24 weeks ’til #IMMT: Focusing on the Positives

I had a full week that included workouts in all areas…swim, bike, run, and strength training! Wahoo!

Swim: 6600 yards

I had a couple of good swims this week, but the best one was on Saturday. I was swimming faster than expected. And. It. Was. AWESOME! I felt fluid in the water and amazing!

Swimming with Maggie is always a great way to start the week!
Follow the path that your heart leads you on! Share your passion with others! Stay true to yourself! Believe in you!
Doing a little dance in the pool post swimming to celebrate going faster than expected!

Bike: 50.1 miles

I finally got a good sweat in on the bike this week! Due to my back injury, I hadn’t been able to go hard on the bike for a while, but that all changed this week! After Saturday’s ride, I actually saw pools of sweat on the floor under Mojo again! YIPPEE!!

So grateful to get to go harder on the bike without pain! THANK YOU BODY!
Doing that thing I love!
Gettin’ my sweat on!

Run: 11.6 miles

Not only was I able to sweat it out more on the bike this week, but I was also able to eventually take my run outside! Hello SERIOUS #runlove + fresh air does the body and soul good! I even got to enjoy one run in shorts…in March! Wahoo!

Starting the week still on the treadmill.
Getting to finally run outside in the fresh air wtih Basil = bliss!
Running in shorts in March!
Running in shorts in March!

Strength Training: 1 hour & 50 minutes + 10 minutes of core strength daily

I’m back into strength training and daily core strength too! I had to start off easy with the weights and am still not back up to the weight I was at before my injury, but I’m rebuilding my strength in a progressive way that will hopefully keep my healthy and injury free!

Weekly Totals: 10 hours & 14 minutes

Weekly Positives:

Because I have been adding some intensity to my workouts and have been running outside again, I decided I need to spend more time on recovery. This week, I spent a lot of time stretching post workouts to make sure that my body stays healthy and fit! Multiple epsom salt + lavender soaks has also helped with my recovery this week!

Legs up a wall post bike workout
Legs up a wall post bike workout

I got to run outside with my sole sister! It is been far too long since we have last run together…hopefully this is something we get to do much more frequently in the future!

#solesister + #runlove = #happyheart
#solesister + #runlove = #happyheart

Quote of the Week:

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ~Willie Nelson

4 thoughts on “24 weeks ’til #IMMT: Focusing on the Positives

  1. That is a lot of swimming-great job! That positive post brought a smile to my face as I read it with my morning coffee-thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks Leslie! It was so nice to run in shorts outside in March! I mix up the core everyday. Keeps it fun and challenges the core in different ways each day! 😉

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