30 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

With the start of 2015 comes only 29 weeks until Ironman Boulder…CRAZY where the time has gone!! 30 weeks until Ironman involved workouts that aren’t quite where I had hoped they’d be, but I was just coming off of pneumonia. Taking it easy last week helped me set myself up for a strong and solid start to 2015. Here is what the week looked like:


PM: 45 minute full body TRX class



I taught a spif class (for my elderly ladies…we used kettlebells and steps this week) in the morning and then went to ART treatment (active release therapy) had acupuncture done on my leg, so I was not allowed to do any other workouts for the day.


AM Trainer ride: 10xAll Out…This was my #FaveWorkout this week.



PM: 2.4 mile run with Basil and the Iron Hippie…he was just recovering from influenza A and as a result we didn’t run far or fast.


I decided to start a 30 day ab challenge…doing a minimum of 5 minutes of abs every day for 30 days. Day 1 was a success 😉


I only did 5 minutes of abs today…no other workouts.


PM: 7 mile run with the Iron Hippie and Basil followed by 5 minutes of abs



AM: 24 mile trainer ride in 2 hours…cadence intervals followed by 5 minutes of abs


I am definitely looking forward to having a strong and solid week of workouts this coming week!! With school starting back in session today, I am hopeful that the students got all of their nasty germs out of their way over break and come back healthy…I know this is wishful thinking 😉

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 0 miles

Bike: 37.4 miles

Run: 9.4 miles

Strength Training: 65 minutes

What did your week of workouts look like? 

20 thoughts on “30 Weeks ’til Ironman Boulder

  1. Have a great first day back at school. I’m going to miss my boys, but I know they’re happy to go back after being so sick over the holidays.

    1. It has been a tough start back to work, but I think the weather definitely makes it worse. Wednesday’s high temperature should be -6F without windchill. We usually can’t ride outside until April at the earliest. Some years are better than others.

  2. You’re makin’ me nervous with this weekly countdown! I have NOT counted the weeks until IMFL and I will probably have to do that to make myself feel a little better. Glad you are back to health – my kids’ schools were a hot mess of virus and flu before the break so I was hoping all the germs were gone and worked out and sanitized and killed by eggnog and cookies by now! Here’s hoping it’s true here and there!

    1. Your race is much later than mine, so don’t countdown yet 😉 The virus and flu is suppose to be the worst here this week…I hope they are REALLY wrong!!

    1. Thanks Raymond! It was tough last week to find energy and motivation coming off of illness. Thus week is much better, but alas vacation is over 😒 I’m glad your journey is going well and you enjoy it!!

  3. Great week!! I am sure it is nice getting back into things!! Are you doing the same 5 minutes of abs every day or are you doing different exercises each day? Great idea!
    I had some great spins and swims. I only ran once but it was a goodie!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Leslie!! I am doing different abs every day. I may change things up and do 5 minutes the first week each day, 10 minutes the 2nd week each day, 15 minutes the 3rd week each day and 20 minutes the 4th week each day. We’ll see what kind of time I have toward the end of the month 😉

  4. The fact that you are 30 weeks away, means I’m 32 weeks away.. ahhhh! It’s sooner than we think;) Awesome that you are focusing on core work! I am trying to do the same.. the hard part is, staying with it… I’m thinking I might join you in this challenge… 5 minutes a day is definitely attainable:)

    1. I’d love to have you join me on this challenge! I decided to focus on 5 minutes, because in my mind, there is no excuse for not being able to find 5 minutes everyday. I am hoping this will become an easy part of my day and that I’ll be able to start adding to it by about 5 minutes after the first 30 days, so the next 30 days I can do 10 minutes a day. So far, so good 😉

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