I’m the Ginkgo!

We had a severe storm on Monday evening and I watched as the wind blew the rain and the trees sideways. When I went outside, guess what I saw?!?! The hardwood trees were still standing. They endured a NASTY storm! It got me thinking about my recent injury and how I’ve weathered that “storm” as well. I am a hardwood tree…more specifically the Ginkgo tree. It is my favorite tree and we have two of them in our front yard! I have weathered so many different storms and I always stand tall and strong after the storm has passed. Ginkgo trees are strong, resilient, they weather the storm by bending in the wind, they have deep roots, grow toward the light, and have survived 3 mass extinctions throughout history. I resemble each of these characteristics as well.

Strong: I am strong. I am able to withstand great force and pressure in my personal life, at work, and while I train and race endurance sports.

Resilient: I am resilient. I am able to recover quickly (sometimes more quickly than others) from difficult conditions. When I am faced with difficulty, I meet it head on, accept how it is challenging me, learn from it, and bounce back as quickly as possible.

Bend in the wind: When life throws challenges my way, I don’t allow them to break me. Instead, I bend like a Ginkgo in the wind. I learn and grow from these challenges, just like a Ginkgo tree continues to grow despite the harsh conditions it may be exposed to.

Deep roots: I am rooted in my values and check-in with these values often to see if I am being my best authentic self…especially when things get tough.

Grow toward the light: The sunlight sustains all life on the planet and gives plants (and animals) energy go grow and flourish. Like the sunlight, I try to surround myself with positivity…people who warm my heart + make me smile, environments that bring me joy, and adventures that light my fire.

Survived 3 mass extinctions: While I obviously haven’t survived a mass extinction, I have survived a divorce, multiple injuries that have tried to knock me down, and various other challenges that have been thrown my way. But as I mentioned above, I am strong, resilient and will keep bending in the wind to weather whatever storm comes my way.

What object best represents you? What characteristics of that object do you resemble?

7 thoughts on “I’m the Ginkgo!

  1. I don’t think of myself in those terms, that I could hazard a guess at an answer. I don’t consider myself special at all, really. I just do what I do.

    Before you get too philosophical about my response, the trick is recovery. We learn very early in recovery that we are no different than anyone else, that we just make different choices. This is so because the VAST majority of us, myself included, are egomaniacs with an inferiority complex. Not a good combination for thinking too highly (or lowly) of ourselves.

    Interesting though, you definitely got me thinking, and for that I am grateful. Nice post Kecia.

    1. That’s interesting Jim! Thanks for this perspective! I’m glad I got you thinking, but you’ve got me thinking now too! Thank you!

  2. I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday…if I had to pick a tree it would be an oak. Slow-growing and maybe a bit hard in the head. However, when it does finally mature-it turns out pretty beautiful and provides shelter for smaller trees & creatures around it 🙂

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