The Bests of 2013

Thanks to Abby at Change of Pace for this post’s inspiration!!  She recently posted about her year of running with a triathlon twist and gave credit to Miss Zippy.  I am posting my year of triathlon, but with a few of my own bonus “bests.”

Best race experience?

I had quite a few PRs this year (including shaving 26:51 off my 70.3 distance time), so one would think it would be hard to pick just one race, but this is actually an easy one for me…

USA Triathlon 2013 Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championships

Not only did I have to qualify to compete in this race (by placing 2nd in my age group at the Lake Geode Olympic-distance Triathlon), but I did so by setting a PR (shaving 11:46 off my previous Olympic-distance time).  USAT Age Group National Championships was an AMAZING experience…awesome race venue (Milwaukee, WI), friendly and helpful volunteers, fierce competition, perfect racing weather and yet another PR in the books (shaving another 4:37 off my Olympic-distance triathlon time).

USAT Collage

Best run?

In 2013, I raced two marathons, one half marathon and a 5K to bring in the New Year, but my best run wasn’t a race.  My best run was with the Iron Hippie and our two black labs.  We ran through Carr Woods for a short, late afternoon run this fall…leaves crunching under our feet, perfect temperature, setting sun through the branches of the trees, uneven terrain, quiet surroundings…PERFECT!!


Best bike?

Was without a doubt the Two States Ride with the Iron Hippie back in June…there was little vehicular traffic, we rode a perfect distance (70 miles), the company was great, we got to experience new scenery…this ride was simply wonderful!!

The Iron Hippie is in Iowa on the left and I am in Minnesota on the right.
The Iron Hippie is in Iowa on the left and I am in Minnesota on the right.

Best swim?

There really isn’t any particular swim that stands out to me as being “the best” this year.  This summer I really enjoyed starting my day with a swim in the outdoor 50 meter pool at 6 am.


Best brick workout?

I LOVED (and at moments hated) the 3×60/20 brick that I completed on May 19!!  This brick consisted of 3 sets of a 60 minute ride followed by a 20 minute run.  Set #1 was completed in zone 2, set #2 was completed in upper zone 2/lower zone 3 and set #3 was completed in mid to upper zone 3.  While it was a very CHALLENGING 4 hour workout, it was also very REWARDING!!

3x 60/20 Brick
My workout summary from my 3×60/20 Brick on May 19, 2013

Best group workout?

Six friends set out on a leisure century ride around central Iowa on a HOT July 5th day.  We started with 6 cyclists, but shortly before mile 40, one cyclist had to head home and go to work.  About 5 miles later, another friend met up with us after he got off work, so our numbers were back up to 6.  Great time with awesome friends!!

century collage

Best new piece of gear?

This is SUPER easy…my new SOAS tri kit!!  Love, LOve, LOVE my SOAS tri kit…no chafing, perfect fit, cool white color…simply AMAZING!!

My new SOAS tri kit...LOVE,  LOVE, LOVE IT!!
My new SOAS tri kit…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!

Best piece of racing advice you received?

I think the best advice I’ve received has come from a variety of sources…Just Believe.  When you believe in yourself, anything is possible!!

Most inspirational athlete?

While Chrissie Wellington is not racing IRONMAN any more, she is definitely my most inspirational athlete.  Her compassion for sport, love of people, positive attitude, strong will, outstanding character and amazing smile are very motivational and extremely contagious.  With every workout that I do, or race that I compete in, Chrissie is at the forefront of my mind with a big smile and the following quote,

“It’s when the discomfort strikes that one realizes a strong mind is the most powerful weapon of all.”                                                                ~Chrissie Wellington

Getting my medal and a hug from Chrissie Wellington at the finish line of USA Triathlon Olympic-distance Age Group National Championships.
Getting my medal and a hug from Chrissie Wellington at the finish line of USA Triathlon Olympic-distance Age Group National Championships.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

PR (personal record), FUN, STRONG

Tell me about your 2013 year and then link back to Abby’s and Miss Zippy’s posts!!

18 thoughts on “The Bests of 2013

  1. Awesome post and recap Kecia… Have to agree with you on those 70 mile rides – and the 4-6 friend rides at a leisurely 20mph pace… Simply can’t be beat.

  2. Nice sum-up, Kecia. I love that your “Best Run” wasn’t a race at all — just a perfect moment in time with your body and good company. That’s a good reminder of what it’s really all about, in the end. 🙂

  3. I’m so happy you wrote this! You sure did have a fantastic year; those are some huge PRs!
    Your family trail run sounds awesome! Same with your group bike ride. That’s nice you have people to train with!
    And I’m more than jealous you got a hug from chrissie at the finish line! I think I finished mere minutes before she handed out medals at IMAZ 2010.
    Can’t wait to read about your 2014!

    1. Thanks Abby for the inspiration for this post 🙂 This was actually my 2nd finish line hug and medal that I received from Chrissie. She also gave me my first ever 1/2 Ironman medal in Kansas 2010…that was part of our conversation as she placed this medal around my neck. It felt like coming full circle 🙂

  4. Fantastic year, lady! That trail run looks perfect, and so cool you biked in two states on the same road! Is that in southern Minnesota? I’m adding to my bucket list 🙂 Also, so jealous you met Chrissie… she’s a rock star and such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Erin. It was a great year!! That road is in southern Minnesota…western side of the state. That was actually my 2nd time meeting Chrissie 😉

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