11 weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

Hello Monday…Thankfully you are my last one of this school year. Only 8 more days of school (6 with students). And. I. Can’t. Wait!!



This coming week is sure to be my most challenging week. With this being the last full week of school, stress levels are sure to be high, so it is good that my training volume will be high to help reduce that stress…or maybe add to it?!?!?! Either way, I am looking forward to pushing my limits and seeing just what I’m made of this week!!


Swim: 9200 yards (oh my!!)

I had a 2000 TT swim this week, and a couple of other longer swims (another swim had a main set of 2×1000). My TT didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t all bad.


Bike: 146 miles (less than we had hoped and planned)

I had a few “high” moments and a very “low” moment on the bike this week. Monday my 75 minute trainer workout was AMAZING!! Thanks to Kristin for this awesome workout:

Warm-Up: 10 minutes Z1, 5 min on/off (30 sec Z4/30 sec Z1), 5 min Z2
Main Set: 5x(4 min High Z4, 2 min Z1, 1 min Z5, 3 min Z1)
Cool Down: 5 min Z1

Wednesday’s ride full of LOTS of wind (which pushed us home FAST), a flat tire and TONS of fun!! LOTS of #bikelove to start the week!


Saturday’s outdoor ride was a bust! Our planned workout was a 7 hour brick (1 hour swim, 5 hour ride, 1 hour run), but my gut was NOT cooperative! The swim went well and the first 4 miles of the bike were good, but it all went downhill from there. I had stomach cramps that started at about mile 5 of the ride and would. Not. Let. Up. I continued on hoping that eventually they would subside. At about mile 25 we detoured to my husband’s co-worker’s house to get some Tums. I was hoping that would help. We continued on and while the cramping did get a little better, it never went completely away. We cut our 5 hour ride short and only made it 67 miles…but that was 67 miles of riding with intense stomach cramps. There was no run off the bike on this one…#lessonlearned…NO EGGS as pre workout nutrition.


Thankfully my struggles on Saturday wouldn’t last forever. 🙂


Run: 27.3 miles

Tuesday morning was a VERY windy run and Thursday’s run off the bike was soggy, so it was nice to have Sunday morning’s run be so AMAZING!! I was scheduled to run for 2:15:00, but decided to go a bit longer since I wasn’t able to run off the bike on Saturday. I felt like I could have run forever on Sunday and just about took full advantage of it. I had some serious #runlove this week 🙂




Strength Training: 2:15:00

I am continuing to get an hour strength session in on Mondays, my 45 minutes of TRX on Thursdays and 30 minutes of core work on Saturdays. With our Saturday workouts getting longer and longer, it is getting a bit more challenging to get the 30 minutes in, but I am going to continue to try to make this work because I find it so valuable for me and my training.

Some Recovery:

Friday was massage day…it was pretty painful, but I’ve been beating my body up with all of the increased training lately, so it was definitely needed!


Experiencing Something New:

Tuesday we toured the Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State’s Campus for work. It was so much fun!! I could totally go back to school and explore a new career…


Weekly Totals: 19 hours and 22 minutes

How was your week? Are you looking forward to anything?

8 thoughts on “11 weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

  1. That is a crazy amount of training!! Well done, but done sorry about the stomach cramps-no fun at all.
    I do have a fun week planned-back to exercising and I found a new activity I can do that amazingly doesn’t hurt-trampolining!! We got one for the kids and my knees like it 🙂 I’m going to start researching workouts on it.

  2. Wow! Over 19 hours and that was with you having to cut Saturday’s ride short. Impressive!!! Hopefully, NO MORE ISSUES like those you had to deal with. Live and learn, that’s for sure!

    I used to eat scrambled eggs before my long ride and never had a problem, but shifted to oatmeal because it is easier to travel with for out of town races. Different strokes for different folks for sure! I guess you will be resorting back to your original pre-ride breakfasts from now on…so what is that?

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