Ten Day You Challenge: My Fears

If you haven’t been following along with my 10 Day You Challenge, you can check out my Secrets and Loves to catch up 🙂


This week’s edition is my fears…

  1. Having children…this includes being pregnant, caring for someone who is dependent on me and having to adjust my life to revolve around them.  I love my nieces, but definitely don’t want children of my own.
  2. Snakes…while small garden snakes startle me, I’m talking about the big ones.  The ones you see people wrap around their bodies.  What are they thinking?!?!?!  Those things can kill you!!
  3. Not achieving my goals…when I set goals for myself, I fear that I won’t reach them.  I realize that some of the goals may take much more time to achieve, but what if something happens and I don’t achieve them.
  4. Having to use my CPR/AED training…just because I know what to do, does not mean I am ready to use that knowledge.  I am forever grateful to the first responders who have to use this training much more frequently.
  5. Losing my loved ones too soon…I realize people get older and accidents happen, but I dread the day my loved ones are no longer on this Earth…when I can’t pick up the phone to call them, give them a hug or just sit quietly in the same room with them.
  6. Being trapped in a burning building…in 2003 I witnessed a neighbor house burn to the ground with a person inside, this fear has become more real.
  7. Not being able to exercise…while I have experienced injuries in the past, when I can’t do the activities that I enjoy or at the levels I want, I become a bear.  I fear another injury and not being able to do what I love.
  8. Not being the best version of myself…for me, the ones I love and those around me that I am a role model for.  Character is important to me and sometimes it is difficult to maintain good character when exposed to stressful or challenging situations.

Now that I’ve shared my fears, what are your fears?


14 thoughts on “Ten Day You Challenge: My Fears

  1. I used to share your fear of kids – until my wife and I had our first. It has been, other than marrying my wife, the single most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. So much that we had another to see if the first was just a fluke… Nope, that one is awesome too. The perspective changes the first time that baby breathes on you and you realize, “I made that”.

    My biggest fear? Probably walking into a defenseless moment being surrounded by booze. Oh, and I hate snakes too – even garter snakes.

  2. I can’t imagine the horror of the fire. So scary.
    And to be honest, one of my biggest fears is disappointing my kids. I’m a “stay at home mom” but I’ve always been afraid that they will only think of me as a “housewife”. And I’m sort of surprised I just admitted that.

  3. #5 happened to me three times in one year.. all cancer. THIS is what pushed me – literally forced me – into a healthier lifestyle and the world of triathlon. As these two years have passed, I have been able to see the silver lining and treasure the memories and lessons that all three gave me. This is exactly what I wish for you should this tragedy happen to you. Turn each of these fears into a joy.

    1. Unfortunately, it has happened over and over to me as well, but It is still a fear. I most definitely will turn those fears into joys when it does happen 😉

  4. Snakes and mice… I’m terrified of both. And, losing my loved ones… nothing scares me more. I can’t imagine my life with one of them not in it anymore… it even hurts to think about it. Live life to the fullest, everyday, and tell them you love them!

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