Will History Repeat Itself?

In 2008 I got sick during my taper for the Milwaukee Marathon. On race day I qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Today I am 10 days out from Ironman Wisconsin and I woke up with a throat so sore I could hardly swallow.  I stayed home from work and went to the doctor as a precaution.  My Dr. put me on a Z-pack to kick all of this crud out of my system. The good news…I should be immune to any bacteria I may be swimming with in Lake Monona.  If history repeats itself, I should have a great race in 10 short days!!


19 thoughts on “Will History Repeat Itself?

  1. Oh my goodness, Kecia!!! I hope you are feeling better. Maybe it is your body and mind working together to make sure you get enough rest and don’t overdue it before the Ironman? I think you are definitely setting yourself up for an epic race! 🙂

    1. I’m feeling much better today Kristen! That z-pack worked wonders rather quickly. I was able to ride 2 hours today with no problem. Maybe you’re right…my mind and body are working together😉 I’m really looking forward to next week!

  2. So, you got sick, and qualified for Boston. Therefore, you should qualify for Kona this time around! Maybe I’ll see you cross the finish line from T2… 😉

    1. While I’m in no real jeopardy of not making time cut offs, you won’t see me finish if you’re in T2!! I’m not racing for Kona 😉

      1. I am a little concerned about bike cut off time. I know I can complete the run under the cutoff, but bike will be interesting. Congrats on Boston! That’s a huge accomplishment!

      2. Thanks!! Don’t worry about bike cut off. Worrying just brings negativity to the day that you don’t need. Just go out and have fun…that is the most important part. When you have fun and soak in the day, you’ll do more than you ever thought possible!!

      3. P.S. I just looked at your Muncie times…you have NOTHING to worry about!! You are going to beat me off the bike!!

    1. Thanks Erin! While my throat feels better, my head is super stuffy. One if the many pitfalls of working with middle schoolers. I’m very excited for this weekend and won’t let this get me down!!

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