to make me #trackcatstrong this year so that I am more fit than ever before as I toe the line at Ironman Mont Tremblant this August!
  9. Effectively communicates with me…Through effective and open communication, we work together toward the same goals. Coach Kelly knows my goals and dreams. She has expectations of me as an athlete, and I have expectations of her has a coach. We communicate with each other about aspects of training, racing, and life frequently.

Coach Kelly and I have created a strong coach/athlete relationship built on trust and open communication that will only continue to become stronger with time! I’m super excited to see where we go together in the future!

Do you have a coach? If so, what benefits do you experience in having a coach?

2017 Racing Season

Mother Nature (errr…Global Warming) has blessed us with BEAUTIFUL weather this “winter”…weather we typically see in April and May here in Central Iowa. This beautiful weather + back rehabilitation got me thinking about my 2017 racing season. I have had WAY MORE downtime than is typical for me during this rehab process, so…I had plenty of time to plan for my 2017 racing season and register for some races. Thanks to this downtime, my 2017 racing season is taking shape! I have registered for the following races:

  1. Drake 1/2 Marathon (4/29/17)
  2. Hickory Grove Sprint Triathlon (5/21/17)
  3. Liberty Tri 70.3 (6/10/17)
  4. Okoboji Triathlon (7/15/17)
  5. Ironman Mont Tremblant (8/20/17)

I am super pumped about these races! This schedule will provide me with some opportunities to test my race day plan for long distances, but also give me some opportunities to go hard, fast, and have fun at some shorter distances!

I have also registered for a 3 day training camp in Vermont on July 27-30 with Track Cat Fitness! This training camp is 3 weeks before Ironman Mont Tremblant, so we will be extending our vacation to 4 weeks! We will be heading to the New England States before going to Mont Tremblant, Canada…visiting new places, training in new places, and having even more fun!

How is your 2017 season shaping up?

What’s Up?! – January 2017

CRAZY to think that the first month of 2017 is already over! Where does time go?! I must say I am a bit happier to have longer daylight hours, so if that means saying “goodbye” to January, I’m ok that time has flown by!


My training had a few bumps this month as I was sick…twice. The most recent bout lasting longer than I had hoped. Despite these bumps, I have had some successful training sessions, including a FTP challenge on the bike, where my threshold power increased by 13 watts! I’m so grateful to see my fitness bouncing back after taking a few months off during the off season! I have also seen my 200 yard swim time trial times increase by 2 seconds. While this may not seem like much, if I can carry this over to long distance swimming, I should see huge improvements on my swim time for Ironman Mont Tremblant in August! My run time trial also went better than expected! I dropped my average time over a 5K from 8:08/mile to 7:42/mile. I not only achieved my goal, but also my secret goal on this time trial! BOOM!

Striving for progress, not perfection in the pool this week with a 2 second increase in my 200 yard time trial! :)
Striving for progress, not perfection in the pool this week with a 2 second increase in my 200 yard time trial! 🙂
Crushing my FTP challenge = HUGE smiles!
Crushing my FTP challenge = HUGE smiles!
So giddy since I crushed my 5K time trial secret goal!
So giddy since I crushed my 5K time trial secret goal!

Swim Totals: 12.3 miles
Bike Totals: 218 miles
Run Totals: 51.8 miles


I have read two amazing blog posts by Carrie Cheadle. The first is on ways to get more grit…who doesn’t want more grit in their life?! The second is on gratitude. We should all be incredibly grateful everyday. Looking for the things to be grateful for everyday can give you a completely different mindset and attitude about every part of your day!

Roar by Stacy Sims is a serious GAME CHANGER for active women! Stacy is BRILLIANT! This is a MUST READ! Not is it full of helpful information on nutrition, strength training, and how each impact your training and racing, but it is also packed full of information on how your cycle impacts training, racing, and your everyday life. I’m so grateful to one of my Coeur Sports Teammies for putting this book in my hands!


Running Man: A Memoir by Charlie Engle sucks you into his life. After a decade-long addiction to crack-cocaine and alcohol, Charlie hit rock bottom and was nearly killed during a 6 day binge. He turned his life around with the help of running. He started with marathons and when they weren’t long enough, he began to take on ultramarathons and adventure races in some very unforgiving locations around the globe. Running even helped him not just survive, but thrive in a federal prison because of an unjust conviction. Charlie Engle takes you on a few crazy adventures throughout his gripping, emotional, and inspiring life journey!!


Listening to:

David Goggins Podcast…WOW!! Can you say inspiring?! He is probably the toughest athlete on the planet and full of great insights on mindset and why knowing your purpose will get you farther than motivation. I highly recommend this podcast. Prepare yourself to learn more about the fighter mindset and how it can take you anywhere! Note: he has no filter and there is some swearing throughout this podcast.

Kerri Walsh Jennings Podcast…Hello!! She has competed in the last 5 Olympic games, earning 4 medals (3 gold and 1 bronze) in beach volleyball. She is so “rad!” She shares her take on mindset and the importance of effective communication both in sport and relationships. She is super inspiring and so full of energy + passion! “I don’t want to be better than you or her or him – I want to be better than I am right now.” ~Kerri Walsh Jennings

Scared for:

The future of all people of the United States of America! I am deeply saddened by the departure of President Obama and the First Lady as well as the current state that our country is in. I believe that the basic value of not discriminating on the basis of religion and nationality is foundational to the fabric of American democracy. Most of our ancestors were immigrants. I believe diversity is not a weakness, but rather a strength that we should embrace. We the people are creating a serious dividing line between us, and I’m scared that history will repeat itself. I’m choosing to focus on all of the positives I can find during these dark days…some days I have to really look hard, but there are always positives!! “We the people” have to stay united!!

#Fearless check-in:

This is my intention for 2017 is to become more fearless! So…how have I been doing with this? Quite well I believe! In my personal life, I have not had a drop of alcohol all month = WIN! I am working on facing those things that truly scare me, but this has required me to take baby steps because some of these things have a REALLY TIGHT hold on me. I am also really working on not letting others opinions of me bother me, but this is also more challenging since it has a TIGHT hold on me as well. At work, I have openly admitted to students a couple of times (just this month) that I don’t have all of the answers. And. It. Feels. GREAT! Being an introvert, the human connection piece is something I still struggle with, but I am going to continue to work on this. Thanks to Coach Kelly with Track Cat Fitness, I have been pushing myself WAY outside of my comfort zone while training and finding I am capable of so much more than I think I am. And. It. Feels. AMAZING! As for racing, I haven’t had a chance to race in January, so I haven’t been able to truly go HARD and find out what I’m capable of on race day. As you can see, this is definitely a work in progress, and I’m happy to say that in the first month I’ve already made some progress!

How was your first month of 2017? What were your January highlights?

30 weeks ’til #IMMT: Progress

This was an excellent week of progress for me! I LOVE to see things falling together so nicely! Thanks to the guidance and support of Coach Kelly, I’m seeing more progress than I thought I would this early in my training! I hope that means big things to come in August at Ironman Mont Tremblant!

Swim: 8250 yards

I had a swim time trial on Wednesday this week. It was only 200 yards, but I saw a 2 second improvement over my 200 yard TT from about 6 weeks ago. This may not seem like much, but I was super happy with this! Now if I can translate it to long distance swimming, I will see HUGE improvements in my swim times at Ironman Mont Tremblant! Hello Progress! I’m glad we’ve met! 😉

Striving for progress, not perfection in the pool this week with a 2 second increase in my 200 yard time trial! :)
Striving for progress, not perfection in the pool this week with a 2 second increase in my 200 yard time trial! 🙂

Bike: 76.8 miles

I put some hard work in on the bike this week! I love to push myself and see what I am truly capable of from time to time! When you do the work and trust the process, you reap the rewards! I am looking forward to reaping the rewards of my hard work on race day in August!

Doing the work and trusting the process means hay in the barn so I can start a HUGE fire on race day!
Doing the work and trusting the process means hay in the barn so I can start a HUGE fire on race day!

Run: 14.8 miles

I also had a run time trial this week…5K at the track on Saturday. After spending MANY hours at the track rehabbing an injury a few years ago, I have had a mental block at the track since. I’m happy to be making progress with this mental block AND my 5K time! I went into my 5K time trial with a goal of running a sub 8:00/mile pace and a secret goal of breaking 24 minutes. I’m giddy to report that I surpassed my secret goal! I finished in 23:53 with negative splits! My 1st mile was 7:46/mile, my 2nd mile was 7:41/mile, my 3rd mile was 7:40/mile, and my last 0.1 of a mile was 7:28/mile…I was so happy with myself that I smiled and laughed during my 1.25 mile cool down! I’m still smiling! Hello progress! I’m glad we are still hanging out together!

So giddy since I crushed my 5K time trial secret goal!
So giddy since I surpassed my 5K time trial secret goal!

Strength Training: 1 hour & 55 minutes + 10 minutes of core strength daily

I had 3 solid strength training sessions + 10 minutes of core work every day this week. I’m so grateful that my body allows me to push it so hard, while remaining injury free. I know this wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t incorporate the strength training into my schedule every week. Strength training keeps me on track and allows me to keep doing what I love while staying injury free! Thank you body!

Strength training in a variety of ways this week!
Strength training in a variety of ways this week!

Weekly Totals: 12 hours & 42 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

How was your week? What were your highlights from the week? What progress have you made on your goals/training lately?

2017 Intentions: Be Fearless!

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” ~Author Unknown

With 2017 well underway, I suppose it is time for me to talk about my intentions for this year. I don’t set New Year’s resolutions. Instead I set intentions that I hope to guide my life throughout the coming year. For 2017, I’ve decided to use my power word as my intention in all aspects of my life.

#fearless is my word for 2017 in all areas of my life...Thanks to Coach Kelly for this amazing reminder!!
#fearless is my focus word for 2017 in all areas of my life…Thanks to Coach Kelly for this amazing reminder!!

I want to be more #fearless:

In my personal life…we all have $hit that we need to own and face to improve upon, which means it is likely a difficult topic since we aren’t facing it.

  1. One life area I want to be more #fearless in is saying no to drinking alcohol. Other than loving the taste of a good beer, nothing positive comes when I drink alcohol…I don’t sleep well, I don’t feel well, I further dehydrate myself, my already “no filter” self completely loses my filter, I get mouthy, I don’t like the person I become when I drink alcohol and neither does my husband. I am not one to drink a lot…except for maybe the offseason. When I am training, I am pretty good at staying away from the sauce. I have dreams to chase and goals to fulfill. I don’t have time to get less sleep and dehydrate myself more than what I already do with my training.
  2. Another life area I want to be more #fearless in is facing those things that truly scare me head on so I can try to overcome the fear. I am afraid of multiple things, but one I’m willing to openly share with you is my fear of heights. Hello head spinning, light headed/dizzy, sweaty palms, blurred vision…I have experienced all of these at some point while being high in the air. Standing at the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago…I want to throw up just thinking about it and I almost did while I was there! So this year I’ve decided to incorporate more rock climbing into my life. Climbing isn’t the hard part…it is looking down and letting go of the wall trusting the auto belay to lower me gently back to safety. This has been a scary adventure, but I’m determined to overcome the fear and become more and more comfortable with each climb.

    I did make it all the way to the top and then didn't want to let go...but I did! #fearless
    I did make it all the way to the top and then didn’t want to let go…but I did! #fearless
  3. Be #fearless and not worry about what others may think or say about me and my body. Sure, I don’t have six-pack abs and my body is not that of a super model, but as Jana recently reminded me, “six pack abs don’t equal speed!” Thank you Jana! I needed that reminder! I don’t want a super model body. I want a strong, fit, healthy body that takes me on all kinds of fun and crazy adventures. Thankfully, that is exactly what my body does. I need to thank it more often and not fear or worry about what others may think or say. Becoming more #fearless in this avenue of my life will help build my confidence…who doesn’t want to be more confident?!

    Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone by posting this pic. I need to learn to feel more comfortable in my own skin and #fearless about what others may think/say. My body may not be that of a super model, but it sure is strong and works hard to keep me happy and healthy.
    Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone by posting this pic. I need to learn to feel more comfortable in my own skin and #fearless about what others may think/say about me and my strong, fit, healthy body.

At work…there are always things that happen at work where I think, “I should have done this” or “I should have said that.” It’s time to do and say more!

  1. We are teaching new science standards this year. This is requiring me to step out of my comfort zone, learn new things, and become more #fearless. How so?! It’s ok to tell the students that I don’t have all of the answers…I’m learning too!
  2. It may come as a surprise to you that I am NOT a “touchy, feely” kind of person – or maybe it doesn’t. Most middle school students respond best to people who are “touchy, feely.” I want to become more #fearless as I work on connecting with humans more…thinking about their needs and desires, to build a relationship that gives a sense of belonging. While I notice my lack of human connection more at work when working with middle school students, it is also something I can improve in my everyday life as well. Human connection is uncomfortable for me, but I know it is an area of my life that I might even learn to enjoy if I just work a bit harder at it!

During training and racing…courage over comfort is what I preach and try to live by, but it sometimes evades me and I don’t push myself as hard as I should have. It’s time for change! Step out of the comfort zone and make change happen!

  1. I want to be more #fearless to push myself WAY out of my comfort zone! After all, they say this is where the magic happens! Every time I push myself WAY out of my comfort zone I learn more about who I am…qualities come out that I didn’t even know I had in me. That’s when I find out who I am. When everything else is stripped from me, I learn more about what I can overcome and accomplish. I can push myself out of my comfort zone by working on my inefficient swim stroke, by pushing watts on the bike until my legs don’t turn over any more, and by running at paces that make me want to puke. All of these will help me get stronger and faster come Ironman Mont Tremblant race day! They will also help me become more confident in pushing myself out of my comfort zone on race day!

    So happy to have pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone and survived!
  2. On race day, I want to be so #fearless that I go HARD and am NOT afraid of a DNF because I leave it all out on the course. In order for me to get closer to achieving my dream of one day racing in Kona, I need to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and learn to leave it all out on the course!

By becoming more #fearless, I am risking all kinds of possible outcomes. It is time to not worry about the “what if,” but rather live in the moment and find the courage to try – the willingness to stand up, let go, try, screw up, learn, grow and start again. This is the only way I will learn what I am truly capable of and learn more about who I truly am!

What are your 2017 intentions? Do you have a focus word for 2017? If so, what is it?

32 Weeks ’til #IMMT: FTP Challenge BOOM

Crazy to think we are only 32 weeks away from Ironman Mont Tremblant! Time sure flies by when you’re having fun! I’m so grateful I GET to have fun and swim/bike/run my way through each week!

Swim: 9700 yards

This week was lots of swimming, but nothing really stands out as super noteworthy. I have been using the tempo trainer…for someone who didn’t grow up swimming fast, just swimming for fun ALL.DAY.LONG, this tool is evil. It is forcing me to work harder and swim faster than I ever have. I know I’ll eventually learn to love it, but right now I have a love/hate relationship with it.

This swim cap makes me smile!
This swim cap makes me smile!
This little tool is evil! I currently have a love/hate relationship with it that I'm hoping will eventually turn to only love!
This little tool is evil! I currently have a love/hate relationship with it that I’m hoping will eventually turn to only love!

Bike: 63.5 miles

The highlight of the week was CRUSHING my FTP challenge! Thursday morning I had an FTP challenge (Coach Kelly calls them challenges instead of tests…tests are usually pass/fail, while a challenge is something to rise up and conquer). My previous power threshold was 163 watts. My goal for this test was to maintain 180 watts for my 20 minute challenge, which I crushed by maintaining 188 watts! BOOM! After my extensive offseason, I’m bouncing back to where I was before Ironman Wisconsin 2016 (196 watts).

Crushing my FTP challenge = HUGE smiles!
Crushing my FTP challenge = HUGE smiles!
That crazy spike in my cadence during my challenge didn't actually happen...Crazy Garmin!
That crazy spike in my cadence during my challenge didn’t actually happen…Crazy Garmin!

Run: 25.1 miles

I put in MANY miles on the mill this week as it has been a COLD week! The only run I did do outside was for 20 minutes and I ran more miles than what was the outdoor temperature. BRRR!!

Running ninja style when it is 2F outside!
Running ninja style with my Coeur Sports buff when it is 2F outside!

Strength Training: 1 hour & 55 minutes + 10 minutes of core daily

I had some good strength training sessions this week! Lots of functional strength and core, while incorporating lots of variety into each workout.


I spent most of the weekend (when I wasn’t training) taking Epsom salt baths, sitting with my feet up in my CEP compression tights, eating all the food, and sleeping like a baby! When we train hard, it is important to recover just as hard…or harder!

#CEPCompression tights are da bomb!
#CEPCompression tights are da bomb!

Weekly Totals: 14 hours & 38 minutes

Quote of the Week:

“Rise to the challenge of bringing your dreams to life! Do not be discouraged by resistance, be nourished by it. Success is the experience of rising to the level of your true greatness.” ~Steve Maraboli

Looking Back at 2016 to Move Forward in 2017

I can’t believe the first week of December has already came and went!! With only a few weeks to the start of 2017, it is time to reflect on 2016. It is good to look at the past (taking a look at what went well and what needs improvement) before planning for the future.  I have taken some time to reflect and evaluate my 2016 journey so I can set S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2017.


USA Triathlon posted a great article that I have used to help me evaluate my 2014 and 2015 training and racing seasons before trying to plan for 2015 and 2016. I have found this reflection very beneficial and thought I would use the same questions to reflect on my 2016 season so I can better plan for 2017.

1. In hindsight, were your goals for the season clear and attainable?

-My goals were clear and attainable: smile and have fun at Ironman Wisconsin while pushing to break 14 hours.  I feel like I could have pushed a little bit harder to break 14 hours, especially on the run. My overall finish time was 14:34:11, but I did manage to smile and have fun all day long!! I love Ironman racing…it makes my heart happy 🙂

Ironman Wisconsin #bikelove Photo credit: Erin Klegstad
Ironman Wisconsin #bikelove Photo credit: Erin Klegstad

2. What are you most proud of this season?

-I had a great training weekend on the Ironman Wisconsin course at the end of July. I rode 125 miles on the bike course with 6847 feet of climbing followed by an hour run…it was hard challenging, but gave me the confidence I needed for race day! The day after this big monster workout, I participated in a 2.4 mile open water swim event that was not wetsuit legal. This continued to build my confidence for my upcoming 3.5 mile open water swim that would also not be wetsuit legal. I followed this swim with running one loop (13.1 miles) of the Ironman Wisconsin run course. This weekend was a HUGE confidence builder!!

125 miles of #bikelove in Wisconsin = ALL of the corn!
2.4 mile swim sans wetsuit = confidence builder!!
This is what happy looks like after a successful Ironman Wisconsin training camp!
This is what happy looks like after a successful Ironman Wisconsin training camp!

3. What would I like to duplicate next year?

-I have gotten so much stronger and faster on the bike, and I would love to see my cycling fitness continue to grow in 2017!! With Ironman Mont Tremblant’s bike course having 5900 feet of climbing, I can use this developed strength and cycling fitness to carry me through this hilly course in 2017!!

Nailing my FTP test with normalized power of 194 watts...I'm getting SO close to being able to push 200 watts for my 20 minute time trial!!
Nailing my FTP test with normalized power of 194 watts…I’m getting SO close to being able to push 200 watts for my 20 minute time trial!!

4. What frustrated or disappointed you the most this season?

-I didn’t have the run I was hoping for at Ironman Wisconsin this year. I know I can run a 4:45:00 marathon off the bike, but haven’t been able to make this happen yet.

-The 70.3 distance event I did in Madison in June was HOT and I didn’t have the race I was hoping for. I had spent the week before my race in DC, so I didn’t properly acclimate to the heat and humidity that Mother Nature bestowed on us on race day in the Midwest. The positive…I still finished (without ending up in the medical tent) despite Mother Nature’s bad attitude.


-Not having a nutritionally sound race at Ironman Wisconsin. I wasn’t hyponatremic by the end, but I was well on my way. I have to find a way to figure out this nutrition!

5. What do you not want to happen again next year?

-I want to have a solid nutritional experience in 2017 at Ironman Mont Tremblant…Ironman Wisconsin 2014 is the only long race I have felt good nutritionally.

-I want to avoid having a flat run at the end of Ironman Mont Tremblant. I definitely want to put together a solid race…strong and solid swim, followed by a strong and solid bike, followed by a strong and solid run!

6. What did you learn by going through these experiences?

-I’ve learned that it is time to mix things up and seek help! I have had the same flat training for the last couple of years, and it is time to make some changes! It is also time to figure out this nutrition so that I set myself up for a great race at IMMT! This is why I’ve hired Coach Kelly with Track Cat Fitness to help me make dreams come true!

7. What decisions did you make that were empowering for you?

-I felt empowered by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things! Racing in a relay with friends and a duathlon were first time experiences for me this year. I am happy to say that they are both experiences that I want to do again!

#solesistersweat and a podium finish at my first ever duathlon
#solesistersweat and a podium finish at my first ever duathlon

-I also felt empowered by empowering other women in endurance sport through our women’s only rides this year! I finally made the time to help other women feel more confident on their bike and it. Was. Awesome! The smiles and confidence these women exhibited spoke volumes to how they felt!

Ladies Night!
Ladies Night!

8. What habits seemed to hold you back from achieving your potential?

-I need to overcome the fear of being uncomfortable. I am always afraid to leave it all out there…whether it is during a training session or a race. Where is that balance between being uncomfortable and able to successfully finish and being uncomfortable and failing? It is time for me to find out. It is time for me to get really uncomfortable and learn to feel truly comfortable with the uncomfortable! This year is all about #courageovercomfort and pushing my limits both in training and racing!

It is time to start living my dream instead of living my fear!
It is time to start living my dream instead of living my fear!

9. What decisions should you make in order to have your best triathlon year ahead?

-I have decided to hire a coach for 2017 and I am super excited about it! With Coach Kelly’s knowledge, guidance, encouragement, and support, I hope to have the best year yet! I will also focus on believing in myself and my training more…not just the superficial believing, but the deep underneath the surface at the very core of my being believing! I’m confident Kelly and I will work well together to help make this all happen! 🙂 2017 is the year of #courageovercomfort as I push myself to new limits!

My 2017 S.M.A.R.T. goals will come in a few weeks time. Stay tuned…

Have you looked backward so you can plan for the future? What did you learn?