I often get asked, “Why?” And this weekend was no different! I spoke with the community about “My journey from inactive to a 4xIronman Athlete” and was asked LOTS of questions…really good questions!

I'm honored to be invited to share my Ironman journey with members of the community.
I’m honored to be invited to share my Ironman journey with members of the community.

Questions that often come to the surface when people learn that I race Ironman events are…Why do you spend so much time training? Why do you race Ironman? Why do you like it so much? Why do you push yourself so hard? Why do you strive to become better? Why? Why? Why?

I have multiple answers, but the ones at the top of the list:

  1. Because I can!
  2. To have FUN! As a child, I would swim, ride my bike, and run to have fun and play with friends. When I train for and race triathlons, I have so much fun! Sure it can be hard at times, but it always puts a HUGE smile on my face when I overcome those hard times!
  3. I learn more about myself with every workout + race
  4. To find myself and continue to build my self confidence…something I didn’t have much of before starting my endurance sport journey.
  5. To live my best life and be the best version of myself!
  6. Because I LOVE it! Triathlon lights my fire!

“The value in it is what you learn about yourself. In this sort of situation all kinds of qualities come out – things that you may not have seen in yourself before.” ~Steve Prefontaine

Why do you do the things you love?

5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. That must have been so much fun. I used to love running and sports, but I confess I lost the joy of it over the years and it became a chore that I wasn’t very good at. I hope with a new attitude and plan this year, that I can have fun again–so far, so good!

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