Transitions…in Life and Training

“Transition: a change from one state or condition to another”  ~Merriam Webster

Life is full of transitions…transitioning from baby to child to adolescent to adult.  Transitioning from grade level to grade level and possibly school to school.  Transitioning from living at home, to living on your own.  Transitioning from attending school to the working world.  Transitioning from renting to owning a home.  Transitioning from job to job.  Transitioning from single to in a relationship and maybe even to marriage.  Transitioning from season to season.  Transitioning from hobby to hobby.  Transitioning from young to older and eventually “old.”  The list goes on and on and on.

The end of the school year brings transitions to our household and this year will be no different.  I transition from the role of school teacher to the role of house wife.  When I am in the role of school teacher, we have to find/make time on the weekends to run errands, clean house, do laundry and make/prep meals for the coming week.  When I am in the role of the house wife, I can do all of these chores during the week while the Iron Hippie is at work so we can enjoy our weekends more freely.  The role of house wife also gives me the flexibility to take on a few more personal training clients and make a little extra money at my part time job.

Training is also full of transitions…transitioning from goal to goal.  Transitioning from swimming to cycling to running during triathlon.  Transitioning from season to season.  Transitioning from race to race.  Transitioning from indoor trainer rides to outdoor road rides.  Transitioning from indoor pool swimming to outdoor pool swimming and/or open water swimming.   Transitioning from treadmill running to running outdoors.  Transitioning from working out solo vs. with others.  This list also goes on and on and on.

Transition area at the 2013 USAT Olympic Distance National Championships in Milwaukee, WI.

Having a more flexible schedule during the summer months allows me to train at different times of the day…acclimating to different temperatures, training with different people and juggling my workouts around variable weather if necessary.

This year, we are experiencing an additional transition…going from training with a coach, to training without a coach.  While both the Iron Hippie and I LOVE Coach Julie, we have decided to discontinue her coaching services.  Julie is moving to the Chicagoland area and we feel that we are knowledgable enough, motivated enough and dedicated enough to get ourselves to the start line and finish line of Ironman Wisconsin 2014.   As a science teacher, I’m looking at this as our own little science experiment…what can we do to successfully get us to the start and finish lines of IMWI?!?!?!?!

science experiment

Discontinuing our coaching services will allow us to have some extra money that we can save for upcoming races, vacations, home/yard renovations, etc.  We will have the flexibility to incorporate more social activities into our weekly regimen and it will encourage the Iron Hippie and I to communicate more with each other regarding our training and home schedules.

Transitions can sometimes be uncomfortable and scary…especially when we don’t know what to expect, what the outcomes will be, or how they will impact our daily lives.  The Iron Hippie and I are embracing these transitions and looking forward to the positive impacts they will have on our household.

life transitions

Do you embrace transitions?  What transitions do you experience / have you experienced in your life?

20 thoughts on “Transitions…in Life and Training

  1. After a lot of transitions the past few years (moving 1,000+ miles twice is extremely stressful) but yet, we’re always adapting and changing, whether it’s to the weather, growing kids, or just changing our mind about what to have for dinner. Once you do the BIG ones a few times, the little ones come easy and sometimes, it can be a lot of fun. Best of luck with doing your own training but I’m sure you’ll both do great, and can even have a little more fun with it! 🙂

  2. How exciting that you and the Iron Hippie are embarking on this journey together and going it alone. I’m sure you are each packed full of knowledge that will help you to succeed and overcome difficulties when they arise. I bet you are really looking forward to the summer schedule and flexibility. It is pretty much priceless when training for a triathlon. One of my biggest and most positive transitions during the past year was going from teaching in the classroom (and commuting 120 miles each way) to teaching online and working from home. The time and flexibility has allowed me to start living and fulfilling my dreams!

    1. Thanks for your confidence Kristen!! The transition you went through would DEFINITELY allow you to start living and fulfilling dreams…I’m SO happy for you!!

  3. What an exciting time! No doubt you two will be successful getting to the start and finish lines at IMWI. You’ve been doing triathlon long enough (and have an IM under your belt) to know what works best for you! Coach Julie set you up well, too! Also, I cannot tell you how envious I am of your summer off. What I wouldn’t give… 🙂 I’m currently debating a big life transition… exciting but stressful!

    1. It is exciting Erin!! I love my summers off, but sometimes the other 9 months of the year can be VERY taxing. Sometimes these BIG life transitions are stressful, but can be very worthwhile in the end!! I hope it all works out great for you 🙂

  4. The teaching to house wife transition must be a welcome one with the extra time! I didn’t know you have personal training clients! Do you work out of a gym, or just train them on your own?
    Exciting about the training without a coach, too. You guys know your stuff, have your base from training with a coach, and will do awesome on your own!
    We’ve never used a coach, and I definitely see value in hiring one. However, the money saved is huge!

  5. The teaching to house wife transition is AWESOME, but the house wife to teaching transition isn’t so much fun when I get use to having time off 😉

    I do some personal training with our City’s Parks and Rec Department…not a lot, because I value my time off, but enough to give us a little extra $ each month.

    I am definitely looking forward to the savings from our self coaching 😉

  6. Even though I’m very comfortable with routine, I enjoy change every now and then. I like the challenge of doing something differently, and the excitement of something new.
    I’m sure you’ll do great training on your own, you have so much knowledge and experience, I know you’ll come up with a good training plan and will do great in IMWI.

  7. Hey Kecia! I’m new to your blog, but had to comment. Congratulations on the transition from teaching to homemaking. I’m sure the choice wasn’t easy, but as a fellow teacher, the time commitment is enormous. Enjoy this new phase!

  8. Wow!! There is so many transitions in life!! I guess I never really thought about it!! Great post!!
    I think I sometimes embrace transitions and change. But sometimes not!! I would love to transition into a new job/career which I am heavily thinking about and will be an upcoming goal. It is hard though!! As much as I hate being a dental hygienist the hours and pay are good. 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear how self-coaching goes!! You guys know what you are doing and 2 heads are better than 1!!!
    YAY for summer “va-cay”!!!!

    1. Thanks Leslie!! Every job has it’s pluses and minuses. While I enjoy my time off during the summer months, I also endure a lot of stress that I might not in other occupations. There is give and take with everything in life 😉

  9. Love this! Personally, I suck at transitions. I try to embrace them, but when they come, it takes me a bit to adjust to be honest. And yet, I love change, and I constantly want change, but sometimes it’s scary to embrace transitions. But, I love that quote, because we do change, and we do transition in and out of things and people, etc. and that’s okay! 🙂

    1. Thanks Katie!! Transitions surround us all of the time. We have the ability to let it move us forward or stress us out…I try to remember to let it move me forward and not stress me out, but sometimes I forget 😉

  10. I love the topic of this post… I feel like my life is full of transitions, good and bad. I am jealous that you will have the Summer off. I have always thought about how being a teacher would be the perfect job for a triathlete (summers off!) . I also play the role of housewife, but with Ironman training, my husband has taken over that role quite a bit. Since I am the only one training, he helps out BIG time. I hear you on the coach thing.. I love my coach and the programming, but it’s expensive! Perhaps for my next IM, I will go coach-free.

    I have experienced a lot of transitions in my career, and I am still feeling lost about the whole thing. I have bounced from office job to office job (over the last 8 yrs) because quite honestly, I don’t like the office life. I am determined to transition to doing something I love… but it’s hard to break free and enter the unknown… it’s scary, but life is too short.

    1. Thanks Kristin!! Today was my last day of school with students…tomorrow is meetings all day, then I have the next 9 weeks off 🙂 While there are MANY challenges that come with teaching, the summers off are a definite positive!!

      Like I told my students today…Dream BIG and then act on your dreams. You’ll want to leave this world someday saying, “I’m glad I did” instead of “I wish I had.” Change can be scary, but it can definitely be VERY rewarding as well!! Go for it 😉

  11. I am also a teacher and have officially transitioned to summer (okay, I have a few small details that I need to deal with…) – my husband noticed that my stress level dropped significantly this week! I find that I transition to summer by taking daily naps for the first few weeks.
    Even though it’s great to be on summer break, there are those moments when I feel a bit lost. That is probably why I aim for some structure, and training is really nice for that!
    Enjoy your summer ‘mode’ and your training!

    1. I’m ready to embark on my last day of work (inservice day) this morning. My husband also notices a significant drop in my stress level during the summer months. Thanks Kristina!! Have a great summer and enjoy your summer training as well 🙂

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