Ten Day You Challenge: My Loves

For those that may have missed it, I’ve decided to take part in a 10 day challenge that I’ve decided to spread out over 10 weeks.  The first week I shared my Secrets…this week it is all about my loves.

  1. My husband…my best friend, my confidant, my right hand.  I can’t imagine my life without him…sure we have had bumps in the road, but the roller coaster ride of life is so much better with him at my side.  Oh yay…Happy Anniversary!!  I love you 🙂  DSC_0315IMG_3639
  2. My girls…I love these two!!  They know just how to make me smile when I need it most.   IMG_3791
  3. My family…I can’t imagine where I would be today without the love and support from my parents and my sisters.  I love you all!!IMG_4030 IMG_0405 IMG_1055
  4. My friends…Each and everyone of you holds a special place in my heart!!  I love you all and am grateful for your support, encouragement and occasionally redirecting and/or encouraging my crazy streaks 🙂
  5. Triathlon…I love the benefits that triathlon gives me: stress relief during training and racing, diversity in training to remain relatively injury-free, motivation to do and be my best, an opportunity to do and share my passion with others, the belief in myself and my abilities, an amazing feeling of accomplishment upon crossing the finish line of another race.  IMG_2156
  6. Outdoor adventures…It doesn’t matter what the activity (swimming, cycling, running, snow shoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, walking, camping, hiking, the list is endless), I just love getting outside and soaking up vitamin D and fresh air!!
  7. Traveling…Most of our travel experiences revolve around training and racing, but this allows us to combine two loves…exploring a new location and exercise 🙂  IMG_0612 IMG_0634
  8. Healthy Foods…Cooking at home with the Iron Hippie, trying new recipes and making delicious foods make my heart happy!!  IMG_3980
  9. Reading…I love to read a good book!!  IMG_3187What are your loves?

17 thoughts on “Ten Day You Challenge: My Loves

    1. Thanks!! I LOVE the book!! Carrie has some great insight on digging deep mentally and provides you with worksheets to do to really engage you and get you to focus. I highly recommend it 🙂

  1. Great list Kecia.

    Mine looks a lot like yours… Wife, kids, cycling, construction, politics (though I’m currently on a break), the Tour de France, AA and the One who made it all possible.

  2. How nice that you and your hubby share your love of triathlon!! I am sort of jealous, not gonna lie;) My loves look a lot like yours!! I love anything that involves being outside.. and obviously I love my dog and triathlons! Oh and those pizzas look ah-mazing!

    1. It is nice that the Iron Hippie and I both do the sport, but it also means the house isn’t as clean and organized as I’d like and we sometimes get really backed up on laundry 😉 The pizzas are amazing and super easy!! You should try them 😉

    1. Super fun to have a partner in crime when it comes to training and racing 😉 The pizza is super easy to make and Ah-Mazing to the taste buds!

  3. I can relate on so many of these! My husband was once a triathlete, but did so more to heal when he was overcoming a big surgery he had had and to feel physically normal again. Although he does not race anymore, he supports my passion and understands why it is important to me. I secretly wish he would race again. I am ALL about that outdoors and getting that Vit D!!

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