Lost Focus

Two months ago today was August 2…I was racing Ironman Boulder and having the time of my life!!

This smile sums up my race day experience!!
This smile sums up my race day experience!!

Since Ironman Boulder, I have been lost. Lost without a big race on the calendar. Lost without a regular training routine. Lost because it hurt to run. Lost mentally. Lost physically. Lost. Just Lost.

I temporarily lost focus on my #1 dream and goal. While it is good to give the body a break from time to time, it is also good to find my focus again!

Ironman drives me, motivates me; it provides me with a structured routine and exercise that keeps me happy. In order for me to feel like I MUST be training, I need to have a big race or big goal…maybe that makes me weak, because I won’t just go workout for the sake of working out, but I know what drives me. Maybe I’m addicted to this sport…if so, there are far worse things that I could be addicted to 🙂 I have spent the last 2 years really building my Ironman fitness and want to continue to build that Ironman fitness…I want to see just how far I can go and continue to #pushmylimits at the Ironman distance.

So…Bring on Ironman Wisconsin 2016

Yes, both my husband and I officially registered for Ironman Wisconsin 2016!!
Yes, both my husband and I officially registered for Ironman Wisconsin 2016!!

The Iron Hippie and I are both excited to be racing Ironman Wisconsin again on September 11, 2016. This race will mark the 5 year anniversary of our first Ironman, which was on September 11, 2011 in Wisconsin. It will be fun to race again on our home course!!

The Iron Hippie and me after crossing the finish line of our first Ironman race at Ironman Wisconsin on September 11, 2011 :)
The Iron Hippie and me after crossing the finish line of our first Ironman race at Ironman Wisconsin on September 11, 2011 🙂

What motivates you to get out the door and train/workout? Are you “addicted” to a particular form of fitness or an active lifestyle?

18 thoughts on “Lost Focus

  1. Well, you know me… I don’t need any motivation to get out and ride, I just do it for the fun. Now, if I were running or weight training or swimming, well that would be a different story altogether.

  2. I’m the same way for sure. I have no idea what I’m doing next season and as a result, I’ve done pretty much nothing over the past 2.5 weeks…! But so exciting that you put a goal on paper and that it’s IMWI!

    1. I think we are sisters form other parents for sure! We seem to have so many similarities! I hope you get your 2016 plans dialed in soon! 😃

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling blue. Exercising without having a goal to focus on is a struggle for me. I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to participate, but I have picked a race next summer that I really want to do and it’s kept me motivated during this rebuilding process. You will ROCK IMWI next year 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy! I’m much happier now that I have a goal to focus on. Keep moving forward slowly and you’ll be toeing the line at that race in style next year 😉

  4. “Lost” is a very goo way of describing it. Another is “Loss”

    We have this very precious and beautiful thing that we care for and nurture for a long time. It defines us. And then, it is suddenly gone. And it leaves this big ugly and empty void in our psyche and in our schedule.

    I imagine that it is a miniature version of retirement, or kids leaving home. They all have to happen. It is normal and natural. But it is painful.

    Trying to transition is hard, and it takes time.

    For some, the answer is to do it again (and again, and again). It is wise to NOT jump into that decision, but to take the step after time and careful deliberation has occurred.

    For others, the answer is not so simple. I am over a year out from my Ironman. I knew when I registered that it would be a “one and done”. I just cannot make the time commitment long term (nor do I want to). Even so, I looked at Louisville, Chattanooga, Muskoka, and CDA quite seriously for a week or so. But I realized that the passion wasn’t there to do it again. I was scrambling for a 70.3 to run, but St Louis never materialized, and Wisconsin Dells was canceled. I was shocked to find that my response was relief. That’s when I made the decision to stick to sprints in 2015. That was the right call. I biked a lot less and enjoyed it a lot more. I will repeat this next year. The desire to run an Olympic isn’t even there.

    I decided to return to my roots and make it a run-centered season (5 marathons and one ultra). I haven’t enjoyed any of them. I hate running like I hated biking last year.

    Plan for 2016 is balence. Short events (2 hours or less)…so half marathons or sprint triathlons. Hopefully this will allow me to enjoy the sports instead of being a slave to it. I could possibly see a return to marathon distance in 2017…but only if the passion is rekindled.

    So, yes, I am still “lost”, but I think the “loss” is behind me.

    I hope that Ironman continues to give you the fulfillment that you seek. I’ll be cheering…

    1. I’m glad you’ve found joy in shorter distances and that you learned what not to do in 2016. Hopefully these last few races will go better than you think and you’ll go into the offseason on a high note. I’ll hopefully be cheering you on in Des Moines at the marathon! Have a great race tomorrow and remember to have fun!

  5. I am definitely addicted to the training. I don’t necessarily need a race to keep me going; however, it does keep me more focused on what I do in training and what I want to get out of my training sessions. I find I do best with a mix of the two. Glad you you know what you need to continue to excel!

    1. I think I’m more addicted to the training as well, but won’t work as hard as I should unless I am signed up for a race. What does your race calendar look like for 2016?

  6. OMG!!! So awesome and so crazy!!! At least you just pulled the trigger!! I can’t seem to do that!! 🙂 I like training more when I have a race on the calendar!! I feel like I used to be “addicted” to training but I think I get more and more lazy every year OR maybe I am just getting more and more burnt out!!! 🙂

    1. It is a bit ridiculous 😉 I definitely like training more with races on the calendar. You should just pull the plug and sign up for IMWI…it is still open, I just looked. Price goes up on 10/14/15 😉

      1. I couldn’t believe it either. That’s why we went for it…we figured it was a sign we are suppose to race it 😉

  7. Congrats on making a decision! I’m totally ‘stuck’ in terms of the 2016 year, but that’s okay.
    IMWI sounds like such a great experience. In the meantime, enjoy the ‘off-season’ as you gear up for IM training.

  8. I can totally understand and relate to your feeling of being lost. When I first got pregnant this past year, I felt very lost and uncertain about racing, training, my body, and life. I was definitely addicted to the active, independent lifestyle. Having a big race on my schedule always makes me motivated ad driven; a feeling that I love. Now that I will have been out of the loop for almost a year, I’m excited to get things rolling again this next year. 🙂

    YAY IMWI!!!

    1. I can’t imagine the changes you’ve gone through! You are a true inspiration in so many ways! I can’t wait to follow your 2016 journey! xoxo

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